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Access 5 star ratingBy Kenneth C. - FL

" Excellent cover. It checked all the boxes. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Dan G. - TX

" This is the third access brand rollup cover I have purchased for multiple pick up trucks. This is my farther best cover I have ever used. Prior to purchasing this most recent cover attempted to get one on Amazon from another manufacturer. Needless to say it was a POS. I sent it back and went back with the original access brand as it is far superior. I just love it. I love the fact that you can tension it to fit perfectly. I highly recommend this cover I have been satisfied with my access covers search my first purchase of one in 2008. "

Access 4 star ratingBy John D. - MA

" Easy installation. Thanks "

Access 5 star ratingBy Matt C. - ON

" very satisfied and defenetly happy with your service. "

Access 4 star ratingBy Bill L. - TN

" Fairly easy to install. Keeps the rain out although is some leakage when I take it through a car wash. It is fairly sleek and looks good. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Billy C. - CO

" I had this same cover on a 2006 Ridgeline and loved it so I recently traded for a 2012 Ridgeline so I just had to have one for it. Noticed a couple improvements over the first one. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Fred S. - CO

" I got the cover and hardware from my son who had used for 7-8 years. I replaced some seals on my truck, and refinished the vinyl with your product. The install was very easy and it looks and works great! Great product! "

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Access 5 star ratingBy Roderick S. - SD

" Wow! Easy ordering, arrived in 3 days, easy installation. Couldn't asked for a better product. I highly recommend this American made to everyone. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy Bonnie W. - OH

" This is my 3rd Access Roll up cover. I love them. My first two were each over 10 yrs old and were still in great condition when I traded trucks. They are easy to install and I recommend them to anyone who asks me how I like it. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Mark K. - CA

" Very well made cover that works great. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Eric H. - TX

" Great product. I had the Limited tonneau on my 2003 Dakota. After 15 years I decided to replace it...and was pleasantly surprised that ACI would sell me just the vinyl, not an entire new cover. Saves a bunch of money and was easy to do. So when it came time to get a cover for my new Gladiator, it was a no-brainer. Go with what you know. I also ordered the bed mat, which I really like. I would like to see a matching tailgate mat. Call me, let's discuss! "

Access 4 star ratingBy Michael M. - WA

" The product seems to be good quality, the instructions for installation could be improved from my perspective. Will see how this product holds up. It took me a couple of hours to get it installed and I have used the tools needed many times. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Howard Beau E. - LA

" Love it! Super easy to install. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Joseph A. - MN

" My Access Roll Up Cover has been great over the years for my 2014 RAM 1500. The stitching has come undone along the rails. Sent in a warranty claim and within 5 minutes, the claim was confirmed and a new cover is on its way. Thank you! Joe Ahlbrecht "

Access 5 star ratingBy Frank P. - OR

" Fairly easy to install, though special instructions for Frontier could be a bit more detailed. But it works great. "

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Access 3 star ratingBy Jerry V. - AZ

" Still struggling to put it together. Got the rails on and at the point where I lie down in can to install tightners to the rails. This is not a one person install. The one I purchased 8 yrs ago was easier. "

Access 4 star ratingBy Steve B. - MO

" The only bad thing is the bigger clamps that lock on the bed side by the tailgate won't fit. I have to find different ones, other then that all is good "

Access 5 star ratingBy Rodolfo A. - NY

" This is the third cover I have bought from your company and it's just as good as the first. My very first cover lasted 7 years thru snow ice rain and extreme hot weather. I would recommend anyone to use your products as they are the best. The most recent cover I bought for my 2022 GMC was 10% off and after purchasing it 2 days later went for 19% off for Father's Day. I called customer service and the lady was so friendly and gave us the cover with 19% off with no problem. I would give a 10 star rating if you had it!!! "

Access 5 star ratingBy James P. - MO

" Great product and easy install. Would I purchase again, yes..... "

Access 5 star ratingBy James G. - MD

" I've had this cover on my tundra for nine years great product still looks new. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Leonard F. - OH

" I absolutely love everything about this cover "

Access 5 star ratingBy Jay I. - MN

" 10/10, clear instructions, everything went together as the directions said. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy Danny C. - GA

" This is the 3rd truck I have put the roll up access cover on. They are easy to install ,give you full access to the bed when needed, and keeps luggage dry on the long road trips. "

Access 4 star ratingBy Paul L. - OR

" My vinyl top lasted 12 years and finally ripped along the side fold down. It never had any protective treatments. Replacement came in days went on in under an hour and looks great "

