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Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Richard Y. - NY

" Perfect fit & fast shipping. Thanks. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Michael F. - MD

" Good quality product. The bolts could be 1/4" longer for the clamps on a 2021 Tundra with the rail system. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy James R P. - SC

" Awesome product. great quality and easy to open and secure "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Doug R. - NH

" Works well, looks good. One concern, had about a foot of heavy snow and noticed the the snow caused the cover to sag a couple inches on my Ram pick up. After clearing snow, cover returned to normal; however not sure if the cover may stretch if subjected to additional instances of heavy snow. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Hector M. - OH

" This is my third cover from ACI, never disappointed, great product, a little pricey but maybe due to inflation worth it. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Jerry H. - TX

" Greetings all! Having purchased a LiteRiders rollup cover through the local dealer here in El Paso, Texas,in 2008 for the only new vehicle that I have ever owned. I have had the pleasure of woning what I must consider the best roll-up cover ever made. I did a comparison of the available offerings at the accessory storeand the Agri-cover just appeared to be the best. Fast forward to 2020, the cover was still intact but had hardened over the years and was starting to shpw minor cracks(cover lived outside in the desert and still does). I callled Agricover and priced a replacement cover(verified by the serial number), price seemed reasonable to me for almost 13 years of service. The replacement cover arrived within 2 weeks and took about 30min. to installand adjust. I also replaced the "Velcro" closures on the bed sides and my Agricover looks and functions flawlessly as it has since my introduction in 2008. I must highly recommend the Agricover line of roll-up covers to anyone who is interested in purchasing a very reliable product from some very reliable folks. Jerry "

Access Literider 2 star ratingBy Ian G. - PA

" I bought one of these in 2020 for my jeep gladiator and it held up pretty well after being parked outside for a winter and spring. Then used it for work driving around quarries and construction sites and it started to show some wear but nothing crazy. Decided to buy a new for an upgraded truck (base level jeep didn't have the electrical capabilities I needed). The new one took me significantly longer to install by myself (approximately 2-3 hours this time versus 1 hour last time). I couldn't get the aluminum jaw clamps to properly line up and clamp down onto the inside of the bed rail. The real reason for the two stars is that the hooked part of the velcro that is glued to the bed rail bracket began to lose adhesion and peel up on both sides after 1 year of use. Not sure if I got a defective unit or the increased amount of time I spent parked in the sun accelerated decomposition, but I think I am going to look at another company for my next bed cover. "

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Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Roy M. - IN

" Excellent product! View the video, that helps making install for a 74 year old, somewhat disabled, very easy to install by myself in about 2hours! They look and function awesome !!!!! Don't pass this high quality, easy to install, great looking cover....... should have gotten one years ago on my first truck rather than have wasted the money on spray on bed liner. Thanks for an awesome product! Roy "

Access Literider 4 star ratingBy David M. - FL

" It appears to be as good as the Access Original cover I replaced. The only thing I noticed is the vinyl appears to not be as thick as the Access Cover I took off. Time will tell if the vinyl last as long as my old roll up cover. It fits great and not difficult to install. So far I am happy with the cover. My last cover lasted 14 years and still look pretty good. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Dave M. - TX

" Easy to install even for an eighty year old. Fits like a glove and works great. "

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