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Access 5 star ratingBy Robert W. - KS

" The tonneau cover arrived today on time and I had it put on before dark. Thank you for the professional service. Fast shipping and a great price for a quality product. If anyone asks me about a truck cover I wont hesitate to give them your name. Thanks again. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Joe M. - MN

" The cover looks good. Should keep out the snow, twigs, rain etc. Wanted it mostly for the snow. "

Access 5 star ratingBy John M. - ND

" The best product on the market!!! Cover your goods, keep rain and snow out of your box, save gas, and it gets out of your way when you need to haul the big stuff. If you only buy one truck accessory, buy this one. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Robert K. - IA

" Easy to install and worked perfectly. Great looks and added 2 mpg. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Joseph F. - NY

" In 2005 I bought two Ford F250 long bed pickups for work. I stopped at a local accessories dealer to buy a tonneau cover. I thought the Access roll up cover was a bit pricey but chose to buy two of them. In a nutshell they are the best quality accessory I have ever purchased bar none. These covers have been put through the everyday rigors of a busy construction company and after more than 5 years still perform as new. I just ordered two new Ford F350s and will have an Access roll up tonneau cover waiting for the new trucks to arrive. Its nice to see an American company making such a high quality product. My hat is off to you. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Joe L.

" I would like to say thanks but that is not enough. I have always thought you guys had the best product (love the cover) and I have bought three in the past. I usually buy a new truck every two years and unfortunately it always was something different and the cover would not fit on the new one and seeing how I didn't have it long the cover has always held up in that time frame. I have my current truck, 2006 Toyota Tundra and really love the truck. It is now four years old and I plan on keeping it for many years to come. But to have service like this is unheard of in today's day and age. I can honestly say that I was floored when the replacement top showed up at my door. I will be a customer for life and will be a passionate advocate for your company and products for life. I will spread the good word and tell all I know about your products, your service and how you stand behind what you sell. If there is anything I can do for you and or the company just let me know. Thanks again and have a wonderful year! "

Access 5 star ratingBy William T. - VA

" Very satisfied with installation and looks. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Kay R. - IN

" My son-in-law had a different cover put on our truck. The snaps pulled off and it was very hard to put back on. I looked on Consumer Reports for a dealer of accessories and found Millennium. Being widowed I needed an easier system. They recommended you. I liked the demo, price and warranty. I love the tonneau cover. I can open it and close it easily. Thank you. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Steven R. - IA

" If you own an expensive truck like I do than only the best will do. "

Access 5 star ratingBy Albert D. - NJ

" I bought my access tonneau cover in 2003 and I have not had one problem with it. The only thing I see now is a little wear on the sides of the cover (in spots) from rolling and unrolling the cover. But for having been in use for almost seven years it is still in great shape. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a roll up cover "

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