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Access Vanish 4 star ratingBy Darrin H. - CT

" Purchased the Vanish Roll up cover, and the truck bed mat. Vanish cover is nice, have purchased covers from ACI previously and always a quality product. I purchased the bed mat also. Warning, if you can't stand companies advertising, don't get the bed mat. They could have ironed their advertising in a small area in the back, or on the underside, but this is a bright yellow sticker right there as soon as you open the tailgate. I was going to return it but shipping it back would have cost nearly as much as the mat. I would have given 5 stars because I think the mat is nice, but could do without paying so much for something only to be forced into advertising it. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy JOE - PA

" Got this replacement cover only because the velcro was no longer working. Replaced cover and velcro strips in the rails. Looking forward to another 6 or 7 years of use. This cover rocks. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Tim J. - KY

" Love this Roll up cover over 12 years old the only thing that has failed is the Velcro. And only hook portion on bed rails, the sun ate it up. I left it rolled up as i generally hauled tall materials. Certainly not a product quality issue. and have ordered replacement and was sent immediately awesome company thank you. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Tommy S. - AZ

" I bought this because of the advertised low profile. Well it does not disappoint. It fits my old 1986 f150 short bed very well. it was one of the few low profile roll up covers out there for my year and model short bed. I do not drive it everyday so I can not speak to service but it looks fantastic. I have it adjusted so it sits flat with the bed and love the look I get and thats why I bought this. Easy install once I read the directions I threw in the trash when I opened the box...ugh... but once i knew what I was supposed to do it was very easy to install. I am building another short bed and will buy again. "

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Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Larry Z. - NY

" The replacement parts worked as expected. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Robert F. - OH

" I needed to replace the velcro hook material on my cover frame. Simple task Works great. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Rob G. - OH

" Easy to install. Made my mileage go up , not 10 mpg. But average about 3-4 and every one counts. Just added to the great looks of my truck. Easy to use by yourself! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Randy M. - CT

" Very nice cover. Low and sleek, the locking feature is nice but they should reference exactly how that works in their installation instructions. Trying to close the cover the first time one of the locking mechanisms was in the way and bent my side rail a little. Easy to bend back and no effect on performance or look. Holds a little water when parked after a rain but still giving it 5 stars. Would buy again and recommend. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Brian T. - VA

" Great cover, works well with my ADARAC racks "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Cynthia L. - FL

" Met the needs we wanted. Fairly easy to install. Satisfied with it. "

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