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Access TonnoSport 4 star ratingBy J L. - IA

" Like the way the cover fits, and the fact that it's low and almost flush with the box sides. Only thing that was wrong was one of the slide lock stoppers was installed on the wrong place, so had to drill an unwanted hole in my new cover to move it over an inch or cover wouldn't close. "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy William S. - IN

" Though I found the clamps to be a little tricky to seat properly, the cover was easy to install. It looks nice and functions well. I have washed it by hand and it has been through the car wash once. It seems fine although it has only been a few weeks so far. "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Kenneth P. - OK

" I received my cover yesterday afternoon, and then put it on my truck this morning it took all of 30 minutes and fits like a glove. "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Mike - CA

" When I got this tonneau cover I couldn't wait to install it. I got to work. When I started to read the instructions. They where a little missleading because they tell you to refer to a picture that is black and white and you really can't tell what part they are referring too. Anyways I use some common sense and used my noggin on the install. It took me about a hour in to install. That's just because I didn't have any help and I didn't have vice grips or rail holders to hold up the rails on one side while I was working on the other side of the rail. Once I was done it looked good but I had to adjust the tension on the tarp. After it was all said and done. It came out good. I have taken the truck to the car wash twice since I had this tonnoSport and I'm happy to report that there is no water that get into the bed of the truck. It looks good and can't wait to see how it reacts in 100+ weather in the California valley. "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Ed M. - WA

" Excellent web site and ordering process. Prompt order fulfillment and shipping. Product was everything advertised. Referred to a friend who ordered the same cover. 100% satisfied. "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Ed J. - NH

" Love these covers. I've owned one for every truck I have owned for about the past 10 years, my father, uncles, cousins etc have owned them as well. Various models, but they've all held up amazingly. I love the Tonnosport, its low cost but still great quality, and because its so incredibly low profile it just makes the bed look so clean and sleek. I highly recommend these covers, especially the Tonnosport. "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Shane

" The tonneau cover is a perfect fit for my 2015 Silverado. Very easy install, about 30 minutes at most. I was a little confused with the rear set of rail clips as they are larger than the front ones. However, a couple weeks later I installed bed rails and found that they are to be used in conjunction with the bracket for the rails. It works real slick. Great looking and very functional! "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Thomas C. - NC

" Getting ready to order my 3rd cover, great products good quality, quick shipping and tech line staffed with quality people. I highly recommend this product "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Aaron W. - WY

" Seems to be durable and was easy to install thanks to the installation video. I really like the way it makes my truck look. Very happy with my purchase. "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Graham M. - TX

" Easy install. Great product that covers my 5th wheel hitch and hides the contents of the bed from view when we're on the road or running to a home improvement store! "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Gary H. - CA

" Sleek,low profile design compliments the trucks design. Easy to install and easy to use. Combined with locking tailgate, greatly improves security of tools or other valuable cargo while keeping them out of the weather. Great addition that adds style, value, and function to my truck! Great investment. "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Eric W. - NJ

" This is my 2nd cover, I love the way they look on my Ford F150. Greet cover! "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Robert - FL

" The cover arrived earlier than the shipping estimate. It was well packaged. It took me all of 40 minutes to put it on the truck. Once installed, it fits the truck perfectly and is extremely low-profile! It looks amazing on my new Silverado. Fits nice and tight, the vinyl is heavy duty and "taught" fitting. It doesn't flap around at highway speeds. I love it! The first night after I installed it, we had torrential rain here in Florida. I checked the bed the next morning and there wasn't a drop that leaked-through! "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Mike G. - IA

" Great product and price. "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Nick T. - FL

" I had an access cover on my other truck that I traded. It was on there for 11 years and other than being a little faded, it was still supple and certainly paid for itself many times over. Hopefully this one will last as long. "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Brian S. - ME

" Awesome product. East to install. Goes great with my 2019 Ram 1500. "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Joel J. - AL

" I have a 2019 Ford Ranger, and I love this cover so far. The install was fairly easy and it does a great job of keeping things in the bed protected from the weather. "

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