The ACCESS® LED LIGHTS has an average  ledlights 4.98 star average rating rating based on 47 customer reviews.

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ledlights 4 star ratingBy Andre C. - MA

" great night lite "

ledlights 5 star ratingBy Andre C. - MA

" Nice option to have when you are camping and need to find things in the back of your truck, "

ledlights 5 star ratingBy Norman S. - AL

" Love the light,very bright. Shipping was fast , will be be buying again "

ledlights 5 star ratingBy Craig B. - SD

" A quality product well-built serves my purpose of needing a light where I can't get power. "

ledlights 5 star ratingBy Josh R. - PA

" As expected. Good product "

ledlights 5 star ratingBy Robert G. - FL

" This is a great solution for my truck because it didn't have any lights from the facory.I have a cap on mine and it lights up the whole interior. My last one lasted 3 or 4 years before something inside the circuitry gave out,the led strip was still good.I assume the Florida heat is what took it out.If you were to improve this device I would try raising the on/off switch under the rubber cover a little higher.It seems like you have to push the rubber cover way down to almost it's stretch limit before the switch activates.Other than that it's a good product for the price point. "

ledlights 5 star ratingBy Robert T. - NJ

" Great light. Exactly as described. JUst what I needed to get some light into my pickup truck bed. "

ledlights 5 star ratingBy Charlie C. - LA

" 18" BATTERY LED LIGHT Easy to install. Attached it to my hinged truck bed cover. Helps me find things in the truck bed at night. Love the feature that cuts the light off after 5 minutes if I forget to do so. "

ledlights 5 star ratingBy Mike Z. - MN

" Great product installed in my live well "

ledlights 5 star ratingBy Mick J. - NE

" Great product "


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