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Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Wes S. - SD

" Hello, I have had an access cover on every vehicle I've owned including my wife's pick up except for a 2018 GMC Sierra. A different cover came on the truck from GMC. Wow what a difference! Wherever GMC got their covers, they can have them. I've pulled over many times trying to get the cover Velcro down which was quite annoying. Now on my 2022 GMC sierra I'm back to an access cover. Now I drive by the guys trying to get there other covers Velcro down. I love the product on my 2022 GMC Sierra and my wife's 2020 Ford king ranch! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Richard G. - FL

" Great cover easy to install even with one person, pre set tensioner was perfectly set no adjustment needed, would be nice for both locks to be spring loaded but that is a minor issue, would recommend this cover to everyone. "

Access Literider 4 star ratingBy Kyle W. - OH

" I purchased a truck that had a lite rider cover on it. The previous owner had allowed the cover to tear, so I ordered a replacement vinyl for it, along with new storage straps. The website was pointed out that I would likely need new straps as the old one were potentially sewn on (Points for this guys!!!) My order came in a few days later packed well, however there was a mis-pull on the order, I ended up getting a new lock for the cover instead of the straps. (Things happen so Understood) I sent an email and the correct parts were at my door in a few days. Once I had all of the correct part, I set to removing the old vinyl and installing the new one. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow, I feel that is a plus on points for my review as well. All in all I think its a great cover, I am anxious to see what the summer sun will do to the vinyl as I installed it in the winter time. I might have to tighten it more once it gets a good day of hot sunshine, but that's easy too. Total possible 30 - Agri-cover score - 27 Order accuracy - 3 - (They got 50% right...) Material quality - 4 ( would give a 5 but don't know how it will last) Ease of Installation -5 (Instructions were easy to follow) Customer service - 5 (fixed mistake and got me my parts quickly) Aesthetics - 5 (Love the look of the truck with this cover) Ease of use - 5 ( Compare to my old snap down cover this is a simple to use system) "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Bruce M. - ME

" Great product.2nd truck I have used this cover on "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy John F. - TX

" So far So good! Easy install! "

Access Literider 4 star ratingBy WILLIAM P. - OH

" Just installed today, nice tight fit and fairly easy to install "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Joseph I. - AZ

" Cover works very well easy to install with some help from YouTube. Works great as advertised. Thank you "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Robert W. - GA

" I had one on my previous truck for 17 years and the velcro had finally started to fail so when the truck was replaced there was only one choice. It keeps stuff from blowing out of bed and keeps contents of bed dry even during downpours. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Royce D. - MT

" Looks great and works great. Perfect Fit. This one has been in use since the fall of 2017 and is still in good condition, I will soon be ordering another one for a different truck that I now have. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Chris B. - MI

" Parts fit as expected "

Access Literider 4 star ratingBy Barry P. - CO

" I've had my cover for 18 years and it has worked well. The harsh Colorado sun has finally worn it out and I will replace it. It has been a good cover and my only issue has been that although the cover is waterproof, the edges of the cover frame are not watertight and so the interior of the bed gets wet when it rains or I wash the truck. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Craig N. - MO

" These are great covers easy to roll up and cover the bed the one on my truck was taken off an older f150 6.5 foot bed and reinstalled on my 2016 it is I believe 20 years old and just starting to crack yet I believe I can still order parts for it I replaced the Velcro strip on the truck bed as it was not holding the hook on the Velcro was worn out but once replaced it worked great "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Sam - CA

" Love my cover so far. Eliminate the fear of leaving things exposed in your truck bed. I've even been saving 10% on my MPG! Great product as it seats on the inside of the bed, allowing for racks to be mounted at a later time for my Jeep Gladiator. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Lyle Q. - SD

" Excellent service very timely & curtious. Tipical of Midwest ethics. Best service I have received in years. Thanks. Lyle "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Matthew B. - CT

" I needed a replacement cover for my Tacoma pickup. I called up Agri-Cover when my model # didn't work online. The representative was super nice and got me the info I needed immediately. I went back onto the website and ordered with no further issues. The cover showed up within the designated time and fit perfectly! Hopefully I'll get another 6-8 years out of this unit! Thanks "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Thomas L. - PA

" Order was received very fast. Online ordering was very simple. Great website and easy to install with how-to videos. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Gerald S. - NE