Access 5 star ratingBy Terry M. - MO

" Highly recommend. Great snug fit on my F250 and keeps everything dry, along with an overall slick appearance. Great Quality product and convenient for when I need it out of the way. "

Access 5 star ratingBy John W. - MI

" Went together well , will have to wait and see if water tight. Wish me luck. I did not take pictures-son is using the truck right now. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Sheri K. - WI

" This cover is Very nice! Easy install and looks great! "

Access 3 star ratingBy Eric R. - MN

" Install was easy. Look is great. Unfortunately it leaks along seam between right cover track and bed rail. I hope tio figure something out tio fix this issue. Overall decent experience so far "

Access 5 star ratingBy Richard R. - WI

" Thank you ACI, I've made you my go to for my picup needs. Now that I have a new truck I'll be using your products. Thanks again "

Access 5 star ratingBy James H. - IN

" Fairly easy to install by myself. Cover stayed in place during 1200 mile round trip and items under cover stayed completely dry. Great product. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Dan M. - VA

" Received cover quickly with no damage. Installation was a bit more challenging than the instructions explained but I did get it installed in a couple hours. Everything works great and looks god. It's not 100% water tight which I can live with...going to us caulking type materials to eliminate small leaks! Took an 800 mile trip and cover worked grate. I am satisfied with the cover and would recommend it! No photos at this time ... truck stays under a cloth cover most of the's raining today and supposed to the next couple of days, will submit photos at a later date. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Bob F. - WI

" I ordered a replacement cross bar support and happy with the response from your business. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Ben B. - AZ

" I have bought several covers for my company pickups.. this one was for my son. Always a great product would never be without an Agricover . "

Access 5 star ratingBy Michael B. - PA

" Great cover easy to use no water leaks works great! Love it! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Josiah P. - CT

" This is my second original roll up cover. 2 different trucks. Quality, second to none. Looks great, design is the best and tension adjustments to keep it looking good for many years. Full use of the bed if needed. Added the led light and it fits perfectly under the rail. Love the product and will definitely buy a third if I get another truck. Installation is super simple also. "

Access 5 star ratingBy John W. - MN

" Just recently purchased a new 2022 Ford F150. The dealer sold a different product. I compared both covers and went with the Access cover. My reason was I've had 2 other access covers In the last 17 years on 2 other trucks. Never had any issues. Easy to install and remove. Seals out water and looks great. One more big plus is mDe in the USA. Great quility. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy Brent R. - WI

" 4 "

Access 5 star ratingBy Ryan S. - OH

" Phenomenal product y'all make, it's a bit more expensive than other roll up covers, but well worth it and much easier to use. "

Access 5 star ratingBy RICK R. - MN

" easy to install. adjustment tabs work great nice snug fit "

Access 4 star ratingBy Paul W. - ND

" I had an Access roll-up cover on my previous puck-up. I recently sold it. After 17 year the Access cover was still in great shape. Thanks for great product. My new installation was on a 2020 TOYOTA TUNDRA WITH DECK RAIL. The 10 ft-lbs torque called out in the 50172 instructions seemed to be very high. I stopped short of that. Also, the roll cover hits the center top of the tailgate. I center and the side rails were level with the fenders. I am not sure if the talgate peaks up in the center or what. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Steven K. - SD

" I purchased new Velcro, new mounting clips, and a new vinyl cover. It was replacement parts for a cover originally purchased around 1997. It came very fast, and was easy to replace. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Kathy G. - MO

" Love my bed cover!! "

Access 5 star ratingBy GBoy L. - IA

" I had to replace the Velcro strips that hold the cover down and in place after 10 years. Installation was quick and easy. It took about a half a hour tops. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Denise K. - CA

" The cover feels really secure when installed, and the instructions made that pretty simple. I like that the latching mechanism has a satisfying click and does not interfere with the gate. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy Luis S. - FL

" For the first time I get a replacement for something on my truck and i can believe my self on how perfect the cover fits and how easy was the installation i dint have to make any cuts or modifications the cover fits perfectly I spend around 20 min doing the installation taking my sweet time the replacement is a 100% perfect fit "

Access 5 star ratingBy M R. - WA

" Bought one of these four years ago for our old truck, still looks like new even with the wet NW weather. Impressed enough we just bought another for our new truck! The clamps will take a little fine tuning for placement and alignment but couldn't be happier with the product. "

Access 5 star ratingBy SHAWN O. - NJ

" easy to install great top "

Access 5 star ratingBy Elbert M. - MN

" second Access cover I have owned- great product, and the dampening kits definitely makes it quieter on the highway "

