ACCESS® Truck Bed Mat

Easy Install Pickup Carpet Bed Liner

Adding durability and protection, the easy to install ACCESS® Truck Bed Mat prevents cargo from sliding and protects your pickup bed from scratches and dents. Constructed of marine-grade polyester and foam backing, these waterproof truck bed mats are strong enough to be pressure washed. Change the way you enjoy your pickup, model specific ACCESS® Truck Bed Mats easily snap in and out as needed.

Starting MSRP $146.


Install Truck Bed Mat


Two options included: seven durable snaps or our no drill adhesive snaps. Remove and reinstall just as easy.

Contoured Aerodynamic Design


Reduce damage to your truck and cargo by preventing items from sliding around with truck movement. Preserve your truck's appearance while boosting resale price.

Truck Bed Mat Liner


Adding an ACCESS® Truck Bed Mat to your existing spray-in bed liner reduces the risk of cargo and truck damage.

Truck Bed Mat Material


Cut your specific make and model truck dimension. Half inch thick foam backing with marine grade polyester manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.

Adhesive Snap


No drill installation, each snap uses 3M adhesive for a strong bond to your truck bed.


Protect your truck bed by simply installing an ACCESS® Truck Bed Mat using either seven durable snaps or our no drill adhesive snaps. Reduce damage to your truck and cargo by preventing cargo from sliding around to keep your truck looking good.


  • ACCESS Truck Bed Mat

    5star reviewBy Ian H.- NY

    " We finally had a bit of nice weather here in Rochester that coincided with me having a free moment so I finally installed your truck bed mat. Overall, I think I'm going to like it. It was fairly easy to install, and looks like it will be easy to take in and out should I want to load something really dirty or nasty in there. The bed carpet is also a LOT more comfortable than a plastic bed liner or the steel floor. I'd be pretty comfortable sleeping back there if I wanted to. The material seems to be a little thicker than the Bed Rug I had in my old Dakota, but this is just a carpet mat and not a full bed liner. Although, that's probably an advantage in my case. That Bed Rug was a pain to remove when I wanted to carry a load of manure or something and trapped moisture behind it all the time. This truck bed mat should breathe a lot better and be easier to clean. "

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  • 5star reviewBy Michelle R.- NE

    " I am very happy with my Access Truck Bed Mat. The carpet liner is stylish and soft on the knees. I can haul anything from groceries to sports equipment for my kids without it shifting or getting dirty. Great buy! "

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  • ACCESS Truck Bed Mat

    5 star reviewBy Steven B. - ND

    " Great quality; easy on my knees; installation was quick, but I used shorter screws for the wheel well snaps; lots of room for all my stuff. "

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  • 5 star reviewBy Milton M.

    " Access Truck Bed Liner is a TERRIFIC product and "as advertised". Fit is perfect; however, I elected (at least for now) to not install the snaps. "

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