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Access 5 star ratingBy Shawn K. - MN

" Bought this tonneau cover and installed it myself. Was very easy to install in my pickup and absolutely looks great! Cover stays nice and tight when closed yet is very easy to open and roll up when full access is needed in the box. Very glad I made this purchase. Has been a good cover so far and enhances the look of my pickup! "

Access 5 star ratingBy Dan S. - MN

" Switched from a truxedo brand. Great quality, superior fit and seal. Works well in extreme temperatures. "

Access 4 star ratingBy George W. - MD

" After 15 months, roll-up cover is doing precisely what it is supposed to, with no signs of wear or need to adjust. So far no issues, very pleased. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Timothy J. - MN

" This cover is awesome. Even with the harsh Minnesota winters it keeps everything dry and still looks like new after 2 years of use. While camping last summer, we got caught up in a heavy rainstorm where our tent and gear got flooded late at night out in the middle of no-where. We put our bedding in the back of the truck bed and slept comfortable and more importantly, Dry all night. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Steven S. - NY

" I love my access roll up cover. I had one on my last truck it was 8 years old never had a problem or a leak. It's so easy to roll up to get stuff in the front of the bed or to covert it to load things in the bed of the truck, Would recommend this product to anyone. My brother got the same one on his truck because of the ease of it. Best purchase I've made to improve my truck. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Charlie D. - NC

" After searching the internet, I came across the access roll-up cover. I made the purchase of one for my truck. I was most surprised at ease of installation. It protects anything in the bed and is easy to roll up and roll back closed. I have had many comments at the style and design. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Dennis M. - OH

" Best roll cover ever used and looks good too. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Dale S. - IN

" The best add on accessory I ever got was this cover. I just love it and it looks great. "

Access 4 star ratingBy LARRY S. - MT


Access 5 star ratingBy David C. - MN

" Bought an Access Cover in 2000 for my truck. Best accessory I ever purchased. Worked in rain, snow, heat, and was always reliable when latching. Easy to adjust for fit and looked great. I sold the truck in November 2013 with the cover still in excellent shape, which helped with resale value. Fortunately, the used 2011 F150 I bought already had an Access cover on it, which also made it an appealing used vehicle to purchase. "

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