Access 4 star ratingBy Kevin M. - MI

" Love the cover! Looking at the direction book I figured I was in for a 3 hour job. The manual sucked. THANK GOD there was a video on youtube by ACI. That is definitely the way to go ! So much more simple than trying to figure out the manual. The cover was everthing I hoped for, love that you can adjust the taughtness of the cover to fine tune it. "

Access 4 star ratingBy Thomas N. - NJ

" The cover fits great. The installation instructions provided with cover need to be clearer, pictures and wording. I had read 3 to 4 times to understand assembly. The assembly of the rubber strip on side rails was not straight running off the edge of the side rail, maybe better-quality inspection. Once installed the cover fits great. No water leaks. Checked bed after heavy rain and snow. No leaks.. 4 stars show improvement can be made on instructions and quaility inspection in my case the rubber seal for the side rail. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Paul W. - SD

" The first Access Original Roll-Up Cover that I bought was 20 years ago and it's still in good shape. Just purchased a new cover for my 2022 F250. I like being able to roll it all the way up to the front of the bed so the entire bed is open. "

Access 5 star ratingBy GARY K. - MO

" easy to install "

Access 5 star ratingBy Brad P. - MN

" Very nice cover. Quick delivery, easy to install. My second cover and it's as good as the first. "

Access 4 star ratingBy Rachel S. - MN

" Love my original access roll up tonneau cover!! Easy to install and use. My truck bed is dry and my gas mileage is better! Originally received the wrong one due to mis-selection but customer service was easy to work with and I received my replacement faster than I could ship the original one back! Now I am just waiting on my credit back for the original one. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Rusty - LA

" A great product. I purchased and installed my first Access Original Roll-up Cover on my new 2010 F-150. That same cover was still on the truck bed - tight, functional, no tears or fading - when I sold the truck in Feb 2022, last month. I purchased and installed my second Access Original Roll-up Cover on my new F-150 in March 2022. Looking forward to another 10+ year run. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy Jaye M. - TN

" I've had an Original Roll-Up Cover on four different trucks spanning the last 20 years. They have never failed me. "

Access 5 star ratingBy JASON B. - CT

" Exactly as described, perfect fit, easy installation !!! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Robert A. - MN

" I ordered a Ford Maverick and want to add a cover to it. I went to the extra building and looked to see what cover is on my 2010 Tundra because it has stood the test of time. Yup it's an Access cover. The cover is still in excellent shape. On this web site I noticed the cover is made in Jamestown ND, where I grew up. I'll drive there and see if I can get a tour. "

Access 5 star ratingBy S W. - MD

" Arrived on time. Easy to Install. Looks great. Works as advertised. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Jon R. - MN

" Shipped quickly. Had a parts issue that was resolved quickly and professionally. Intelligent and responsive staff. While I am happy that the product is a for my vehicle, the reliance on an adhesive strip and the directions for aligning it could be better designed, since installing it as directed left me with a tailgate that wouldn't shut, or a gap between the rails and the side wall near the tailgate. I addressed this issue with a couple of screws. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Wayne K. - WY

" Great product,would buy it again!! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Scott M. - PA

" Excellent product and value. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Robert M. - OK

" I have had about 12 of these and like them a lot "

Access 5 star ratingBy Ed H. - NY

" Really like my new Access Original cover. It installed easily, adjusts nicely and opens and closes perfectly, even in the freezing cold weather we've been having. And no more snow and ice filling the bed of my F-150. It is an excellent, quality product. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Michael P. - FL

" Great product! I bought one for my old truck when it was the only one the accessory place had in stock and I needed it that day. Got a new truck and bought this one for it without any hesitation. Easy to use, works with my 5th wheel. Very durable! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Kevin H. - MN

" 2nd time purchasing cover, am very pleased. The installation instructions were not clear, but because I had done it before with someone helping me, I was able to make the appropriate decision to make up for the lack of clarity. I am very pleased. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Clifford S. - KS

" This is my second Access roll-up cover. These covers are high quality and fit perfectly. Should I trade vehicles again I will install another. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Brent S. - ND

" This is probably my 6th access cover. They have steadily improved over the years also. Very reliable, durable, and look great. I recommend them, and they fit teach ruck perfectly. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Bruce S. - RI

" Replacement latch purchased, was very easy to install. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy Richard M. - FL

" The roll up bed cover is a prefect fit "

Access 5 star ratingBy Rebekah J. - MN

" Got this for a Christmas present for my husband. He just got it installed. He said it very easy to install. Very good instructions. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy Albert G. - SC

