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Access 5 star ratingBy David M. - OH

" These covers are great. I have purchased three cover's over the past 15 years, but I've installed 4 cover's over that time. I purchased my first cover in 2006 and it lasted 10 years before it started wearing out. One quick call to Agri-Cover and a new cover was delivered within days. Agri-Cover truly does honor their lifetime warranty. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Robert C. - NC

" This is a my second Access Roll-up Cover. The first was on a 2011 Sierra and the current cover is on a 2021 F 150. The first has been on the truck for more than 10 years and still works just fine, with no leaks. It took me less than one hour to install the cover. Works just right for my purposes and is high quality and durable. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Robin T. - MN

" I have been purchasing Access Covers for 20+ Years. It all started because I live in Minnesota and ACI knows winter weather. The Access Cover performs very well in sub-zero temperatures. I have never had any issues with craftsmanship or functionality of this product. Highly recommended over other brands. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Scott R. - WI

" Exactly as advertised, easy to install after reading all instructions (including supplemental) and looks great. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Joseph F. - NY

" This is my 2nd Honda Ridgeline and my 2nd Access Original tonneau cover. I loved the 1st one so much I had to buy another one. Totally happy with my purchase. It does everything I need it to do and looks awesome on my truck. I would recommend this cover to anyone interested In an affordable, well made and ez to install (30-40 min) roll up style tonneau cover. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Foster H. - MN

" Arrived quickly easy to install took me 30 minutes including watching the how to video looks great "

Access 5 star ratingBy Gage H. - ND

" I have had it on my Ram for just over two years now. I am glad I stayed with Access cover brand!! No issues so far. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Gary I. - ND

" Easy install, looks nice. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Sean D. - PA

" Just installed the cover I received as a Christmas present. Looks great and the install went really smooth. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Zach U. - CO

" Awesome cover love it for work and weekend adventures! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Tim B. - KY

" This is a GREAT bed cover! 2012 Chevrolet Silverado. This cover was put on the truck in 2012 by the original owner. I have owned the truck for 3 years as the 2nd owner and this cover is in excellent condition. The Velcro is failing to some degree, but the cover looks awesome! Looks like a new one. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Jeff L. - MN

" I've had it since 2015 still looks and works like new. Great products. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Bart T. - IL

" Hello this is second bed cover I have purchased and have also bought a pair of power tarps for a couple of gooseneck trailers Always been happy with the quality and service of your products thanks. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Stuart H. - NY

" This was a replacement top cover for my ageing Access cover. Install was really easy with the excellent directions that came with it. Really fast shipping and great customer service. Would highly recommend your covers. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Dale B. - IA

" Excellent upgrade to my truck. Overall appearance of vehicle is easily maintained without ever having a filthy cluttered truck bed exposed. It prevents litter from constantly be tossed into the bed.Opening and closing the cover is easy for one person to complete. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Raul R. - FL

" This is the 4 th Agri Cover I have bought for 4 different trucks since 2003. Three original Agri covers and one Vanish for my 2007 4x4 Dodge CTD which I still own. I had to order a replacement cover material for the Vanish cover after about 8 years. Customer service has always been great and the Agri-Cover's have served me very weel over the years. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Tony M. - CO

" I recently bought a 2008 Tacoma Access Cab with liner, bed caps and rail system. Everyone I talked to and all my research showed your Access Roll-Up Cover was the best choice. I was a little concerned about how it would mount, or if I'd have to loose my rail system. I made my purchase and was VERY impressed. The kit had everything I needed, longer bolts, pre-drilled rails, everything fit like a glove. It took me about 1 hour to installed by myself, and looks great. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Donald S. - TN

" The new cover fit well, took about 20 min. to install, very pleased with cover. Old cover lasted 15 years. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Larry R. - FL

" Fantastic roll-up! I purchased it for my new Silverado. Looked at other brands and went with the Access cover based on all the reviews I read and by actually comparing it in person at a truck accessory store. It installed perfectly even having a drop-in bed liner. Fit & finish is top notch and the vinyl is of much better quality than the other brands. All the components seem to be superior as well. I'm very happy and highly recommend it. I'll be buying Access from now on. It's definitely worth the price! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Colt B. - WI

