Illuminate the darkest places utilizing our line of waterproof LED strip lights. Strong 3M adhesive provides a quick and easy installation to almost every surface. Runs on three AA batteries or a 12V power source. Applications include boats, RVs, fish houses, trailers, truck beds, storage sheds, toolboxes and storage compartments.

Starting MSRP $39.95.

Access AA Battery LED light

ACCESS® AA Battery LED Light

Button operated with an adjustable automatic shutoff, our 18 in. waterproof LED light uses three AA batteries and sturdy 3M adhesive to install almost anywhere. Easy as peel and stick, add plenty of light where you need without wiring. Batteries not included.

MSRP $39.95

Access Motion LED Light

ACCESS® Motion LED Light

Automatically turns on when movement is detected. This waterproof 18 in. LED light strip with tough 3M adhesive sticks to nearly any surface and runs on three AA batteries. A peel-and-stick solution for any dark place without the need for wiring. Batteries not included.

MSRP $39.95

Access LED Strip Lights


Get instant light with the push of a button! These completely waterproof LED lights easily connect to a 12-volt power source and bond to nearly every surface with durable 3M adhesive. Available in 12, 24, 39 and 60 in. lengths.

Starting MSRP $41.95

Access Back Up LED Light

ACCESS® 39" Back-Up LED Light

Twice as bright as standard truck reverse lights, the waterproof 39 in. back-up LED light wires into your stock reverse lights and installs using strong 3M adhesive. Make obstructions more visible and avoidable when in reverse.

MSRP $59.95


Too dark to see? Not with our line of waterproof ACCESS® LED Strip Lights utilizing a strong 3M adhesive for a quick peel and stick installation to nearly every surface. With AA battery or 12 volt power source in a variety of lengths, ACCESS® LED Lights bring the light to truck beds, boats, toolboxes, trailers, storage sheds, etc.


  • ADARAC Truck Bed Rack

    5star reviewBy Austin S.

    " When my trailer is fully loaded I cannot easily access the stock interior light. I added the Access 12" LED bed light to the inside of my trailer just above the doors. Now I have plenty of light that I can turn off from the back of the trailer. Took 10min to install! Great Product! "

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  • ADARAC Truck Bed Rack

    5 star reviewBy Joe N.

    " These LED lights fit perfectly in the recess of my Chevy vans roof ribs. Plenty of light so I spend less time searching for stuff. I connected three to the lame stock cargo light wiring so they come on automatically. They are better than anything else I could find and worth the cost. "

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  • ADARAC Truck Bed Rack

    5 star reviewBy Juancho H. - CA

    " The LED lights are super bright and the adhesive backing is super sticky. Now I wish they would make a longer cord and a piggyback connector like Christmas tree lights so I could add more lights. "

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