" Second one I have bought. First one was fifteen years ago for another pickup which I sold a long time ago. Needed one for a new pickup and went with this company again because of past experience, Not disappointed. Looks good and installed relatively easily. Would recommend. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Brad J. - MN

" Fits like a glove "

Access 5 star ratingBy Robert U. - NJ

" Perfect fit and easy install "

Access 4 star ratingBy Shawn K. - ND

" Easy and intuitive install. Fast and speedy delivery of product. My next purchase I would opt for a more rigid version of the cover. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Lucas K. - IA

" I've had 3 pickups with Access covers, they have been an amazing product and stood the test of time, from harsh Iowa winters, to hot summers, these are the best covers out there, I've seen others fade and get flimsy in the same time I've had my Access covers, you make a great product and have a forever customer! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Mike J. - IL

" Really nice cover. The fit on my 2006 Honda ridgeline was excellent. Installation took a couple of hours and was fairly straightforward. Would very much recommend this cover. Rolling it back and forward is easy. Snapping it down and unlatching works great as well. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy Martin P. - IN

" I just needed some seals to move my old one to my new truck. Things worked out fine. "

Access 5 star ratingBy David H. - UT

" Bought as a Christmas present, however I own a previously purchased roll up cover. That's why a bought another one for the wife's pickup. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Anastasios K. - NY

" excellent--easy to install--have ordered and used your covers on all 3 trucks i have owned with absolutely no complaints "

Access 5 star ratingBy Jeremy G. - WI

" Great product, keeps the weather out and inside clean and dry "

Access 5 star ratingBy Rich L. - MN

" 5 years old and still in very good condition, "

Access 5 star ratingBy Roland N. - NJ


Access 5 star ratingBy James M. - FL

" I have had my Access Roll-Up for several years and it is so practical and easy to handle with my daily work loads. Installation was simple and it has saved the day numerous times...and with a bit of Armor-All it looks new again. I have a classic Tacoma Stepside and Access had the cover for it. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy Al H. - MA

" Great cover. Was solid in feel and It didn't bounce around while driving. Totally complimented the look of the truck. Would definitely purchase another. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy Kenneth C. - CA

" I bought original in 2002.After almost 18 years it had seen better days.I finally ordered a replacement.Customer service was very helpful in helping me with my selection.It arrived quickly and was an easy job.It took about an hour and a half with no help.Results were flawless.I am very happy. "

Access 5 star ratingBy David E. - KS

" great product "

Access 5 star ratingBy Daniel M. - NY

" excellent look and performance by far my favorite cover "

Access 5 star ratingBy Brian H. - MN

" We have a 2021 3500 Denali and we really like our cover! We have had Agricovers on our last 3 trucks. This cover is so versatile as you can keep stuff hidden and dry and in seconds you can use the entire box. I highly recommend Agricover products! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Troy J. - ND

" Have agra covers on my semi's and pickups hands-down the best on the market "

Access 5 star ratingBy Douglas L. - MN

" This is my third Access Original Roll-Up Cover. The first one was on a used truck and after using the auto manufacturer brand on my next one I purchased this for my next 2 trucks "

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Access 5 star ratingBy James N. - MN

" I purchased the first one in 2015 for new 2014 Ram 1500 crew cab pickup. I liked it so well that I purchased another one for my 1997 Dodge 1500 regular cab short box pickup. Both are still in excellent condition, the 2014 Ram is driven almost every day. Would recommend this cover to anyone that needs one. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Daryl N. - MN

" great product it fit perfectly "

Access 5 star ratingBy James B. - ON

" Awesome. My original one lasted many years. My new truck also has one. As long as you use the 777 spray on cover to protect it from the outside conditions. Lasted 16 years on my Ford Super Crew 007 "

Access 5 star ratingBy Bradley M. - MN


Access 5 star ratingBy Bernie B. - ND

" Love this cover. It was on my pickup when I purchased it. If I buy another pickup, I will definitely have one of these covers on it! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Darin B. - MA

" I had debated on whether to install a bed cover on my Ram 2500 pick-up. After purchasing and installing I am glad that I did.Not only does it look great but I can now leave inventory,tools etc... in the truck bed and not worry about the weather or having one of my tools disappear.It was a great purchase !!!!! "

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Access 5 star ratingBy JON W. - OK

" Great product, easy to install and holding up very well for over 2 years now! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Brian L. - MT

" Great Bed Cover. Have had it for over 7 years and still functions and looks perfect. Easy to install. Easy to use. Would definitely purchase again on my next truck. "

Access 4 star ratingBy Loren F. - MI

" Great cover! I've had since 2005 and just finally had to replace the vinyl this year. Everything else is still in great shape. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Allan L. - IA

