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Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Ken M. - AL

" This is the second ACI bed mat that i have owned. Perfect fit, easy to clean. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Adam M. - NC

" Love the mat! Absolutely keeps my bed cleaner and much easier to crawl on now. I had my truck bed sprayed with a truck bed liner at first (thinking this would be enough) but that was still hard on my knees and definitely made the bed look good but really didnít give any kind of protection to the stuff I put in the bed. Ultimately itís best described as a padded outdoor rug for your truck. Looks good, got lots of compliments. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy John C. - MN

" Great bed mat, my second and love it "

Access Truck Bed Mat 4 star ratingBy Fernando F. - SC

" Newly purchased . Installed as stated in install Instructions. Not sure yet how it hold up. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Patrick G. - IL

" Purchased the bed mat and everything is ads stated. Extremely easy install and what a difference on the knees getting in and out of the truck bed. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Mike R. - MN

" Product had good instructions and application was pretty straight forward. Would recommend. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Jennifer D. - KY

" This was a perfect fit and serves the purpose very well. Quick shipping too! My husband loves it! "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Shane P. - TN

" Great bed mat. Easy to install. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Steven B. - ND

" Great quality; easy on my knees; installation was quick, but I used shorter screws for the wheel well snaps; lots of room for all my stuff. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Gary D. - CA

" I really like the way it looks in my truck. I only wish ACCESS offered a tailgate mat to match....otherwise it was an easy fit. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Jennifer T. - GA

" The mat is wonderful. It is just what we were looking for. Very easy to install. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Chris D.

" Fit like a glove. ACI produces quality products. I have a few of them "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Ian H. - NY

" We finally had a bit of nice weather here in Rochester that coincided with me having a free moment so I finally installed your bed mat. Overall, I think I'm going to like it. It was fairly easy to install, and looks like it will be easy to take in and out should I want to load something really dirty or nasty in there. It's also a LOT more comfortable than a plastic bed liner or the steel floor. I'd be pretty comfortable sleeping back there if I wanted to. The material seems to be a little thicker than the BedRug I had in my old Dakota, but this is just a mat and not a full bed liner. Although, that's probably an advantage in my case. That BedRug was a pain to remove when I wanted to carry a load of manure or something and trapped moisture behind it all the time. This bed mat should breathe a lot better and be easier to clean. However, there are a few things I wish were different. First, I wish it had been shipped rolled up in the opposite direction. Getting the mat to unroll and stay put in the bed was a challenge at first. It probably would have been easier if it was warm and sunny out, but as it was it kept trying to roll back up on me for the first 5 minutes. I also think it could use a few more snaps along the edges, especially around the wheel wells. It would also be nice if the fit around the wheel wells was a little tighter. Also, one of the screws that holds the snaps down broke on me as I was putting it in. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Ed S. - TX

" My first thoughts about the mat is about the weight. I'm very impressed that something that is promised to be so durable, could be so light. After opening the package, I browsed the instructions, and they were very straightforward and concise. Applying the mat took no more than 15 minutes or so, was reasonably easy, and it seems like it is well attached and ready for some use. The main issue I had with the mat at first was that it had the memory of being rolled up, and thus was hard to keep in place while setting up the snaps. With some extra weight on the corners and some bending, it did seem to subside. Overall it was an easy task, and I had little trouble with it. I'm impressed by the way it looks in the back of the truck and am glad that it will protect the bed from most dings and scratches. I will be trying to use it for the next month and test its durability, ease of cleaning and more. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Greg D. - CO

" Great bed mat. I've bought two.Install is easy and it looks and works perfectly. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Gary H. - MN

" Great product, fast shipping, have dealt with Agri Cover before and always been happy. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Milton M.

" Access Truck Bed Liner is a TERRIFIC product and "as advertised". Fit is perfect; however, I elected (at least for now) to not install the snaps. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Robert R. - TX

" I was notified with confirmation of order and time of delivery with tracking number via email. Bed Mat was delivered as promised. Excellent customer service by your company! Thanks, Robert "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Michelle R. - NE

" I am very happy with my Access Bed Mat. It is stylish and soft on the knees. I can haul anything from groceries to sports equipment for my kids without it shifting or getting dirty. Great buy! "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Justin

" The truck bed mat installed easily over my sprayed liner and under my truck bed cover. Looks great, and if I haul something really dirty I can just snap it out. "

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