TONNOSPORT® Roll-Up Cover - Stylish low profile tonneau cover at our lowest price

The TONNOSPORT® Roll-Up Cover gives you a sleek, low profile look at a great low price. When closed, this low profile tonneau cover sits a mere 1/2” above the truck box - virtually disappearing before your eyes from the side or rear profile. TONNOSPORT® is lockable and roll up out of the way for easy access to the entire truck box. There is no need for removal when hauling larger items. This low profile tonneau cover gives your truck a smooth, streamlined look while providing you with gas mileage savings and protection for your truck bed cargo.

Adding a low profile tonneau cover to your truck bed is a great way to improve gas mileage

The TONNOSPORT® Low Profile Tonneau Cover is our most affordable and lowest profile roll-up tonneau cover we manufacture. The TONNOSPORT® low profile tonneau cover pays for itself in the first 3 years of ownership by boosting your gas mileage as much as 10%! It also comes with a 3 Year Limited Warranty. The TONNOSPORT® Roll-Up tonno cover fits your lifestyle, your truck and your budget!

Add TONNOSPORT® tonneau cover to make your pickup work better for you

Adding the right tonneau cover can boost your pickup’s usefulness in ways you might not expect. The TONNOSPORT®  Roll-Up Cover has four-season protection and a secure latching system. A TONNOSPORT®  roll-up cover on your pickup bed can help make your life easier. If you buy something that is too big to store in the cab you can lock it under your tonneau cover. When you need to tow a 5th-wheel or gooseneck trailer, the cover rolls out of the way in seconds and stores neatly behind the cab. The smooth rolling action of the TONNOSPORT®  Roll-Up Cover is easy for one person to quickly roll or unroll. Preparing for camping trips, go shopping, or just doing a day’s work, and you will see this product is a great asset for a pickup truck.


Access TonnoSport Tonneau Cover

The TONNOSPORT® Roll-Up Cover gives you a sleek, low profile look at a great low price.


  • Great Looks, Practical Usage
  • Fits your lifestyle, your truck and your budget.


3 Year Limited Warranty
Quick Clip Storage Starps

Quick Clip™ Storage Strap

One Quick Clip™ storage strap secures your cover behind the cab with powerful nylon straps and an ultra strong buckle.

Tension Screw

Tension Control

The EZ-Dial™ sets cover tension with the turn of a dial, no tools required.

Tight Bite Clamps

Tight Bite™ Clamps

Attaches cover to bed without the need to drill into bed. Specifically cut "teeth" maintain a superior grip and exceptional strength.

Trigger Latch

Latching System

The Trigger Latch allows for one finger release to open and automatically locks when the cover is closed.



The TONNOSPORT® Roll-Up Cover fabric is double-coated, commercial grade, reinforced vinyl and is built to last even in extreme hot and cold climates.

Slide Locks

Slide Locks

Two patented Slide Locks offer additional locked protection for the cover. Push to lock, pull to unlock. Works with a locking tailgate to give you ultimate security.

Side Seal

Side Sealing

Hook and loop fastening system provides a high strength seal that runs the full length of the truck bed. Easy one person operation.

Fabric Seal

Fabric Seal

Integrated fabric seal lasts as long as your cover. Not affected by hot or cold, this seal will not distort, crack or dry out & tear like rubber seals. The self-forming seal doesn’t interfere with tailgate operation.


Low Profile Rails

The extreme angle of the rail allow the TONNOSPORT® tonneau cover to sit a mere 1/2” above the box, making the lowest angled cover of its kind in the industry.

Bars And Bows

Frame and Bows

Cover includes mill finish bows, and rails. Our roll up covers are fastened to the front and back bars to prevent off centering, keeping your cover aligned for a better looking, longer lasting tonneau.


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