ADARAC Truck Bed Rack System - A pickup rack that gets the job done

ADARAC Truck Rack installed on truck bed sits neatly behind the cab, with no obstruction of view.  The delta shape of the ADARAC pickup rack is contoured to the cab for a low profile and strong design. Uprights feature a black powder coat finish, with tie-down openings. Durable 1¼” Gator Shield™ steel cross bar won’t chip, and looks great after years of use. Adarac Load dividers are sold in pairs for use on the front and rear cross bars. The ADARAC truck bed rack system allows you to haul ladders, boxes, lumber, kayaks, rubber rafts, pipes/tubing and much more with your pickup truck.

ADARAC Truck Bed Rack installs Easy on your pickup truck

The rack attaches to the pickup truck bed with sturdy, stake pocket inserts. The pickup rack works with ACCESS® Brand truck bed covers and other inside the rail truck bed tonneau covers on Ford, GM, Dodge and Chevy pickup trucks. Tie Down Rails allows for quick and easy tie down of all objects. The full length tie down rail allows for multiple tie down locations.


Smart Truck

Truck Bed Rack

The ADARAC Truck Bed Rack System is an adjustable and sturdy rack system, compatible with ACCESS® Brand tonneau covers and other inside the rail tonneau covers. Each ADARAC is made model specific for the best fit on most Ford, GM, Chevy and Dodge pickup trucks. The ADARAC rack sits neatly behind the cab with no obstruction of view, and is capable of carrying a 500 lb. load.

  • Clean Look
  • Durability
  • Trouble Free Installation
  • Tie Down Rails

"I am very happy with the pickup rack, and rave about it to anyone that will listen."
S. T. - AR

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