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Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Robert S. - PA

" Excellent product. Quick shipping. Easy to install. Technical support (Eddie) was great to work with. Knowledgeable and willing to help in any regard. HIghly recommended. "

Access Lorado 4 star ratingBy Louis R. - MA

" Review for the 2017 Ridgeline. Clover was easy to install and looks great. Only reason I did not give it 5 stars is the brackets and hardware are stainless/aluminum and it stands out and clashes with the bed. I used plastidip to cover brackets to make them blend in. Also, the rails could be trimmed a bit to allow trunk to have a fuller opening. Overall an excellent product. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Larry S. - SD

" Great product, easy install, perfect fit. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Walter R. - MA

" Happy with my Lorado cover. Your Customer Service is the best, E.Allen was the best to work with,great place to buy, and great help. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Bob C. - PA

" I wanted to thank Access for a great product. I purchased my second Access Roll-up cover, the Lorado model for my 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 pick-up. My first original cover was the model behind the truck tool box. So, since a sold both of those because I wasn't using the toolbox anymore, I wanted to purchase another quality tonneau cover for my truck and I loved my first one. Very easy to install and looks great! My other tonneau cover had not one problem and still looked good after having it for over 12 years. My new cover will last another 12 years or longer. Great product! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. P.S. Too new-no pics. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Mike T. - MN

" I have owned Access covers for all my pickups. I must say there are excellent quality and well worth the price. They are not the cheapest but are certainly the best and well worth the little bit extra you will pay for them. I had a Velcro issue with my relatively new (couple years old) and I called for some help on getting replacement Velcro. I was greeted by a customer rep who far exceeded my expectations. I explained my situation to him and he promptly said "we are going to take care of you". He sent out replacement parts under warranty once I told him my serial number. WOW! that's all I can say. No hassle.......just great customer service. I knew there was a reason I have always purchased from this company and always will. The only thing they did not offer to do was come and install the parts Keep up the good work Access and I will continue to highly recommend all your products as well as use them myself. Thanks----Mike Theis "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Warren B. - IA

" Great product, easy install, but be sure to know what size box you are covering before ordering. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Michael R.

" I installed an Agri-cover Access Lorado on my F150 3 years ago. This was the 3rd Agri-Cover I've owned over the years for my F350 and F150. Recently, the velcro along the rails began to fail and the cover opens on both sides at hi-wy speeds. I called Agri-Cover to ask if they could help me resolve that. Without hesitation, delay, or inquisition Agri-Cover sent me a brand new rail set and cover. That's standing behind your warranty! That's customer service. I intend to purchase another F350 soon... guess which brand of tonnneau I'll buy for the new 350? Agri-Cover had a repeat customer in me, now they have a brand advocate. Thank you, Agri-Cover for standing behind your product. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Douglas O. - PA

" Best product ever and easy to install. Watched YouTube video first and had it fully installed in 30 minutes. Perfect fit and super snug. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Scott D. - ND

" I've had my cover on my GMC Canyon for 8 years and loved it. Unfortunately a small piece ripped a couple of months ago. I contacted the company hoping to purchase a replacement part. Instead, they covered the part under warranty and overnighted me the new piece within 24 hours. Some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. I would recommend this company to anyone. "

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