ACCESS® VANISH® Roll-Up Tonneau Cover - The look you want at a low price

Protect your truck bed and cargo without losing the sleek appearance you are looking for with the ACCESS® VANISH® Roll Up Tonneau Cover. When closed, this low profile tonneau cover lies a mere 1/2 inch above the truck bed, fading before your eyes from the rear or side profile. A VANISH® Roll-Up Cover will give your truck a smooth look, while providing you with gas savings and 4-season protection for your cargo. This roll up tonneau cover was designed with simplicity in mind, making VANISH® a breeze to use. New and improved features of the ACCESS® VANISH® includes the XT-DIAL™ Tension Adjuster for a tight bed cover, adjustable storage straps to secure the roll-up cover and the ELEMENT SEAL™ Gasket for protection from the elements.

ACCESS® VANISH® Roll-Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover - Streamlined, Redefined

The low profile ACCESS® VANISH® Roll-Up Cover can pay for itself, check out our gas savings calculator to see how much you can save! A quick and easy installation, taking just minutes, makes this one person truck bed top install a snap, and there is NO drilling on most applications. Once installed, the ACCESS® VANISH® Roll-Up Tonneau Cover takes only seconds to open by simply releasing the latch and slide locks with basic push and pull operation. Plus, by using the sturdy hook-and-loop sealing system the ACCES® VANISH® Roll Up Cover is just as easy to close and seal.

ACCESS® VANISH® Tonneau Cover - A low profile cost-effective cover

The ACCESS® VANISH® Tonneau Cover is proudly made by ACI in Jamestown, North Dakota and is the perfect choice for pickup truck owners who want the lowest profile tonneau cover at a remarkably low price. With a Three Year Limited Warranty that warrants all truck bed covers to be free from defects in material and workmanship, you can be confident with your purchase of this value loaded tonneau cover. Get greater protection for your cargo from a sleek low-profile roll-up cover.


Access Vanish Tonneau Cover
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Protect your truck bed and cargo without sacrificing the streamlined appearance you prefer with the VANISH® Roll-Up Cover.


  • Great Looks, Practical Usage
  • Affordable Price


3 Year Limited Warranty

XT-Dial Tension Adjustment

XT-DIAL™ Tension Adjuster

Simply turn the easy grip dial to fine tune the cover tension.

Trigger Latch

Trigger Latch

One finger release and automatically locks when the cover is closed.

Flexible Storage Starps

Storage Straps

Convenient adjustable straps made of durable webbing secure the cover behind the cab.

Tight Bite Clamps

Tight Bite™ Clamps

Easy to install without the need to drill into your pickup box. Specifically cut ‘teeth’ maintain exceptional strength with an excellent hold.

Side Seal

Hook & Loop System

A high strength seal down the full length of the pickup truck box. Simple one person operation to easily open the roll up cover in a compact roll.

Slide Locks

Slide Locks

Two patented slide locks offer additional locked protection for the truck bed cover. Push to lock, pull to unlock. Works with a locking tailgate to give you ultimate protection.

Seals on All 4 Sides

Seals on All Sides

Integrated front and rear vinyl seals and a water-resistant foam gasket between the rails and pickup bed. ELEMENT SEAL™ Gasket adds protection at bulkhead.

Premium Bars

Frame, Bars and Bows

VANISH® Roll-Up Cover include aluminum mill finish bows with black rails and bars.

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