" Love the cover! Install was quick and easy plus it looks great on my truck! "

Access 5 star ratingBy John O. - CT

" This is the third Access original cover I have purchased. These covers are great, easy to install, long lasting, the last one I bought I had for 10 years still looked and worked great. Priced right, quick shipping, just a great experience all around. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Richard A. - TX

" Works great - nicely engineered, I recommend to anyone looking for a cover for the Jeep Gladiator "

Access 5 star ratingBy Shawn K. - MN

" Bought this tonneau cover and installed it myself. Was very easy to install in my pickup and absolutely looks great! Cover stays nice and tight when closed yet is very easy to open and roll up when full access is needed in the box. Very glad I made this purchase. Has been a good cover so far and enhances the look of my pickup! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Christopher G. - SC

" I was impressed with your customer service. The order was placed, shipped and received in a timely manner and again impressed ! My truck looks new again with the new cover. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Bill M. - NJ

" I watched the installation video and the cover went on in 30 minutes. The cover is high quality synthetic material that keeps my truck bed dry. I would recommend. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Robert S. - FL

" My father has had an Access Original roll-up cover on his truck for over 7 years. Within 2 days of getting my F150, I was online purchasing my own cover. I have had it for a year and a half now. It functions and looks just like the day I installed it on my own with ease. It is so convenient to keep out the elements and at the same time easy to roll up to have full access to my truck bed in less than a minute's time. Highly recommended. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Rich D. - NJ

" I installed an Access Roll-Up cover on my 2001 Supercrew when I purchased it new. After 14 years it still looks like new and performs flawlessly. Other brand covers on friends trucks have long gone the way of the dump. All I do is treat it with Cover Care Protectant every couple of months and it stays like the day I bought it. Thanks for making such a great product. It was well worth the price. I will absolutely put an Access cover on my next truck. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Michael Z. - MN

" Had a lot of friends recomend this cover for my truck, so I gave it a try. The install was very quick about 20 minutes. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Been happy with this cover so far no complaints and it makes my truck look good! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Scott W. - NY

" This will be our fourth vehicle with an ACCESS Original Roll-up Cover. Yup, the quality has been there each time. No reason to shop around. Those tri-fold designs don't come close to giving you all the ACCESS to your bed. They look as good as new when i trade in the vehicles. They are vehicle specific, that's why we've had four. Easy install. They stand up to the elements of the northeast, rain, ice and snow. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Tom O. - MN

" Three day fast shipping. Three hour install. Looks fantastic just like the other one I purchased years ago that sold on my old truck. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Rick L. - OH

" My replacement cover fit great, I got 15 years out of my old one. Easy to install.Thanks! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Mike A. - MN

" My third Access cover on my third Silverado. There was no other choice in my opinion as my previous covers performed flawlessly throughout the entire time I had them. There will be another one (or more) somewhere in the future on my next truck(s) too. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Ron O. - MN

" I like the product, 2nd one I've owned. Installation instructions could be clearer, especially having to go back and forth between Tacoma supplement and original instructions. Still leaks a little when it rains. I'm currently trying to caulk to eliminate it, but doubt I ever will. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Mike P. - MN

" Got installed no problem and it fits very well and doesn't leak as bad as the old one. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Stephen V. - PA

" Installed the product in about 1 hour. It was very straightforward to install. Great quality product. 100% satisfied with this Made in USA product. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Kim H. - LA

" Installed very easily, fits great, looks good. very easy to open, roll up and back out. Nice looking product. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Steven S. - NY

" I love my access roll up cover. I had one on my last truck it was 8 years old never had a problem or a leak. It's so easy to roll up to get stuff in the front of the bed or to covert it to load thing in the bed of the truck, would recommend this product to anyone. My brother got the same one on his truck because of the ease of it. Best purchase I've made to improve my truck. "

Access 4 star ratingBy Steven A. - MO

" So far I like the cover. Materials are high quality and install was easy. My only issue is that the brackets take up some of the bed space. Usually its not an issue, but I noticed it when I put my ATV in the back of the truck. The 3 plus inches on each side made it tight to put cargo into the sides of the bed. If the brackets were flush to the sides it would be a perfect cover. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Tyler J. - MN