" I have had several access covers a few years ago and for whatever reason the last couple i just had Ford install one of theirs to save some time...They we're both under par and lost this last one I would rate about 1 star...This time i went back to old school and ordered the Lite Rider...Great price, great quality, looks like you even upgraded the quality of material...couldn't be happier , never getting another generic version of the original again.... "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Glen S. - FL

" First purchased this cover in 2013 when i bought my Chevy truck new. It has been thru over 8 years of Florida torture. Started to leak a few weeks ago so i purchase a replacement vinyl cover. Took a little work for this 70 year old but it is on, fits good and does not leak. Only problem is that it did not come with the sewn in straps for storage but that is a miner mistake on my part. Supper happy with the service, shipping and the product fit. Five stars to you guys. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Michael L. - ON

" Excellent product,first cover lasted 14 years.This replacement cover looks really sharp. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Jeff U. - IA

" Great product. Works excellent. Fast shipping. Good communication and service. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Mike - IA

" I installed the lightrider cover when I purchased my new Chevy Silverado in 2011. I've had it on the truck since and it has held up very well. The material is starting to show a few minor cracks, but overall still in great shape. Reviews of products that have been installed for 5 min doesn't tell you much about durability, but my cover has been in service about 10 yrs and is still going strong. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Bernie B. - ND

" Exactly what I needed. Bethany was very friendly and was able to answer all my questions and get me the parts I needed quickly. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Millard B. - GA

" This is my 4th Literider cover since 2002; purchase a new one each time I trade. They are very durable and easy to install. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy John W. - MI

" I ordered a replacement cover for my truck that was 14 yrs. old from AGRI-COVER Inc. It was easy to ordered and was shipped fast. Following the instructions that came with it. It was easy to replace. Thank you, ACI. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Jim M. - NH

" Complements the truck perfectly. "

Access Literider 4 star ratingBy Ian G. - PA

" Product is made from apparently durable and quality materials. Installation took longer than expected. I had some trouble lining up the rail with the claps to ensure a snug fit. One issue I ran into during the first couple days after installation was during a downpour water began seeping into the bed near the tailgate. It was more dry than if I had no cover at all, but a lot more wet than I was expecting. I am not sure if this issue is due to improper alignment during installation, or if this is an issue common for this cover. All in all, it is a light, inexpensive, quality, and American-Made cover that I would recommend. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Jason R. - MT

" Best cover ever made! With the Access Literider I got a great cover at a great price. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Larry B. - VA

" The LiteRider roll-up bed cover is a great product at a reasonable price. We have found that it is excellent during rains and snows. No leaks at all! It looks very neat also. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Honeymae W. - VA

" I have been looking for a truck bed cover that will fit my truck and finally found one thanks to Souther Auto and Cap sales! I love it so far, it looks very neat and clean! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Jimmy R. - AL

" I recently purchased a LITERIDER Roll-UP COVER for my Silverado and I've been very well pleased with it.It was a handy addition to the truck.Wish I had done it sooner. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Brian P. - IL

" With the curved bed sides on the stepside bed of the Ford Lightning, it was a little more difficult to install than the usual cover, but slots in the bed rails made it easier as they conformed to the curve when the retaining clamps were tightened. The tonneau cover looks great on the truck, and gives a secure, weather resistant enclosure. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Frederick S. - NY

" Great Product, Real Quality! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Kevin P. - NE

" Purchased a roll up cover for my 1997 F-350 long box. It came in a sturdy shipping box with no damage. The fit and finish is excellent and it works great. Instructions were simple and complete. I would highly recommend your products. Thank you! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Ron L. - MI

" This is the best accessory I have added to my vehicle. In our business we haul product to install at the customers location. No matter what Mother Nature presents us whether thunderstorm or blizzard the product and my tools remain clean and dry! If I need to haul larger items the cover rolls up out of the way in seconds. Another plus is my wife agrees it was a great purchase. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Paul D. - WI

" I have bought several Access tonneau covers over the years. This was by far the best quality and the best "fit" of all that I've purchased. I'm glad I stayed with Access ! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy John L. - NY

" Fantastic cover! We had a storm that dropped over 6 feet of snow and the cover held up vey well. Easy to install and very easy to roll up. Keeps the bed dry and has a 5 year warranty. And it looks great too! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Steven T. - MA

" Fantastic product! "

Access Literider 4 star ratingBy Thomas M. - NY

" Great product. Easy to install. Meets all expectations. The only issue was the front seal gasket was not shipped with our cover. We improvised and overcame the shortage. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Anthony G. - PA

" Great product. Had my first one for 5 years and it looked like new! That is why I bought this one, before I even picked up my new Silverado! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy James T. - CA

" Works as advertised. Overall very satisfied. Just wish I could keep my cat from sleeping on it! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy William G.

