The ACCESS® TRUCK BED MAT has an average  Access Truck Bed Mat 4.85 star average rating rating based on 39 customer reviews.

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Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy John C. - MN

" Great bed mat, my second and love it "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Shane P. - TN

" Great bed mat. Easy to install. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Greg D. - CO

" Great bed mat. I've bought two.Install is easy and it looks and works perfectly. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Michelle R. - NE

" I am very happy with my Access Bed Mat. It is stylish and soft on the knees. I can haul anything from groceries to sports equipment for my kids without it shifting or getting dirty. Great buy! "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Milton M.

" Access Truck Bed Liner is a TERRIFIC product and "as advertised". Fit is perfect; however, I elected (at least for now) to not install the snaps. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Eric C. - PA

" Everything great. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Ian H. - NY

" We finally had a bit of nice weather here in Rochester that coincided with me having a free moment so I finally installed your bed mat.Overall, I think I'm going to like it. It was fairly easy to install, and looks like it will be easy to take in and out should I want to load something really dirty or nasty in there. It's also a LOT more comfortable than a plastic bed liner or the steel floor. I'd be pretty comfortable sleeping back there if I wanted to. The material seems to be a little thicker than the BedRug I had in my old Dakota, but this is just a mat and not a full bed liner. Although, that's probably an advantage in my case. That BedRug was a pain to remove when I wanted to carry a load of manure or something and trapped moisture behind it all the time. This bed mat should breathe a lot better and be easier to clean.However, there are a few things I wish were different. First, I wish it had been shipped rolled up in the opposite direction. Getting the mat to unroll and stay put in the bed was a challenge at first. It probably would have been easier if it was warm and sunny out, but as it was it kept trying to roll back up on me for the first 5 minutes. I also think it could use a few more snaps along the edges, especially around the wheel wells. It would also be nice if the fit around the wheel wells was a little tighter. Also, one of the screws that holds the snaps down broke on me as I was putting it in. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy Mike R. - MN

" Product had good instructions and application was pretty straight forward. Would recommend. "

Access Truck Bed Mat 5 star ratingBy John H. - AZ

" Excellent product. This is my third one and we love it. The last one got motor oil on it and we couldn't get the stain or the smell it of it so I cut a good piece off it and put it on my tailgate. Looks great. "

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