This tonneau cover has an average  Access Lorado 4.95 star average rating rating based on 310 customer reviews.

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Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Don B. - MT

" Your customer service was great! You had the products I needed. I received everything quickly. You are a great company to work with. "

Access Lorado 4 star ratingBy Alex L. - NE

" Good quality product, having trouble getting it to tighten up. Running out of adjustment to tighten it up. Not sure how to fix the problem. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Jason G. - PA

" Purchased for my '22 Honda Ridgeline black edition. Installation was easy with a few hiccups on my part since it was the first time I ever installed a tonneau. Instructions were a little tricky at first since the Ridgeline had it own separate set of instructions on top of the normal ones. If you're a Ridgeline (2017 & up, maybe earlier years as well) owner, make sure you have a Torx 30 screwdriver/wrench before you plan to install this tonneau cover, you need to take out six factory bolts in the bed in order to install this or probably any tonneau cover. Seems like a very quality product so far, I've had minimal rain seep in, mainly toward the tailgate end. We just received our first snow of the year the past few days and the bed has remained bone dry. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Tom S. - MN

" Awesome cover with great functionality. Easy to install and maintain. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Marty K. - CO

" Absolutely love the cover, been using their products since 2004 "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Mike L. - KS

" Installed on our 22 GMC 3500 HD Long bed Dually. Easy to install fit perfect. This is our second Lorado great durable cover. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy John A. - PA

" Fit my 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz perfectly. Easy install, looks good and easy to use. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Miles C. - ND

" The Lorado is the perfect match for my new truck. I have owned multiple ( due to truck trades) Access covers through the years and the durability and quality of the cover has always been spectacular. The cover and tailgate seal keep the inside of my truck box clean and dry. Inside the box, clamped to the side rail, is my EZ-Retriever, which makes it so convenient to get cargo that has slid to the front of the box. Both are quality products. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Gordon R. - MI

" I've had 2 Access Roll-up Covers for my last 2 pickups. Had my first pickup for 11 years and never had an issue so went back to Access brand for my 2nd pickup which I had for 6.5 years with no issues. Can't imagine going with another brand!!! "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Brant M. - IN

" I love it I installed it in no time. It has lasted 13 years so far. I usually keep tools in my bed so it keeps the weather and other people out of my truck. "

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