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Access 5 star ratingBy John R. - KS

" This is the 3rd Access Original roll Up cover i have purchased all for different trucks and all 3, even the one on my 2010, still look and work great. Installs in 30 minutes. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Larry C. - KY

" Love this one as much as my Larado I purchased 14yrs before. After 14yrs, and some lack of maintenance on my part, it was showing it's age. I decided to replace with the Original to see about getting some more room on my 06 Tundra. Same great quality only now there is a center pull release to unhook both sides, and mounting brackets are smaller and only require one tool. Will get another one if I get a new truck and decide I need a cover. As far as I'm concerned, losing a few inches of space around the perimeter for mounting makes up for the added benefit of a secure environmentally safe space. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Michael W. - MN

" I purchased an Access Tonneau cover for my 2003 F-150, when I bought it new. I recently sold the truck and the Access Tonneau cover was still in pristine condition and worked perfectly, after 17 years! I am definitely going to purchase another for my new-to-me 2017 F-150. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Jim F. - SC

" Best cover I ever had. Love it!! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Matt R. - OH

" Ordered new Velcro for my roll up cover and it worked great "

Access 5 star ratingBy Stephanie F. - CO

" Great cover that looks wonderful and works exactly the way they describe. Easy to install too. I love it! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Dan C. - GA

" I purchased the roll-up cover in 2012 for my new Ford F-150. I was very happy with the quality and look of the cover. Earlier this year, almost 8 years later I contacted customer service as the Velcro used to hold the cover in place was beginning to deteriorate. No questions asked, the company shipped new Velcro strips within a few days with no charge. That is what I call customer service and standing behind your product. Thank you "

Access 5 star ratingBy James T. - SC

" I love the Access Original Roll-Up Cover. It was super simple to install, it looks great, and has kept everything in the bed dry and protected. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Josh V. - WI

" Awesome and easy to install. "

Access 4 star ratingBy Steven D. - FL

" so far so good, going to see if it takes the brutal hot sunny Florida summer... "

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