This tonneau cover has an average  Access TonnoSport 4.93 star average rating rating based on 87 customer reviews.

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Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Graham M. - TX

" Easy install. Great product that covers my 5th wheel hitch and hides the contents of the bed from view when we're on the road or running to a home improvement store! "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Fred M. - WY

" I absolutely love this cover!! We had one on a previous truck that was already installed and it was good. I installed this one with a little more care in the installation of the weather stripping. The only recommendation I can make is that if you want a dust proof environment in your bed, purchase the tailgate weather stripping and extra stripping for the cracks and crevices. The first time I drove on a dirt road with the cover down, it caused a dust vacuum in the bed....covered everything! Otherwise, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one of these covers. Nice and tight snap into place, velcro holds strong, keeps the moisture out and is genuinely a well made cover! "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Gary H. - CA

" Sleek,low profile design compliments the trucks design. Easy to install and easy to use. Combined with locking tailgate, greatly improves security of tools or other valuable cargo while keeping them out of the weather. Great addition that adds style, value, and function to my truck! Great investment. "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Dustin N. - Alberta

" Very good product. Easy to install and looks great. "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Bob L. - NJ

" Not installed yet, but past experience leads me to expect no problems "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Rick F. - ME

" Very happy with the cover. It was easy to install and didn't take along time. The cover has a great look to it. "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Iain B. - Alberta

" Ok so i confess i did fit this on my truck myself without reading the instructions, but it still only took me 25-30mins (average is usually 20mins at a dealer). Easily to fit and adjust. The truck bed cover looks great when the tension is just perfect, has a nice finish and looks slightly lower that its rival the TQSPORT . It has a nice strong fabric, robust fittings although the pin for the latch looks bit cheap (sorry guys). Overall I'm pleased I chose this tonneau cover. Nice craftsmanship guys. "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Gary G. - PA

" 1/2 hour. Video very helpful. Easy install. "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy William S. - AK

" I am very pleased with my Access Tonnosport, it enhances the look of my vehicle, and provides the security of cargo. I was surprised with how quick and easy the installation was, I had it installed in less than one hour, and just had to make a couple minor adjustments and I was done. "

Access TonnoSport 5 star ratingBy Job B. - MT

" Great cover! It's working great so far! "

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