" Excellent product works great for my work. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Robert S. - MN

" The order process is easy, when I called for additional information all my questions were answered, and the cover arrived a day early in go condition. I had the cover installed within a hour. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Ted L. - MN

" Currently I have a 2019 Ford F-150 the Ford dealer talked me into buying a Ford brand roll up cover. Big mistake I should have trusted my gut and got a Access cover!!! Of which I have had several and they are the best in my opinion. And my next truck will have a ACCESS cover and maybe riding on a Chevy, GMC, or Dodge. "

Access 5 star ratingBy John W. - OH

" Have used this cover on my last two truck's , 1st was a Dodge and now a Toyota and getting ready to trade off the Toyota for who knows what but will definitely stay with the AGRI Cover as I have never had a problem with them and have done what they are intended to do. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy Scott G. - WV

" Excellent. This is my third one. No because the others broke, but I have had 3 different trucks. This is one of the accessories you NEED for your truck. Easy to roll up. Easy to tighten up, even in the snow and rain. It's a bit of a pain in the butt to install, it's hard to get the rails just right and the clamps do come loose over time. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Fred L. - MN


Access 5 star ratingBy Gage H. - ND

" Purchased two years ago, been a fantastic purchase. Cover does the job it is designed for. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy James B. - NE

" I have had the Access roll up cover on my truck for 7 years and it is still like new. Great product. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Martha W. - GA

" Love the roll up cover. It works great and looks great. Was easy to install and did not take much time. ?? "

Access 5 star ratingBy Dan G. - MO

" Awesome cover. Great protection for items in the bed. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Brent S. - ND

" I have owned several over the years The cover is well suited to ND winters, provides weather protection and security Great covers "

Access 5 star ratingBy Wade B. - ND

" I have ordered three of these for my trucks. They are great! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Dennis R. - IA

" I have had Access roll-up covers for 20 years. I have also had other brands of roll-up covers. Access brand is a superior product. Their customer service has been great over the years as well. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Jerry J. - GA

" Replacement for original that lasted for years. New one is same great quality and construction. "

Access 5 star ratingBy James F. - SC

" had my cover on my chevy silverado for ten years and still going strong! the best cover i ever had !! "

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Access 5 star ratingBy David T. - KS

" Needed new Velcro strips, called and the staff was excellent to work with and I received the part quickly and all is good now! "

Access 5 star ratingBy RJ H. - WI

" Best cover on the market. Had one on my old truck for 14 years. Bought one for my new truck too. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Wade P. - WI

" The cover was shipped quickly. It was very easy to install and the directions were good. Good quality product. Thank you for being a Farm Rescue sponsor!!! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Allan H. - OR

" I bought a replacement kit for my exsisting cover. Everything went together well and looks great! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Jason A. - IA

" My second cover and I am very pleased.. costumer service if top notch!!! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Jeff N. - TN

" After 14 years my cover was looking a little rough. I was surprised I could still get the original cover. The installation instructions for removing the old cover and mounting the new cover to the existing hardware, which was still in great shape, were easy to follow. In short order my truck bed is looking great again! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Richard S. - MN

" Just installed my fourth Access roll-up cover. Easy install, excellent quality and durability! "

Access 5 star ratingBy James M. - OH

" Great cover - I've had it for 17 years, never been parked in a garage. Finally had to replace the actual cover because of weathering and a couple small cracks. Contacted the company with my cover serial number and a replacement was put in the mail in 2 days. New cover arrived with instructions, everything went real smooth - done in an hour. Thanks "

Access 3 star ratingBy D O. - TX

" I bought this as a replacement to the original that lasted around 15 years or so. The new one was pretty easy to install following directions. After completion, it looked great. My complaint is that following a good rain, the new cover doesn't seal as well as the old one and water leaks into the bed now. It stayed very dry in the bed with the old cover. I've tried stretching further but the corners have larger gaps with the new cover than the old. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy L. R. - FL

" I purchased the Access Original Roll-up for my new 2022 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X. As a previous Access customer, I didn't find the need to research any other brands & models. Access is the best! As always, it fits perfectly and the quality is top notch. Highly recommended! "

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Access 5 star ratingBy Sam W. - WY

" Great product. Easy install. Very happy with purchase. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Henry R. - KY

" Had one on my 2003 F-150 and absolutely loved it, so when I purchase this 2015 F-150 I know I was going to get one for it besides the looks, better gas mileage, keeping things from peeking eyes, you have the full use of your cargo bed when needed "