" this is the second cover put one on a 1997 Dakota standard cab, replaced the vinyl two years ago. Like the low profile of this cover better. Biggest problem was hitting the nuts in the slot on the front. Looks great! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy DAVID G. - FL

" Love the cover easy to install and very durable material. It was delivered 1 day earlier that expected. mounted on truck very easily Good instructions however the pictures could be larger showing a little more detail. I can now use my truck as a open bed or as a closed bed. Thank you for a wonderful product "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Richard B. - FL

" This is the second Literider I have bought and I bought it again for my new truck because it is a quality thing that installs easily and correctly. It also works well and lasts. I'll buy another if I ever buy another truck. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy J. D. - PA

" I use the roll up several times each day, really appreciate the quality. Helps on gas mileage, too! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Jerry H. - IA

" Purchased the cover on the 8 of December 2010 received it 3 days later installed it right away, was very easy even after just having a knee scope a week an a half earlier. Did it rolling around on my back in the truck bed. It is a nice and tight does not leak. I do recommend getting the tailgate seal.Went to the car wash to get rid of the salt and sand from the crappy roads after the snow checked the bed after everything was dry. Would recommend this product to anyone. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Richard O. - AZ

" I want to compliment you on your EXCELLENT costumer service. I recently purchased my 2nd Lite-Rider cover for my 2008 Chevrolet. The right hand rail was bent in shipping. You replaced it without any questions. I had a Lite-Rider on my 2005 Chevrolet and loved it. The cover holds up very well in our Arizona heat. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Jim M.

" This is the third truck that I have bought a Literider for they are well worth the money.Easy to install and looks and works great. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Jackie P.

" Fast shipping & great customer service!! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Alfred P.

" The product is great and high quality.I thought the installation instructions needs to be updated. The instructions seem to be old copies with black and white pictures. A little difficult to follow with not so perfect eyesight. However, the product is great. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Dan R. - IN

" I have never owned a roll-up - or for that matter - any other pickup truck cover. I am impressed by the style of this cover, how easy it was to install, and its strength. I like the way this cover fits inside the footprint of the bed rather than over the top of the bed rails. I look forward to long durability and use. Thanks. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Kendall W. - MA

" Fast shipping easy installation definitely a recommendation to my friends. It holds up perfectly with all this New England snow we have been getting. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Steven B. - WI

" The product was so easy to install! Great design and looks great! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Jeryl K. - AR

" Quality workmanship and appearance of HIGH $ cover without the HIGH $ price tag. Worth every penny. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Steven S. - MI

" Came in on time, went together just like the directions said, and fits well. "

Access Literider 4 star ratingBy Kyle P. - SD

" Quick delivery and great price. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Stewart S. - OK

" The replacement vinyl was easy to install and fit exactly as I had hoped. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Donald T. - MT

" First of all, five stars to Agri-Cover for the the fast order response and shipping the LiteRider Cover out to me in what was about three business days. The product looks really good on my 2001 Ford F150 Super Crew. I must admit though being somewhat frustrated in the installation process. The video suggests about 45 minutes to complete the job but it took me about three hours. I had a devil of a time getting the cover loose enough to close at the tailgate. I suggest studying the instructions thoroughly before beginning installation. I did, but because I'm old or somewhat dull in the head I kept getting confused. And I know my way around a tool box okay. The main thing was not the journey but the destination! It's a fine tonneau cover and a great look on my truck. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Phillip J. - NC

" Great service. Very prompt and the staff person I talked with was very helpful. Greal customer service. Will be doing business again. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Dennis G. - MA

" Cover fits very well. Tensioner adjustment works well and cover rolls up and down easily. The installation kit was missing one rear rail rubber seal, but this was shipped to me quickly after one phone call. I am very happy with this cover "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Perry K. - KY

" This will be the third Access cover I have bought for my various pickup trucks since 2005. Very easy to install and tough as a Sherman tank. I have had a number of people ask me over the years where I bought it as they really liked it. A superior American made product - hands down. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Brian W. - British Columbia

" Happy with my roll-up cover. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Don K. - AR

" replaced the original 15 year old cover. five stars all the way! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Ronald D. - WI

" I just ordered another Lite Rider for my new Pickup. I traded in my Nissan that has had the LITERIDER Tonneau Cover on it for 9 years. It still looks like new. I live in Northern Wisconsin where the winters are harsh and this cover has stood up to -30 degree temps and +95 Degree temps.Don't buy a cover without some sort of adjustment on it for tension. This one is simple to use. The only maintenance is to treat it once or twice a year with a Vinyl Protectorent. It's a bit pricey, but worth a few extra bucks. Good Job Agricover! "

Access Literider 4 star ratingBy Jeff B.

