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Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Joy Z. - ND

" I absolutely love my Roll-Up Cover so much, I called the gentleman in charge of ordering them for our company fleet to tell him he needs to start ordering covers for our fleet through Access. It's such a simple install and once it's done, it looks great with no road noise. BTW, if there is road noise, it takes just a bit of tweaking to fix that. Not only that, the cover holds up to the weather we tend to get up here in the North, particularly wind and snow. How do I know this? We've had the same Literider Roll-Up Cover on one of our other vehicles for 10 years with no issues whatsoever and it still looks and works great. Thank you Access for making a quality product! "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy George G. - MI

" Thanks for the fast delivery, read the installation instructions and had the cover on in about 1 1/4 hours, no problems. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Richard B. - FL

" This is the second Literider I have bought and I bought it again for my new truck because it is a quality thing that installs easily and correctly. It also works well and lasts. I'll buy another if I ever buy another truck. "

Access Literider 4 star ratingBy Walter I. - NY

" Excellent product. Mine was to replace an older cover using the original hardware. Only issue was, the new cover did not have the sewn on retainer clips, that my original had. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Destiny H. - TX

" Very very fast arrival, loved the product. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Shannon N. - MO

" This Company is amazing we have had this cover for 12 years and was going to order a new one. They said to send pictures of the issue we were having it might be covered under warranty. I considered most of it wear and tear over 12 years. Did what they said and they sent a repair kit that completely fixed the cover free of charge in less then a week. Great service just ordered a new one for my sons truck. You cannot beat this company. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Tracy S. - NC

" I purchased the bed cover in 2005. After 15 years of being exposed to the weather, the cover started getting cracks but the frame was still in great shape, so I purchased a new cover to go on the same structure. I am well pleased. This is a good, long lasting product. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Lisa H. - TN

" Ordered the replacement cover since ours had been on truck we bought recently and the velcro had separated from cover, This was a very easy cover to replace, and yes, Iím a 58 year old woman and did it alone. Great instructions and fits fabulously. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Walter M. - MI

" I owned the roll up cover since 2008, it was on 2 trucks and finally after repeated open and closing failed. All the metal parts still in good shape for 12 years repeated use. Ordered just replacement tarp and very easy to install. About 30 minutes and I was reinstalling my cover. I am very happy with the cover. "

Access Literider 5 star ratingBy Chuck D. - IA

" Second ACI rollup tonneau cover that I have purchased. Good product, install was not difficult. "

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