" This Access tonneau cover has been an amazing investment on my truck. The design is low profile and unobtrusive. I survive the Minnesota winters and this cover has as well now for 2 years. It's had up to two feet of snow on it, and it held up. The temperatures have been as low as -30 and as warm as 105 and still no cracking. Tension adjustability and strong velcro straps create a tight seal. Make the smart investment for you vehicle. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Paul V. - IN

" On my third one now and the ones on my last 2 trucks are still operational. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Chris M. - MN

" This cover fits like a glove. Seals nice and tight. Keeps all my tools out of sight and out of mind for any would be thieves. Thanks Access "

Access 5 star ratingBy Timothy J. - MN

" This cover is awesome. Even with the harsh Minnesota winters it keeps everything dry and still looks like new after 2 years of use. While camping last summer, we got caught up in a heavy rainstorm where our tent and gear got flooded late at night out in the middle of no-where. We put our bedding in the back of the truck bed and slept comfortable and more importantly, Dry all night. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Steve P. - OH

" This cover is perfect for me. I put in on my new 2019 RAM Rebel (Quad cab / 6.5' bed). I had this cover on my previous truck (2004 Ford F150 FX4) since I bought it - 15 years - and never had a problem. I like the way it rolls up giving full access to the bed when needed. Very quick to roll up and put back too. It works with the Adarac bed rack too (since the stake holes are not blocked). I use the rack for kayaks above the covered bed. Great product - thanks : ) "

Access 5 star ratingBy Seth G. - MI

" Great cover! This is my 2nd cover purchased, as my previous was a different truck and I needed a different model. Even happier with this one. Highly recommend - worth every dollar! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Mark G. - MN

" Easy to install great product "

Access 5 star ratingBy Charles W. - NC

" It's awesome and the customer service is hands down the best I have ever encountered. Kalie answered all my questions and expedited my order quickly. Next new truck, I will definitely purchase a Access cover. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Paul H. - MA

" A great cover. Easy installation on my new Ford Ranger. Easy choice too after using the ACCESS cover for 11 years on my old truck! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Jason B. - TN

" I bought a truck that already had an Access roll up cover. I liked it so much i purchased a new one for my other pick up . The fit and finish is top notch. I love how easy it is to roll up and how compact it is when stowed in the open position. Best truck accessory products on the market. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Christopher F. - VA

" Thank you for the new vinyl cover for my 1999 F-150. Took about 2 hours and looks great. When my truck finally dies I will be shopping Access for a cover for the replacement truck. "

Access 5 star ratingBy John G. - MA

" Every new truck I buy gets an Access original roll up cover. Holds up very well , weather tight, yet easy to roll up. The high quality has been consistent since my first purchase in 2006. OOn my fourth now and the next new truck will have one as well! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Robert G. - NY

" Great durable cover, easy to install and operate. Put one on my 2001 Silverado 18 years ago and it's still on. Just installed one on my new 2019 Silverado, looks awesome and confident it will last a long, long time. "

Access 4 star ratingBy George W. - MD

" After 15 months, roll-up cover is doing precisely what it is supposed to, with no signs of wear or need to adjust. So far no issues, very pleased. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Charles C. - CO

" This is my 2d Access cover. Ordering was simple, delivery prompt, and installation a breeze. Thanks for the great product and service. "

Access 4 star ratingBy Scott G. - NJ

" Great fitting top for my Jeep Gladiator. Easy to install, and great customer support when I had a question. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Adam K. - GA

" The Access cover is great. It makes my truck look fantastic. Very easy install. I had my doubts at first, but this has to be the best tonneau cover made! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Sean T. - NY

" After getting over 7 feet of snow in 2 days back in November 2014 i thought my cover for sure would be shot and i would have to buy a new one. Snow drifts on my truck bed cover were as high as the snow in my yard. The cross bar tubes that support the cover flexed and deflected to the max under the heavy load. to my surprise when i finally got all the snow off the cover the bars flexd back into shape the the cover had not ripped or torn at all! Thanks Access. I'm now looking at purchasing an Adarac for my truck to haul canoes and kayaks. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Kent G. - MN

