The ACCESS® CARGO MANAGEMENT KITS has an average  cargokits 5.00 star average rating rating based on 15 customer reviews.

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cargokits 5 star ratingBy Cory T. - TX

" Awesome!! "

cargokits 5 star ratingBy Jeremiah S. - VT

" Worked just how I expected. Only purchased two weeks ago, but seems well built. Should be using in the next few weeks. "

cargokits 5 star ratingBy JOHN W. - IA

" Glad I added this equipment. after 5 years no regrets and everything fine except the light battery is not great, as all battery products are. I will likely revise to light powered by my truck. "

cargokits 5 star ratingBy Jeremie S. - NH

" The bed pockets are very convenient for keeping smaller items from sliding around the bed and close at hand... and the easy reach tool helps retrieve things from further inside the bed without climbing halfway in the bed! Using them together (reach tool in the notches, across the bed) keeps all my bags right where I need them. Pretty cool setup! Only request... offer the bed pockets in a powder coated black... then they'd blend in and match the bed liner! "

cargokits 5 star ratingBy Michael D. - ME

" Excellent. Agricover is a good company to do business with. Very pleased "

cargokits 5 star ratingBy Brian F. - IL

" This product is slick. As soon as my friend saw it he ordered one too. If you own a truck and either leave stuff up by the cab or wait for one of your kids to be around to fetch it for you, then this will be the best $45 you have spent on your truck in awhile. It costs as much as a half a tank of gas. "

cargokits 5 star ratingBy Jim S. - NM

" This truck bed cargo management system came in a nice aluminum finish, which appears to be very durable. The truck bed management system consist of two storage pockets for the side of the truck bed and a cargo reaching tool. The installation was very easy, and these cargo accessories are very useful. "

cargokits 5 star ratingBy Steven S. - CT

" Side pockets are great, took seconds to install and EZ-retriever is great, very easy to use. "

cargokits 5 star ratingBy Austin H. - MN

" These HD pockets might be one of the simplest yet most briliant inventions ever for a truck. Why not turn those unusable corners into a storage spot for your tow rope or receiver hitch. My personal favorite is to hold my diesel fuel additive for winter, who wants that stinky stuff leaking in the cab of your truck or rolling around in the back. Thanks Access, another A+ product!!!! "

cargokits 5 star ratingBy Tom B. - VA

" This allows small items to be stored at the back sides of the box without them sliding all over the box. The included EZ Retriever is great for retrieving items in the box when the tonneau cover is on. All in all, this was a great buy and very useful. "

cargokits 5 star ratingBy Edward A. - TX

" Absolutely love this product. Makes storing under my pickup bed cover the needed items for hauling or emergencies the easiest, most secure and easy to get to of anything I've seem. Totally durable, good looking and a great addition to any truck. I have shown and recommended these to all my friends with trucks. "

cargokits 5 star ratingBy Mike R. - SD

" Everything went well. Fast delivery. Will back again. "

cargokits 5 star ratingBy Dave G. - ID

" Liked the Kit, installed easily, instructions were great, very easy to follow. "

cargokits 5 star ratingBy Tim R. - CO

" Pretty simple concept but they keep all the little stuff from rolling around my bed. The EZ Retriever is the greatest thing yet, extends pretty far. "

cargokits 5 star ratingBy Thomas M. - MN

" Excellent service and speed. Would not hesitate to buy any products from ACI! "

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