" Have had product for several years now and it is still functioning as good as the day I bought it. Pretty easy to install. Happy with my purchase. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Spencer D. - TN

" I just purchased the Literider cover, I am very pleased so far with the look and functioning. I trust I will continue to be pleased. I used to have a snap cover. The Literider was appealing to me because of not having to deal with snaps and storing the bow supports when the cover is rolled up. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Matt T. - MO

" My wife loves the new LiteRider roll-up cover. I like it as well and wish it was what I had on my truck. It is easy to operate for her and install was a snap. Thanks for your help in making the selection. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Randall P. - NJ

" Installation was easy and looks as good as the Original Roll-Up Cover. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Chuck D. - IA

" Second ACI rollup tonneau cover that I have purchased. Good product, install was not difficult. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Dale W. - PA

" I just wanted to say how pleased I am that I bought this cover. I just traded my 2004 F-150 in. I was the original owner and have had a LiteRider Roll-Up cover on my truck that whole time. It is still functional. The velcro works fine, the clips still work and aren't broken and its just starting to look a little worn. But for being on there for 14 Pennsylvania winters, its an amazing product. I just bought a new truck and will be getting another LiteRider! "

Access Literider 4 star ratingBy Jon C. - ME

" Nice and easy to install. Going to save a lot of headaches this coming winter. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Travis M. - FL

" There simply is no better roll up cover in this category available on the market. The tightness of the tarp, the tapered back, and the durability of this product is outstanding. "

Access Literider 3 star ratingBy Patrick O. - NY

" Nice cover, had this cover on my older truck, material seems flimsier. Support rods are shorter and don't have protective ends on them like my old one does. Same model cover. Not as well built. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Stephen H. - MA

" Nice fit, and an easy install by myself. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Stephen K. - NH

" Hope this one will last the 12 years my first one lasted. Great cover "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Peter K. - OH

" Nice looking on my Honda Ridgeline, easy install. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Joy Z. - ND

" I absolutely love my Roll-Up Cover so much, I called the gentleman in charge of ordering them for our company fleet to tell him he needs to start ordering covers for our fleet through Access. It's such a simple install and once it's done, it looks great with no road noise. BTW, if there is road noise, it takes just a bit of tweaking to fix that. Not only that, the cover holds up to the weather we tend to get up here in the North, particularly wind and snow. How do I know this? We've had the same Literider Roll-Up Cover on one of our other vehicles for 10 years with no issues whatsoever and it still looks and works great. Thank you Access for making a quality product! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Mark F. - KY

" I love it! When I got this truck I had used one on another truck and loved it. But I made the mistake of buying another brand that was "on sale" Big mistake! In two years I removed it and replaced with the Agri Cover. Great product and I will NEVER buy another brand! The one I used before is on my sons truck and is about 5 years old and works and still looks new! "

Access Literider 4 star ratingBy James C. - AL

" Nice quality for a value priced cover, I am very pleased. Installation was not too difficult to do myself. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Ed D. - MO

" Very good cover. Was easy to install. Added the element seal to make even better. Second Access cover I have purchased for 2 different Fords. I will buy an Access cover for the next pickup also. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Steve

" I am astounded at the great design of this product.I Just received the cover for my new truck today. I was impressed with the depth on the parts as well as the sturdiness of the cover itself. After viewing the installation video on your site, it installed without issues in about 20 minutes with hand tools and only took another five to adjust it to perfection. I actually laughed at how easy it was and how good it looked installed.As I manufacture systems out of my own extruded aluminum parts, this has to be one of the most brilliant and elegant solutions that I have ever encountered. The adjust ability is effortless and the fit is perfect. The simplicity of it is the best part. An almost perfect idea. Thanks for the great product and I look forward to my amazement with my next purchase with you folks. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Dudley B. - OH

