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With renowned capability, the industry first ACCESS® Original Roll-Up Tonneau Cover has set the standard since 1991. Sitting 1-1/2 in. above the truck box, this premium tonneau cover rolls open in seconds and stores securely behind the cab with our patented cab guard design and durable nylon straps. The patented AUTOLATCH™ II Dual Locking System ensures items in your truck bed remain secure and protected when cover is closed. These truck bed covers seal on all four sides while the ELEMENT SEAL™ Gasket increases protection at bulkhead to protect your gear in any weather condition. To get the sporty look you want and the versatility you require, make sure to own the ACCESS® Original Roll-Up Cover with our exclusive SLANTBACK® Rear Design.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning


Tonneau Cover Latch


Releases both locks instantaneously by pulling on the cord from either side. Durable nylon latches provide half an inch of surface for solid positive latch engagement.

XT-Dial Tension Adjuster


No tools - No hassle. Enables direct tension control for fine tuning the cover with the turn of an easy grip dial.



Integrated front and rear vinyl seals and a water-resistant foam gasket between rails and truck box. ELEMENT SEAL™ Gasket provides additional protection at bulkhead.

Hook and Loop


Provides a high strength seal running the full length of the truck box. Allows one person to easily open the tonneau cover in a straight, compact roll.



Sturdy nylon straps secure the rolled cover and the cab guard design prevents cover from rubbing on cab.



Attach cover to bed without the need to drill into truck box. Specifically cut "teeth" maintain a superior grip and exceptional strength.



The ACCESS® Original Roll-Up Covers are manufactured with 6000 Series aluminum black bars, bows and rails.


Discover why the ACCESS® Original is the #1 tonneau cover since 1991. Built for all lifestyles, this top rated tonneau cover provides the freedom to use the truck box any way you want. Our exclusive SLANTBACK® Rear Design will help you stand out from the crowd. Featuring superior quality components with exceptional protection, the ACCESS® Original Roll-Up Cover is second to none.

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Access 5 star ratingBy John W. - MA

" Purchase process was very easy, shipping was on time, and installation a breeze. Will purchase again! "

Access Review Image

Access 5 star ratingBy Ross M. - NM

" I bought a truck a few years back that had an Access cover on it. I really liked the cover and the look it gave the truck, the protection it provided for my cargo. So I decided to purchase one for the new truck I bought. The new cover was easy to install and it looks great too. If I have to do it again, I think I will stick with what I think is a good quality product. "

Access Review Image

Access 5 star ratingBy Thomas C. - IA

" Easy to install, fit is perfect, looks great, it is an awesome cover! Good value for my money. "

Access Review Image

Access 5 star ratingBy Roy R. - ND

" A trusted company that has been producing a quality product for many years. No reason to look at another competitor's Roll-Up Cover. Agri-cover is the best! "

Access Review Image

Access 5 star ratingBy Anthony D. - NJ

" This is my second cover for my second pickup truck, the cover works perfectly and is water tight. "

Access Review Image

Access 5 star ratingBy Tommy M. - TN

" I bought my first Access bed cover in 2003 for my Dodge Ram 1500. We bought a Ram 2500 in 2006 and I transfered the cover to it. I replaced the material on it in 2019 only because the hook and loop wouldn't hold anymore... the cover was still good! I didn't have to be sold so when we just bought a 2018 Ram 2500 we put a new Access Roll up cover on it. We love it. It keeps the fifth wheel hitch in the back in good shape and it looks good. "

Access Review Image

Access 4 star ratingBy Lisa E. - UT

" I don't know why it took me so long to buy this cover. It is a God-send for keeping the pine needles and debris out of my truck bed when parked all summer under my pine trees. It looks great and does a decent job of keeping dust and water out. I never expected it to be 100% watertight or dustproof, but I would rate it at least 98% on each. The only criticism I have so far is that the siderails are prone to sliding down in the rear end of the bed (which affects your ability to close the tailgate with the cover down) if you drive on uneven terrain, such as roads with ruts. It tweaks the bedframe, which causes the rails to slide over time. It doesn't matter how much you tighten the clamps, I consider this a minor inconvenience and am considering drilling a hole and putting a sheet metal screw through it and the bed rail to keep it in place. Other than this, I find the cover to be well built and high quality. I would buy this cover again in the future. "

Access Review Image

Access 5 star ratingBy William G. - MD

" Purchased, my short bed in 2007 and an Access roll-up cover the same year. I love it. I've had no problems with it. Miscellaneous supplies needed over 16 years, most recently gaskets after a paint job, have been available and reasonably priced. ACI is a quality American company. Bill Griffin Westminster, MD "

Access Review Image

Access 5 star ratingBy Carol P. - IA

" Great cover. I had on my Silverado for 8 years and got a second one when I bought my Tundra this year. Only modification I'm recommending (did that already on previous one) is to have longer velcro on the two longitudinal bars so they stay with the tarp all the time. I've had multiple instances that the bars come detaches. Velcro should be about an inch longer. "

Access Review Image

Access 5 star ratingBy Billy S. - TN

" I purchased this same cover in 2005 when my F350 was new. The original lasted 17 years. Still looked great, the threads were starting to dry rot. Purchased a new original in 2013 for the F350. Great product and looks good. "

Access Review Image
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