Access 5 star ratingBy Robert D. - FL

" Excellent product and fit. Put the original cover on my 2004 Colorado when new. 214K miles later, replaced the vinyl, and plan on getting another 200K miles on both the truck a,d cover. Much better than a hard cover. "

Access Review Image

Access 5 star ratingBy Francis C. - ID

" I bought 2 covers in less than a year and they are just great and easy to install. They also look great on the truck. "

Access 4 star ratingBy JILL S. - MN

" Only issue I have with it is it doesn't fit tightly from side to side; need to figure a way to adjust it better, otherwise when it rains when sitting, it builds up a puddle in the middle. I also ordered a set of mudflaps which we were satisfied with. I just ordered another set earlier this week for the front, the 10% off would have been nice to receive sooner. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Tim M. - MN

" Easy to install "

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Access 5 star ratingBy John B. - SC

" PRoduct quality is excellent. Installation took about 2 hours. Cover travels well at highway speeds. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Glenn A. - IA

" This is the third cover I have bought from Access. The first two I had for 6 years each. After years of hard use farming, carpentry, hunting and fishing they looked brand new. Never had a failure with either one. I recommend them to all of my friends, great product. "

Access Review Image

Access 5 star ratingBy James C. - IN

" Excellent. Best cover made "

Access 5 star ratingBy David D. - MN

" Very Happy with the cover. Easy to install, looks good, and is a quality product. In the big world of which cover to buy, I made the right decision. The cover care product they sell only adds to the richness of the cover. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Steve S. - WI

" Real nice cover and works well for my needs. Well written instructions and pretty easy to install. Has held up well in my travels thus far and no issues in any wind. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Mark S. - CA

" These covers are amazing tough. 1st 1 wore out after about 12 years. I even carry lumber on top of it. Most was 20 2x4's and 3 sheets of plywood, I don't advise this, but it held up no problem. My 2nd one lasted about 3 months. It will not hold up to a bear attack. LOL. 3 claw holes and it ripped it right off, man that's power. It was straight rip, all the way across, about 1/2 off the rear clamp. seemed od it would rip that cleanly there??? So, I'm on my 3rd one. Also, install the tailgate seal, really cuts the dust done to almost none. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Ken M. - MN

" Excellent product and the customer service is even better. Had a cover tie down that was broken on delivery and the warranty dept. handled the issue and had a replacement to my front door in less than 5 days. "

Access 5 star ratingBy David M. - OH

" These covers are great. I have purchased three cover's over the past 15 years, but I've installed 4 cover's over that time. I purchased my first cover in 2006 and it lasted 10 years before it started wearing out. One quick call to Agri-Cover and a new cover was delivered within days. Agri-Cover truly does honor their lifetime warranty. "

Access Review Image

Access 5 star ratingBy Douglas W. - GA

" It was a fast delivery. Had a small pin hole they replaced it without any questions. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Shawn T. - NJ

" Cover fits perfectly, is easy to install, and is made from the highest quality materials. I couldn't possibly be happier! Will purchase again for my other trucks! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Jeffrey M. - KS

" Bought in Past and had to buy again, love it. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Jeffrey M. - WI

" Love these covers. Easy to install with excellent fit. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Russell C. - WA

" This is my second Access cover, different trucks. Must mean I like them that much. Fits good, secure, weather resistant. Excellent service especially when FedEx shipping sucks right now. Great people. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Matthew M. - ND

" Love it "

Access 5 star ratingBy Russell D. - NH

" The biggest shock to me was how quick and easy it was to deal with you on the phone ..getting to talk to real people right away was incredible.. you having all the information in your computer so that they could get me the right roll up to replace an old one fantastic thank you so much... "

Access 5 star ratingBy Robert C. - NC

" This is a my second Access Roll-up Cover. The first was on a 2011 Sierra and the current cover is on a 2021 F 150. The first has been on the truck for more than 10 years and still works just fine, with no leaks. It took me less than one hour to install the cover. Works just right for my purposes and is high quality and durable. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy Brian W. - NH

" I had one on my previous pickup and I loved it so when I got my new to me 2018 GMC pickup I wanted the same thing . Your product works much better than other brands that my friends have. Keep up the good work. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Robin T. - MN

" I have been purchasing Access Covers for 20+ Years. It all started because I live in Minnesota and ACI knows winter weather. The Access Cover performs very well in sub-zero temperatures. I have never had any issues with craftsmanship or functionality of this product. Highly recommended over other brands. "

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Access 4 star ratingBy Chris E. - CA

" It worked pretty good. Had to shim it by the tailgate cause it wasn't sitting correctly there. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Curtis B. - IN