" I love my new cover and the security it provides for my bed! Had a slight install issue being a 2020 jeep but customer service walked me through it without too much trouble. Thank you very much. Great customer service and a quality product. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Damon S. - FL

" Great cover and looks very sharp! Once we get a rain in Florida I will see how it holds up. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy R. H. - MN

" Easy Installation, Quality Materials. Makes my little truck look great! Rolls back & forth so easy. Great Product! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Shannon N. - MO

" This Company is amazing we have had this cover for 12 years and was going to order a new one. They said to send pictures of the issue we were having it might be covered under warranty. I considered most of it wear and tear over 12 years. Did what they said and they sent a repair kit that completely fixed the cover free of charge in less then a week. Great service just ordered a new one for my sons truck. You cannot beat this company. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Timothy C. - NY

" I am very happy with my Access cover that I purchased in 2012. I am an emergency responder and I know my equipment will by ready for use as it is kept dry and secure. It easily opens quickly for larger items when needed. I would definately reccomend it to anyone. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Donald T. - MT

" It took me a long time to find a tonneau cover I liked for my 2001 Ford Lariat SuperCrew. And I considered several different brands. But I always came back to to the Access LiteRider roll-up cover primarily because of the ease and simplicity of the operation. It just seemed to me to be more flexible in the anticipated use of the truck bed. Also the fact that the SuperCrew 5.5 foot bed tapers down in width from front to back made the vinyl rollup design of the LiteRider more attractive. The only problem I had in the installation process was figuring out the adjustment of the cover so that it was square to the rails. I kept turning the adjustment wheels the wrong way. But that was just me so not stars taken off the rating. Delivery was prompt direct from the manufacturer. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Charles - TX

" 14 years later, the cover is still as good as the day it was installed. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy David K. - CO

" I love this cover! I ended up picking up a pallet full of stuff and was grateful that I did not have to make two trips, all I had to do was roll the cover out of the way and I was good to go. This is the second cover I have purchased and I will never buy any other brand! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy William Z. - MA

" Great Cover! Plus it still gives me the room I need in the truck bed "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Jim O. - TX

" This is a great addition to my truck. I had another one on my F-250 and it held up 12 years until I sold my truck. Will always use them on my vehicles. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Domingo V. - Alberta

" I bought Access Literider Bed Cover for my 2003 Nissan Frontier which is assembled in the Philippines. The unit fit with no problem in my short box unit and installation is quick and easy. Overall the cover fits perfectly and is the envy of my friends in the Philippines to see a good quality soft cover as my Access Literider. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy D. V. - FL

" I never give feed back on a product, but I have to say, I am very happy with my roll-up cover. I bought the cover 2001 when my truck was new in Alaska, very cold weather, and now I live in Florida, very hot 90 temp. Now 2012 and the cover is still new looking! "

Access Literider 4 star ratingBy Corey S. - PA

" Very Pleased in your product. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Dale O. - WI

" Very pleased with the product--received as a gift-- love it "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Lisa H. - TN

" Ordered the replacement cover since ours had been on truck we bought recently and the velcro had separated from cover, This was a very easy cover to replace, and yes, I'm a 58 year old woman and did it alone. Great instructions and fits fabulously. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Brandon D. - WI

" Ordered the Velcro for my 11 year old cover and it works like new quick and fast responses Thanks guys. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy George G. - MI

" Thanks for the fast delivery, read the installation instructions and had the cover on in about 1 1/4 hours, no problems. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Ron B. - AR

" Very satisfied with product so far "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy James S. - NJ

" I bought this a s a replacement for the original cover I had for 10 years and it finally had some problems with the materiel This one installed actually a little better than the first One by that I mean i have a better seal up by the cab of the truck "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Walter M. - MI

" I owned the roll up cover since 2008, it was on 2 trucks and finally after repeated open and closing failed. All the metal parts still in good shape for 12 years repeated use. Ordered just replacement tarp and very easy to install. About 30 minutes and I was reinstalling my cover. I am very happy with the cover. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Greg I. - NE

" The Access Literider is exactly what I was looking for. Provides me cover for my tools and the ease of one person operation. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Destiny H. - TX

" Very very fast arrival, loved the product. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Tracy S. - NC

" I purchased the bed cover in 2005. After 15 years of being exposed to the weather, the cover started getting cracks but the frame was still in great shape, so I purchased a new cover to go on the same structure. I am well pleased. This is a good, long lasting product. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Jack T. - FL

