This tonneau cover has an average  Access Vanish 4.84 star average rating rating based on 80 customer reviews.

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Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Ashley S. - MT

" Awesome bed cover "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Ashley S. - MT

" Great cover and easy installation. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Shay R. - WY

" Great product and easy to install. Have had many access covers and they've all been great. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Rob J. - MN

" Outstanding. Just put it on. Install was a breeze as long as you have an assistant hold the side rails - like for 5 minutes or so to keep them level until you get a clamp or two on. Looks great, can wait to see how it does in Minnesota weather! Thanks! "

Access Vanish 2 star ratingBy Edward M. - NJ

" To be honest, I am kinda disappointed in the cover. First, I expected it to be more flush with the line of my bed. It sits a inch above The edge and is more than visible. Don't understand why it would be called flush mount or vanishing is it looks just like my neighbor's which is regular. Second, it will not get tight enough to not be flapping to some level. There are dips in between the cross rails that are very visible. Sorry to bash but I wanted to be honest. Not at all what i expected by advertising or picture on wed site. "

Access Vanish 4 star ratingBy Michael W. - IA

" I like me the Vanish cover. Easy to install and fit my '19 Raptor well. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Larry G. - WI

" Looks great, easy to install. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy David K. - GA

" I have a suggestion for your instructions. If you completely tighten the bolts (step 3. E) and then have to adjust tension, the front plate is so tight against the bed that it is VERY difficult to adjust. I recommend you suggest only firming them up and then after adjusting tension (if required) go back and do final tightening. About wore out my thumbs before I realized the issue. Looks great. Seems to be a good product. Thanks, Dave Kummer "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Eugene B. - MA

" Great product, easy to install. Looks great on my new Toyota Tacoma! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Bob M. - MD

" Best damn cover ever! "

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