This tonneau cover has an average  Access Lorado 4.95 star average rating rating based on 189 customer reviews.

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Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Albert B. - MD

" I was surprised by how fast the installation was and how easy it was to open when necessary! Great cover! "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Ken O. - NE

" What a great cover - had this for 5 years now. Had to replace the quick connect storage snaps partly due to last winter removing snow and breaking one off. Replacement was easy. Will buy this cover again when and if this one wears out. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy John C. - MN

" Gained about 5% on fuel mileage, is made in USA and keeps stuff out of sight! Using it with a locked tailgate is a real plus too, THANK YOU. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Joe R. - SD

" This is my 3rd one. I feel they are superior to the competition! "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Steve S. - IA

" Everything it was advertised to be, and delivered quickly. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Bruce W. - NJ

" The Access Lorado is the best cover out there. After researching other covers, I chose the Access for its ease of use and installation, quality and lifetime warranty. This is the second Access I have purchased and would continue to buy their products. Also, made in the USA. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Captain Dan C. - FL

" This is the third time I have purchased this very same product, each time I have bought a new truck. Each time, the Lorado cover has had minor improvements making it even easier to install and use on my farm truck. I believe the quality has gone up too. I have and would again recommend these roll up covers to friends and anyone that ask about it. Top Notch Product!!!!!!!! R, Dan Cain "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Charles L. - MN

" I love this Lorado cover! The low profile looks great, plus it's easier to fasten the velcro at lower temperatures (I live in Minnesota), because of the angle of the rails. This is my third Access Cover purchase, and I didn't even consider another brand or type of cover. I have been using an Access Cover for over 15 years now, and have nothing but praise for them. Several people I know have bought them for themselves after my glowing recommendation. Buy with confidence! "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Jacob W. - UT

" I purchased the Lorado cover for my 1999 F250 hoping to add some style to the truck while keeping the bed clean and dry. I absolutely love the fit and finish of the Agricover product, so much I've since purchased a second Lorado cover for our 2002 Chevrolet Silverado. It's nice being able to keep the elements out of the bed, but just be seconds away from rolling it up to haul larger things or even hook-up to our fifth wheel trailer. "

Access Lorado 5 star ratingBy Bruce D. - IN

" I have the Lorado cover put on all six of my Ford trucks. Best and most convenient cover ever made. It really works and really lasts. "

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