" I purchased an Access Literider roll-up tonneau cover. I sought advice on the product choice before buying which was knowledgeable and truly educational. Everything I was promised - product utility, quality and ease of installation - perfectly matched the product I received and installed myself. In looking at other similar products installed on trucks, I know I got exceptional value. I also know I found a reliable, ethical manufacturer. I can't say enough about my experience with ACI. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Patrick P. - IA

" This is my first tonneau cover. This was very easy to install and fits perfectly. The instructions were easy to follow and the install video was very helpful as well. Very nice product that looks good on my truck. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Ben L. - OH

" Just wanted to make a comments about the LiteRider roll-up cover. We bought a used 1995 Ford pickup that had a snap on cover. Every time I used it, it was such a chore to get it snapped back on. Don't even think about unsnapping in the winter & trying to get the bed covered!! My wife ordered the LiteRider & surprised me. I was a little upset because she didnt consult with me first & I didnt feel we could afford it, but as soon as it was installed, I was convinced she had made a very wise choice. It is so easy to use, very durable. We can open it up & haul anything in a matter of minutes. We get a lot of snow & it has held up well. All in all, we are VERY pleased with the quality. Consider us a satisfied customer & we are spreading the word to any other pickup owners we associate with. Get the LiteRider, you'll be glad you did. Thank you. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Matt B. - IL

" Excellent cover! Highly recommend. Quality and appearance is excellent! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Joe D. - FL

" The best way to say we are pleased with a product is to say, "Thank you to AGRI-COVER and all of their employees" ! We have had this tonneau cover for over 4 years and it has served us well. This cover has gone cross country several times, has been rolled and unrolled countless times, has the advantages of a secure dry cargo area, economy, good looks, and is extremely versatile. It has been beaten by months in the Florida sun and the harshness of times in the upper midwest. Aside from all the complements of its good looks and fit, it is easily installed and operated by one person.The bad news-we are selling the truck with the cover. The good news is that we are back doing this review and will buy another AGRI-COVER tonneau. For those of you reading this review, just stop shopping brands and go for this product. You will not be disappointed. And no, we have no interest in this company. But we do have a fondness for extremely well made American products. This is one of them. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Crystal R. - WV

" Great product - it can do it all!!! Excellent value - Fit of product is great! Dealer was fantastic and friendly. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Bryce W. - IN

" The cover fits great! All my neighbors have them and we love them for keeping our stuff dry and safe. Thanks "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Mike W. - MO

" The cover is great. I buy a new one every time I trade pick ups. Easy to install and adjust the tension. The Literider is what I like the best. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Rick H. - NC

" This is my second purchase of this type of tonneau cover. I had the first one on another truck for about ten years before I sold that truck. The Literider cover has always functioned with no problems at all and looked like new after ten years. The installation is very easy and they look great! The tonneau cover for my new truck arrived quickly and I had it on in about 30 minutes with no help. These are awesome covers that look great, function flawlessly and easily roll out of the way when you need to put something large in the bed. I've had many great comments on the new cover too. I will definitely buy another when the need arises. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Lenny G. - IL

" LOOKS AND PEFORMS GREAT! Perfect for my 2018 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X. I also had a Lorado cover on my Ford F-150. Installation was a little tricky with the utili-track system, but not a real hassle. Fits perfect, and looks great. With the Trail-Seal and Element Seal gaskets, its a 100% winner. I will replace the clamps with stainless steel nuts and bolts drilled into the bed rails, but you don't have to. It's just my preference. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Philip B. - NJ

" Excellent product! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Steve W. - CA

" Awesome cover, didn't realize how great they really are until I got it on my truck and was able to actually use it. "

Access Literider 4 star ratingBy Walter I. - NY

" Excellent product. Mine was to replace an older cover using the original hardware. Only issue was, the new cover did not have the sewn on retainer clips, that my original had. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Darryl N. - PA

" looks great, Installed easily, only about 45 minutes, instructions easy to understand. I am very pleased with the Literider cover. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Camel C. - NM

" I really like my cover. I suggest rewriting the installation instructions explaining better the how's and why's of installation. Otherwise I am very happy with my purchase. I purchased directly from the Agricover cover website. Melanie was me customer rep she was attentive to all my needs and responded timely to my order. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Sean D. - CA

" Awesome, only tonneau cover that works with a bed rack on the Jeep Gladiator. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Brian P. - IL

" The installation was easy and as always, really makes the vehicle look nice. It should provide years of service for another happy customer. "

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