LITERIDER® Roll-Up Cover

Our Best Value Truck Bed Cover

Made to fit your truck and your lifestyle, the affordable LITERIDER® Roll-Up Covers are stylish, durable and perfect for protecting your cargo and improving fuel economy. The increased capacity design sits 1-1/2 in. above the truck bed offering all-season protection while the AUTOLATCH™ Locking System automatically locks when the truck bed cover is closed. A Slide Lock provides added security when used in conjunction with a locking tailgate and the EZ-DIAL™ Tension Adjuster controls the tension with a simple turn of a dial, no tools required. Our unique TIGHT BITE™ Clamps are made model specific to ensure a quick and easy, no drill installation. Sleek looks, quality craftmanship and easy operation, enhance your truck with the dependable LITERIDER® Roll-Up Cover today!

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning




Easily releases with the pull of a cord and automatically locks when the cover is closed.



Additional locked protection on the passenger side of the tonneau cover. Push to lock, pull to unlock.

Hook and Loop


A high strength seal along the entire length of pickup bed. Simple one person operation.



Sets truck bed cover tension with the turn of a dial, no tools required.



Built-in rear and front vinyl seals and water-resistant foam gasket between the cover rails and pickup truck bed.



Powerful nylon straps and durable buckles secure tonneau cover behind the cab.



Easy installation, no drilling needed. Specifically cut ‘teeth’ maintain superior grip and exceptional strength.



The LITERIDER® Roll-Up Cover come with aluminum mill finish bows with black rails and bars.


View how adding a LITERIDER® Roll-Up Cover to your truck makes life easier. Installation is quick and easy, if needed our install video is here to help. Manufactured in the USA, this tonneau is a great way to enhance your truck. Whether you are looking to add protection, increase gas mileage or improve appearance, LITERIDER® Roll-Up Bed Covers are a great addition.

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Access Literider 2 star ratingBy Ian G. - PA

" I bought one of these in 2020 for my jeep gladiator and it held up pretty well after being parked outside for a winter and spring. Then used it for work driving around quarries and construction sites and it started to show some wear but nothing crazy. Decided to buy a new for an upgraded truck (base level jeep didn't have the electrical capabilities I needed). The new one took me significantly longer to install by myself (approximately 2-3 hours this time versus 1 hour last time). I couldn't get the aluminum jaw clamps to properly line up and clamp down onto the inside of the bed rail. The real reason for the two stars is that the hooked part of the velcro that is glued to the bed rail bracket began to lose adhesion and peel up on both sides after 1 year of use. Not sure if I got a defective unit or the increased amount of time I spent parked in the sun accelerated decomposition, but I think I am going to look at another company for my next bed cover. "

Access Literider Review Image

Access Literider 4 star ratingBy Justin D. - MD

" Good cargo cover for jeep gladiator. Install was challenging due to existing spirt rack. This cover is only tonneau that mounts inside rails to allow use together. Finish on parts easily scratched and material is basic. A heavier weight twill would be nice. Overall good product for price and purpose. "

Access Literider Review Image

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Joseph I. - AZ

" Cover works very well easy to install with some help from YouTube. Works great as advertised. Thank you "

Access Literider Review Image

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Royce D. - MT

" Looks great and works great. Perfect Fit. This one has been in use since the fall of 2017 and is still in good condition, I will soon be ordering another one for a different truck that I now have. "

Access Literider Review Image

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Sam - CA

" Love my cover so far. Eliminate the fear of leaving things exposed in your truck bed. I've even been saving 10% on my MPG! Great product as it seats on the inside of the bed, allowing for racks to be mounted at a later time for my Jeep Gladiator. "

Access Literider Review Image

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Matthew B. - CT

" I needed a replacement cover for my Tacoma pickup. I called up Agri-Cover when my model # didn't work online. The representative was super nice and got me the info I needed immediately. I went back onto the website and ordered with no further issues. The cover showed up within the designated time and fit perfectly! Hopefully I'll get another 6-8 years out of this unit! Thanks "

Access Literider Review Image

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Gerald S. - NE

" I have had several access covers a few years ago and for whatever reason the last couple i just had Ford install one of theirs to save some time...They we're both under par and lost this last one I would rate about 1 star...This time i went back to old school and ordered the Lite Rider...Great price, great quality, looks like you even upgraded the quality of material...couldn't be happier , never getting another generic version of the original again.... "

Access Literider Review Image

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy John W. - MI

" I ordered a replacement cover for my truck that was 14 yrs. old from AGRI-COVER Inc. It was easy to ordered and was shipped fast. Following the instructions that came with it. It was easy to replace. Thank you, ACI. "

Access Literider Review Image

Access Literider 4 star ratingBy Ian G. - PA

" Product is made from apparently durable and quality materials. Installation took longer than expected. I had some trouble lining up the rail with the claps to ensure a snug fit. One issue I ran into during the first couple days after installation was during a downpour water began seeping into the bed near the tailgate. It was more dry than if I had no cover at all, but a lot more wet than I was expecting. I am not sure if this issue is due to improper alignment during installation, or if this is an issue common for this cover. All in all, it is a light, inexpensive, quality, and American-Made cover that I would recommend. "

Access Literider Review Image

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Honeymae W. - VA

" I have been looking for a truck bed cover that will fit my truck and finally found one thanks to Souther Auto and Cap sales! I love it so far, it looks very neat and clean! "

Access Literider Review Image
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