" Great fit. Water tight! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Eric D. - MA

" I've had the same cover for 15 yrs, finally had to replace it replacement parts fit just like new , super easy ordering process, Thank you "

Access 5 star ratingBy Gregory M. - MA

" Very efficient and friendly service! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Scott R. - WI

" Exactly as advertised, easy to install after reading all instructions (including supplemental) and looks great. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy GASTON B. - NV

" Awesome cover. After 10 years I just replaced the Velcro and viola, perfect seal. I do a lot of scouting, trails and hunting in my truck in the Nevada desert. I get sooty soil everywhere. This cover stops 90% of the dirt getting on my stuff in the truck bed. I don't like camper shells or hard covers. This is perfect! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Ryan M. - MI

" Love it second one of them I've bought and also bought the cargo retriever stick which is super handy as well "

Access 5 star ratingBy Bob R. - MO

" This is the third cover I have purchased for new vehicles since 2009. They all mount and work as described. I have never had an issue with them. Highly recommended! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Frank B. - MN

" I had to order a replacement fabric for my access cover due to damage Customer service was very helpful with setting me up with the right part The cover was shipped fast had it in a couple days The fit was perfect Great job by the people at agricover "

Access 5 star ratingBy Robert E. - AR

" The cover was delivered promptly and fit the old frame easily. Makes the truck look new again. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Edward B. - MA

" I don't usually write reviews. I put the first cover on in 2004 on a new truck. It lasted 17 years. It still worked but looked tired. 2021 same truck replacement cover fit like a glove and was simple to install. This design is impressive. Hoping for another 17 years. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Ray P. - IL

" I replaced my original 2007 cover, the instruction were clear and all went well. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Robert B. - CO

" My original cover lasted 10 years in the harsh CO sun. Never garaged so it was always in the sun. It was still in decent shape but started to wear at the support bars and thus leak into the bed. I ordered just the replacement cover and it fits like a glove. Simple install and weather tight again. I look forward to another 10+ years of life. Great value for the money initially paid for the tonneau cover. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Dan G. - MN

" Shipped quickly and installed quickly. Works well like the last one I had. I really like these covers. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Joseph F. - NY

" This is my 2nd Honda Ridgeline and my 2nd Access Original tonneau cover. I loved the 1st one so much I had to buy another one. Totally happy with my purchase. It does everything I need it to do and looks awesome on my truck. I would recommend this cover to anyone interested In an affordable, well made and ez to install (30-40 min) roll up style tonneau cover. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy John B. - MN

" Easy install and good quality. Would buy again with next truck. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Paul H. - CT

" This is my second one, The first lasted me 17 years. It's still out there doing fine. I love the simple effective cover. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Robert D. - WI

" I purchased an Access Original Roll-Up Cover for my last pick-up over five years ago and was so pleased with it that I got one for my new pick-up. I'm sure I will get the same performance from this one. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Larry F. - OR

" Excellent fit. Good instructions to remove old cover, and install new. Love it. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Mark L. - AZ

" This is my second ACCESS roll up cover that I've owned on 2 different trucks. Both have exceeded expectations and I have been very pleased with both and will definitely buy another if I change trucks in the future. They not only provide protection for the bed of the truck but they look great too !! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Todd D. - MI

" Installed on 02 Silverado... truck is in good shape and now with the new roll-up cover it looks even better...thank you ACI for the great customer service, fast delivery and install was easy "

Access 5 star ratingBy Lance S. - IL

" Great cover bed stays dry always "

Access 5 star ratingBy Alex W. - IA

" 2008 gmc sierra denali, cover fits great. Easy to install and the instructions are simple to follow. Cover is tight as a drum. Highly recommend "

Access 5 star ratingBy Brad V. - NJ

" I've been using this cover for over 10 years. When I bought a new truck, I went back to the same. East installation. Great look. Great Product! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Julio R. - IL

" The Tonneau cover fit perfect on my gladiator bed. Planning on putting a rack from JCR offroad and thats when I noticed they used the same tonneau cover. Order went super easy and the delivery was fast and efficient. Great packaging also. Instructions were a bit confusing but I was able to install in a couple hours. Great product. Definitely recommended. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Raul R. - FL

" I have bought and used these covers since 2003 on 5 different Ram trucks. They have served me very well over the years and keep things dry which is a big deal in Florida. I'm sure I'll buy more in the future. "

Access 4 star ratingBy Greg W. - KY

" Great cover. Looks great on the truck. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Douglas L. - MN

