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Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy John N. - FL

" this is my second purchase of this top and it is great. We have purchase several for my trucks and i recommend them to everyone. Your warranty and customer service is also outstanding. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Doug P. - MN

" My second ACCESS cover; had one on my 2013 F150 as well. When it came to buying a new truck, I didn't even think twice about the cover I'd be buying. Had the Access Original on my 2013; went with the Lorado for my 2015. Both just excellent! I've owned other brands in the past, but none have come close to the quality and durability I've experienced with Access. Thanks much and keep up the good work! "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Roland G. - FL

" Bought this Lorado cover at the same time as I bought the truck in 2009. This truck has never seen a garage and has been parked in the Florida sun since new (with the Lorad). The cover, now, shows the most minor wear (if you can find it). Nothing has ever broke or wore out on it. The sun finally weakened the Velcro "hook" tape (in the cover's rails), so that was recently replaced. This truck is not a work truck but does occasionally haul loads. This cover I highly recommend. Have been very satisfied with it and would buy another one. This comment is being posted as a response to an inquiry of my satisfaction after a purchase at the AgriCover site (the Velcro hook tape). "

Access Lorado 4 star ratingBy Lon O. - NY

" Just purchased my 2nd Lorado bed cover. 1st one was excellent and water tight. This one on the Canyon, I am not so sure that this is a water tight. On the back end, I had to cut a seal for the corners. Seems to let a little water into the box area. Still a great cover, just not sure if it is as water tight as the one on my F-150, due to the stick on piece that is supposed to make it water tight. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Kevin P. - ND

" Great quality, nice fit. Have purchased many Access covers over the past 10 years. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Portia D. - SC

" Great rush delivery and exactly what I ordered "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Dan R.

" Very well made, easy to install, looks terrific. Hands down the best tonneau roll-up cover available for my Frontier. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Greg M.

" Great product looks nices works great easy install "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Brandon C. - MA

" Great cover! Easy to use on a daily basis. Material and bows seem very strong and durable. The whole cover was very easy to install, only took about 20 minute's. I would definately buy this cover again. Couldn't be happier! "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Mark G. - NJ

" I just recently purchased the Lorado Roll-up cover for my 2015 Colorado. I couldn't be more pleased with quality of the product and the ease of installation and operation. This is my second vehicle where I purchase this cover. My first was for a Ford f-150. I had the truck and cover for five years and the cover looked as good as it did when it was new. I took care of it and kept it closed when not in use. Great product! "

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