ACCESS® LORADO® - A Streamlined, Low Profile Tonneau Cover

Our ACCESS® LORADO® Soft Tonneau Cover offers the same quality components, easy to install applications and simple operation as the respected ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover but with a low-profile design that complements the sleek contours of your truck. This soft tonneau cover sits one inch above the truck bed. The ACCESS® LORADO® Tonneau Cover comes with our 5 Year Limited Warranty.

ACCESS® LORADO® Soft Truck Bed Cover

ACCESS® LORADO® Roll-Up Cover will accommodate bed rails, under rail bed liners, tie downs, bed caps and tailgate protectors. In just 3 years of ownership the ACCESS® LORADO® Roll-Up Tonneau Cover pays for itself by improving gas mileage by up to 10%! If you’re looking for a high quality, soft, durable low profile truck bed cover, the ACCESS® LORADO® Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is a great choice. The ACCESS® LORADO® Tonneau Cover combines all of the convenience and benefits of soft truck bed covers in a stylish, low-profile design.

Keep your equipment protected in style with a low profile tonneau cover

Using a performance tonneau cover like the LORADO® Roll-Up Cover allows you to transport several pieces of equipment in your truck bed, and also keep your truck looking sharp. That’s because LORADO® Tonneau Cover is a low profile tonneau cover, hiding all the equipment under the bed cover while blending in with your truck’s excellent style as you drive down the road. Soft tonneau covers will help keep your equipment protected from the sun, wind, rain and theft when you roll closed the ACCESS® LORADO® Tonneau Cover and lock the tailgate. If you prefer a more streamlined, low profile look for your pickup truck, but don’t want to sacrifice performance, the ACCESS® LORADO® Roll-Up Cover is a perfect option.


Access Lorado Tonneau Cover

The same quality components as the respected ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover but with a low-profile design.


  • Top of the line parts like the XT-DIAL™ and premium storage straps
  • Sleek Low Profile Looks


5 Year Limited Warranty

Premium Storage Straps

Storage Straps

Our premium straps feature a cab guard design that prevents the tonneau cover from rubbing on the cab. Super tough nylon straps secure it when rolled up.

XT-DIAL™ Tension Adjustment

Tension Control

The XT-DIAL™ features an easy grip tension adjuster which gives you perfect tension control. No tools - No hassle.

Tight Bite Clamps


Attaches tonneau cover to truck bed without the need to drill into bed. Specifically cut "teeth" maintain a superior grip and exceptional strength.

Auto Latch 2

Latching System

Patented AUTOLATCH II™ has an automatic, dual locking system that releases both locks in one smooth action. It is the most reliable latching system on the road.



The ACCESS® LORADO® Roll-Up Cover fabric is double-coated, commercial grade, reinforced vinyl and is built to last even in extreme hot and cold climates.

Front Seal

Front Seal

Forms a tight barrier between your truck and cover, and combined with the front and rear reinforced vinyl seal - the tonneau cover is sealed on all four sides.

Side Seal

Side Sealing

Hook and loop fastening system provides a high strength seal that runs the full length of the truck bed. Easy one person operation.



Look for the Slantback Rear Design, make sure it’s the original.

Fabric Seal

Fabric Seal

Integrated fabric seal lasts as long as your tonneau cover. Not affected by hot or cold, this seal will not distort, crack or dry out & tear like rubber seals. The self-forming seal doesn’t interfere with tailgate operation.

Low Profile Rails

Low Profile Rails

The ACCESS® LORADO® rises 1”, providing a streamlined look. There is no need for moving parts, our built in lip keeps the hook and loop fastening system from prematurely adhering.

Premium Bars

Premium Frame, Bars and Bows

The ACCESS® LORADO® tonneau covers are manufactured with 6000 Series aluminum black bars, bows and rails.

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