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truckbedpockets 5 star ratingBy Jeff M. - WA

" Love these pockets! 2nd set I've owned. I also got the EZ-retriever. Using the retriever as a crossbar makes the perfect space for between the tailgate and the rest of the bed. Super handy for the quick grocery run... the bags stay put instead of sliding around the bed, making it so you don't have to use truck interior space to avoid the hassle. Highly recommend both! "

truckbedpockets 5 star ratingBy Chuck W. - NE

" I bought the bed pocket kit with EZ-retriever, very simple to install, good instructions, heavy duty steel construction! I installed these in a 2016 Tacoma, so I had to shorten the retriever by about 6 inches! But all worked out well! Very happy with purchase, shipping was fast, arrived sooner than expected! "

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truckbedpockets 5 star ratingBy Michael L. - LA

" I purchased Agri-Cover Access 60070 Storage Pocket G2 on Amaxon last week and installed them over the weekend. To say I like them is an understatement, love them. I coated them with Flex Seal and they look great. "

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truckbedpockets 4 star ratingBy Richard S. - AZ

" I love the pockets. Very useful. Only problem was installation. My RAM 1500 has curved walls (see photos) so could not install per instructions. Had to reverse the bracket, drill another hole. "

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truckbedpockets 4 star ratingBy David D. - SC

" I was always trying to store small things on each side behind the wheel wells anyway, these pockets make it easier and more secure. I liked the truck pockets so much I bought 2 more to give away for Christmas presents! The edges are kind of sharp so I had to go over them with some sand paper to take the edge off. "

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truckbedpockets 5 star ratingBy Michael C. - OH

" Quality as expected. Had these in a previous truck. "

truckbedpockets 5 star ratingBy Robert A. - OK

" They work great. "

truckbedpockets 5 star ratingBy Miles C. - ND

" A product that finally keeps the small items from rolling all around my truck bed. And, using in conjunction with my EZ-Retriever, everything stays where I put it, always within reach. "

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truckbedpockets 5 star ratingBy Rick C. - KY

" Excellent product. "

truckbedpockets 5 star ratingBy Patrick B. - IA

" Easy to install, and work great holding bottle of diesel service, snow/ice scraper. "

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