This tonneau cover has an average  Access Lorado 4.95 star average rating rating based on 265 customer reviews.

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Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Josh H. - MN

" The roll-up cover was easy to install and fit perfectly as described on the web-site. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Justin S. - ND

" You make a very good product and the quality is next to none! Thanks for a great product for my pickup truck. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Joe T.

" Cover fits good, no leaks, very pleased. Over all pretty happy because the Velcro is very nice "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Steve F. - CA

" Cover fits great and is very easy to install and use. I like the look, fit and function so much that I am planning to purchase another one soon for my wife's truck. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Allen R. - HI

" This truck cover was easy to install and looks great on my truck. Quick and easy to get in and out of my truck bed and can also be secured. I like the locking cover with my tailgate and how it just installed on my truck bed cargo rails. This is an excellent cover for my truck. Big thumbs up all the way around. I definitely would tell all my friends to purchase one for their truck. Also saves gas in the long run. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Todd O. - CO

" The service was unbelievable! It was shipped the same day I ordered and was at my house in a few days. Very easy to install and works great! I wish all after market products delivered this type of experience.Todd "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Chris T. - TX

" I've had it on my 2018 Ram 2500 for a couple of months and it has worked great. The installation was very straightforward. I was able to install it by myself in about 30 minutes with just a couple of tools. After driving with it for about 100 miles I realized it needed to be tightened to take up some of the slack and that literally took me 2 minutes. It has exceeded my expectations. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Johnnie W. - GA

" Great truck cover it will be a great help when traveling. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Timothy K. - NJ

" This was the second Access Lorado cover I have purchased. The first one I bought in 2008, it worked great and lasted until I traded in my 08' for a 2019' pickup. The 08' cover had signs of wear, mostly on the Velcro but it should have, I rolled it up and back thousands of times. When I got the new truck I bought the new cover right away! I see the same quality on this new cover, with a couple improvements. I think it will last until my next Pickup purchase! "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Michael R.

" I installed an Agri-cover Access Lorado on my F150 3 years ago. This was the 3rd Agri-Cover I've owned over the years for my F350 and F150. Recently, the velcro along the rails began to fail and the cover opens on both sides at hi-wy speeds. I called Agri-Cover to ask if they could help me resolve that. Without hesitation, delay, or inquisition Agri-Cover sent me a brand new rail set and cover. That's standing behind your warranty! That's customer service. I intend to purchase another F350 soon... guess which brand of tonnneau I'll buy for the new 350? Agri-Cover had a repeat customer in me, now they have a brand advocate. Thank you, Agri-Cover for standing behind your product. "

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