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Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Wes S. - SD

" Hello, I have had an access cover on every vehicle I've owned including my wife's pick up except for a 2018 GMC Sierra. A different cover came on the truck from GMC. Wow what a difference! Wherever GMC got their covers, they can have them. I've pulled over many times trying to get the cover Velcro down which was quite annoying. Now on my 2022 GMC sierra I'm back to an access cover. Now I drive by the guys trying to get there other covers Velcro down. I love the product on my 2022 GMC Sierra and my wife's 2020 Ford king ranch! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Richard G. - FL

" Great cover easy to install even with one person, pre set tensioner was perfectly set no adjustment needed, would be nice for both locks to be spring loaded but that is a minor issue, would recommend this cover to everyone. "

Access Literider 4 star ratingBy Kyle W. - OH

" I purchased a truck that had a lite rider cover on it. The previous owner had allowed the cover to tear, so I ordered a replacement vinyl for it, along with new storage straps. The website was pointed out that I would likely need new straps as the old one were potentially sewn on (Points for this guys!!!) My order came in a few days later packed well, however there was a mis-pull on the order, I ended up getting a new lock for the cover instead of the straps. (Things happen so Understood) I sent an email and the correct parts were at my door in a few days. Once I had all of the correct part, I set to removing the old vinyl and installing the new one. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow, I feel that is a plus on points for my review as well. All in all I think its a great cover, I am anxious to see what the summer sun will do to the vinyl as I installed it in the winter time. I might have to tighten it more once it gets a good day of hot sunshine, but that's easy too. Total possible 30 - Agri-cover score - 27 Order accuracy - 3 - (They got 50% right...) Material quality - 4 ( would give a 5 but don't know how it will last) Ease of Installation -5 (Instructions were easy to follow) Customer service - 5 (fixed mistake and got me my parts quickly) Aesthetics - 5 (Love the look of the truck with this cover) Ease of use - 5 ( Compare to my old snap down cover this is a simple to use system) "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Bruce M. - ME

" Great product.2nd truck I have used this cover on "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy John F. - TX

" So far So good! Easy install! "

Access Literider 4 star ratingBy WILLIAM P. - OH

" Just installed today, nice tight fit and fairly easy to install "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Joseph I. - AZ

" Cover works very well easy to install with some help from YouTube. Works great as advertised. Thank you "

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Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Robert W. - GA

" I had one on my previous truck for 17 years and the velcro had finally started to fail so when the truck was replaced there was only one choice. It keeps stuff from blowing out of bed and keeps contents of bed dry even during downpours. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Royce D. - MT

" Looks great and works great. Perfect Fit. This one has been in use since the fall of 2017 and is still in good condition, I will soon be ordering another one for a different truck that I now have. "

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Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Chris B. - MI

" Parts fit as expected "

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