" This is my 3rd Access cover on 2 different vehicles and I wanted one installed on my new pickup. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Phil W. - MO

" I bought this tonneau cover in June of '99, had it installed by the retailer and have no issues with it until yesterday, when I noticed most of the plastic plugs that go in the support tubes are missing.This pickup has never been garaged, although I did park in the shade when possible. The picture shows the worst part of the cover. Fifteen years and still going strong. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Dale S. - IN

" The best add on accessory I ever got was this cover. I just love it and it looks great. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Doug F. - MD

" This is my fourth truck and my fourth Access roll up cover. I have purchased both the original and the limited. These covers are durable with a great fit/finish. The Velcro is long lasting and holds well. I have had as much as 24" of snow on my covers with no issues. I always recommend Access original covers to my friends with pickup trucks who look for a soft cover. "

Access 5 star ratingBy John N.

" I purchased my Access Cover from you in November 1995 for my new 1996 Chevrolet pickup. I wanted to tell you how well your product has held up to the harsh environment here in Minnesota. I was a pilot for Northwest Airlines and my truck sat in the employee parking lot for at least half of every month. It was out in the elements, no covered parking. Also my truck has 160,000 miles on it so your cover took a lot of wind buffeting. After all this time your cover is completely serviceable and still looks good. I replaced the Velcro once. This fall I am purchasing a 2014 Chevrolet pickup and the first thing I will do is buy one of your covers for it "

Access 5 star ratingBy George B. - PA

Access 5 star ratingBy Paul M. - NH

" Perfect fit and finish for my Tundra, loving the extra storage space and not having to worry about strapping some loads down. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Wayne P.

" I finally have taken delivery of my new Ram and fitted the cover you supplied over the weekend. It all went very well and only took me an hour and a half to fit. I reckon they are a great cover - well designed, built and very simple to operate. Thought you might like to see a photo. Pity you don't have an Aussie agent - your covers seem to be about half the price of the tri-fold Mopar cover which don't give you full access to the box. "

Access 5 star ratingBy John N. - FL

" We have bought serveral of your covers over the years for all of our company trucks here at JN Electric of Tampa Bay, inc. We have found them to be outstanding and on the couple of rare occasions that we needed warranty you were there and responsed quickly. We love products and service. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Thomas F. - AL

" This is my second AgriCover since 2005. I got very good service from the first one. I installed this one myself in about 30 minutes. Good instructions. Simple tools. Shipping was quick and right on time. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Rod Westrum, RLS W. - ND

" As you can see even after 8 or 9 years the Access cover on the blue pickup is still providing the service for which it was intended, protecting the survey equipment which I use everyday, the pickup has 250,000 miles and I couldn't guess how many times the bed cover has been rolled up. The one on the white pickup is 4 years old and as you can see, they also do a great job of protecting other valuable items whether for work or for play. I also like the fact that there is not a significant difference in the shape of the two tonneau covers even with the difference in age. The dirt and dust on the covers (which have just come in from a construction project) show what they have kept off of the equipment. I am very satisfied with the years of service both of these Access covers have provided and would recommend them to anyone who wants the full use of their pickup box, and still wants to protect their luggage or equipment. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Richard R. - FL

" I purchased this tonneau cover for my 2008 Toyota Tacoma 7/22/15. It was delivered as promised and with directions that were easy to follow, it was a breeze installing. It is an absolutely top quality product and I am so happy I purchased it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an easy to install tonneau cover for their pick up. It's been nearly 6 years now and it is still great. (Pic taken August, 2019). "

Access 5 star ratingBy Sam B. - NC

" Great product! This is the second Access cover I've purchased and installed. The first I had over 15 years. This time again mounting was easy with quality hardware. It looks great and is very practical. I roll it up and deploy it regularly, unlike many products that are awkward to use. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Bill V. - OK

" I put your cover on when I purchased the truck in 2010. I still is fully functional and I have rolled it up 30 times a year and never had a problem. I live in Oklahoma so it is hot sun or ice storms on the good years. I will be purchasing a new truck before long and you have a customer for life. "

Access 4 star ratingBy John N. - OH

" I really like the tonneau cover, but I replaced the seal with a Uni-Grip seal. "

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