The ACCESS® TOTAL BED SEAL has an average  Access Total Bed Seal 4.89 star average rating rating based on 36 customer reviews.

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Access Total Bed Seal 5 star ratingBy Robb W. - AR

" All worked pretty good about stopping the dust coming in under the bed rail. Haven't used the tailgate seal yet and the bed has been sprayed so the only place that water and dust can get in is at the top of the bed under the bed rail. I have used a short piece of the seal but need to rethink the way I put it on but all in all a good product to stop all the dust from the holes in the bed. "

Access Total Bed Seal 5 star ratingBy Eddie H. - TX

" bed seal very good ---would recomend to others---very much care needs to be used when placing the up rite gaskets or there will not seal "

Access Total Bed Seal 5 star ratingBy Roger M. - NV

" Great product, easy to install. Keeps thedust out driving on gravel roads. "

Access Total Bed Seal 5 star ratingBy Michael O. - WI

" Great product. Placed in one truck and ordered a second for other truck (Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and 2500) "

Access Total Bed Seal 5 star ratingBy Walter S. - PA

" Great product. Fast shipping. Product was here before shipping confirmation was recieved. "

Access Total Bed Seal 5 star ratingBy EDWIN F. - ON


Access Total Bed Seal 5 star ratingBy Dixie K. - ND

" Bought velcro strip for my cover and a bed seal kit. Very fast to receive and fit perfectly! I would highly recommend this company. "

Access Total Bed Seal 5 star ratingBy Josh M.

" I was looking for away on how to keep dust out of truck bed, and found the Access total bed seal. The foam inserts have worked perfectly for a few months now and the truck bed is close to perfectly dust proof. When installing I would suggest taking time to examine the area of work carefully and pay good attention to the instructions, it is very simple to install but there is an important trick to the tailgate seal which I almost missed. Overall very happy with the result on my GMC. "

Access Total Bed Seal 5 star ratingBy Jim S. - NE

" I was very pleased with the seal kit. My truck is brand new. My dealer was not aware of a kit to seal the box and advised me that since the tailgate gaps are so wide that this would not be possible so I was very pleased to find this product via a Google search. The kit went on just as the instructions showed. I have had it installed for over a week now and the seals seam to have adhered very well. The wide gap around the tailgate is sealed up. I have had several access roll-up covers on my pickups and have always been very satisfied with the quality. This seal kit is no exception. It is an excellent value for the price. "

Access Total Bed Seal 5 star ratingBy Jon D. - IA

" My pickup has never been driven on anything but a concrete or blacktop road. The toneau must create a low pressure area in the box which sucks dust from the roads in due to the generous number of holes in the box. Not to mention the tailgate gaps. Heck by the time we would get home with groceries they would be dusty. I wasn't going to put up with that so I ordered a ACCESS Total Bed Seal. I'm very happy with the kit. We're clean and dry now,it put an end to the dust and keeps the water out.This is a well engineered seal kit. Take a little time to read the instructions 3 times, it will pay you back in dividends on installation. Thanks ACI for this seal kit. "

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