" I had an Original Roll-Up Cover on my 2013 F150, when I purchased my 2016 F150 I just got the Ford cover and noticed it buffeted much more in the wind. Now that I purchased a 2019 F150 I went back to an Original Roll-Up Cover and am recommending it to friends. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Daniel L. - NC

" The whole experience was good. Cover was shipped very fast and very easy to install. "

Access 4 star ratingBy Chad L. - WI

" Love the ACCESS cover easy install "

Access 5 star ratingBy Pat H. - NV

" Great product, easy install, good customer service on the phone. I would recommend this to another friend. Keep up the good work! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Jon C. - IN

" I have put this cover on all my trucks for many many years. I love the low profile of it and it's easy to roll up when needed. Thank you. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Steve M. - NY

" This is the 3rd original cover i've installed on my trucks over the years. They are great!! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Robert L. - PA

" 2nd one that I have owned. Easy install. Really like the new locking mechanism and the print on the fabric. Where's my tee shirt like I got last time? "

Access 5 star ratingBy Chris L. - MN

" I bought this cover for my first truck and could not have been happier. A superior product at a reasonable price. The cover stood up to all types of weather and anytime I washed my truck it always looked brand new. Install was easy with the included directions and customer service is always available for questions. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Foster H. - MN

" Arrived quickly easy to install took me 30 minutes including watching the how to video looks great "

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Access 4 star ratingBy Bryan T. - WA

" Installed on a 95 F350 CCLB. The installation was quick and easy and instructions were clear. I got the cover to keep cargo dry and it's done well so far with WA rain. The only issue I had was with the clamps that hold the rails to the bed. Using the torque spec from the instructions, several of the clamps distorted. I'm not sure if this was due to bolt placement on the clamps but it happened so you should be aware. The cover is still rock solid but I will eventually be replacing the clamps. Overall I am happy with my first roll-up cover and would recommend it. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Cynthia H. - OH

" Perfect! My husband was able to come install it. And we love how it works improved our truck appearance! "

Access 4 star ratingBy Teri H. - MN

" Great product! One person install was I little challenging but made it work. Instructions are vague at it would be better if there was a QR code to a step by step video. The cover stays on, was easy to adjust and the velcro is super strong. No issues at high speed. I'm giving it a 4 star rating as they need better instructions. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Anthony N. - MN

" I trade my truck for a new one every 3-4 years and I've used access roll up covers on my last 4 trucks. It has become the very first accessory purchase I make. Haven't had a single issue with any of them. They are very well made and hold up to everything the MN weather can throw at them. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Jim K. - NE

" Great product, shipped quickly, and worked fine. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Richard R. - WI

" Great system. Had them on three different trucks. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Gage H. - ND

" I have had it on my Ram for just over two years now. I am glad I stayed with Access cover brand!! No issues so far. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy Ken T. - NE

" Great product. I just love the ease of use and the look as well. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Douglas H. - IL

" I installed on my 2021 Ram 1500. It was easy to install and love the look. This is a higher quality cover then the Gator I had on my older truck. Works great with the multifunction tailgate. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Kyle W. - IA

" Heavy duty cover that lasts many years. Last cover way 17 years old. The leather was in pretty decent shape besides a few cracks along the edges. The reason I bought a new one is because the Velcro on the cover side had gotten so sun faded that it no longer stuck. Very happen with my replacement purchase. I've seen competitor covers have to be replaced after 5 years... "

Access 5 star ratingBy Jeff S. - OR

" I just bought a 2019 F-350 and this will be the 5th truck I've had an Access Roll-Up Cover on. My last truck I put on a different roll up cover that was double the price and supposed to be better but I hated the thing! I learned a valuable lesson and won't make the same mistake again. What I love about these is the ease of rolling it up and the high quality of every part of this cover. It looks great and functions perfect! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Jim S. - PA

" I installed the cover on my 2007 F150 in 2007. The cover material is original with no tears. I replaced the rain strips once. When I buy a new truck I will buy another access cover. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Douglas L. - MN

" I bought a used 2013 F150 that had an Original Access Tonneau Cover on it and when I purchased a 2016 F150 I let the Ford dealership install a Ford one. It flapped in the wind no matter ho tight I made it. Needless to say that when I purchased my 2019 F150 I didn't mess around. I ordered another Original Access Tonneau and installed it myself. I love it as much as the first. Kudos on a quality product! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Trevor C. - CO

" Easy install and great cover. Would buy again. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Gary I. - ND

" Easy install, looks nice. "

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Access 5 star ratingBy Sean D. - PA

" Just installed the cover I received as a Christmas present. Looks great and the install went really smooth. "

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