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Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Allan S. - NC

" Easy install and looks great! "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Timothy B. - MA

" Great product so far. Installed myself and was fairly easy. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy James K. - AZ

" The cover was shipped on time and arrived in perfect shape. Easy to install. Works perfectly with my tool box and fifth wheel hitch on my F350 dually long bed. Looks great, definitely recommend it. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Paul J. - UT

" I purchased and installed several roll up pick up bed covers. Love the recent tool box roll up cover purchased from agri cover. I especially like the way the hook and loop system is more vertical making it less likely for wind to get underneath the tarp. Hoping to get one soon for my colorado pickup "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Bob B. - ID

" Purchased a replacement cover. Eddie Allen did a great job matching our requirements. I purchased my cover on Craiglist, but it needed a replacement cover. I'm a happy camper now. Still get to use my tool box and all our camping stuff is now covered. Thank You ACI for providing Customer In service to a non-original owner. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Clifton B. - CA

" Fast and Easy install. Adjustment is so easy with the turn knobs. I only had to adjust the side rail at the tailgate to allow it to open with the remote. The cover is made from quality materials. I like that a bulb seal was included for in front of the toolbox.I recommend this cover for anyone that has a toolbox and is looking for a bed cover. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Robert S. - TN

" I wanted the best bed cover for my truck. The man at Ziebarts said Access is the best and I had it installed. I get nothing but compliments at cruises and car and truck shows. Thank yall, Bob. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Daniel C. - NY

" Great quality easy install. I Have reccomended to 3 people so far. Having a single cab truck i needed to keep my toolbox and this gave me the opportunity to. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Gordon N. - WY

" Cover is great, this is my second cover. Had one on my previous truck for 12 years. They are the best! "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Tom C. - UT

" Great cover and quality. I have two things I would like to see them improve on. 1-The instructions could be more clear. I found them confusing especially when it came to installing the tensioning adjustments. 2-The front crossbar for my Ram was a 1/4" too long. I had to grind it down to get it to fit inside my bed rails with the stock bed caps. Outside of those 2 issues the cover is great. I love how it works with my truck box. Well worth the investment. We have used Agri covers on our belt trailers and they have held up awesome so I am expecting to see similar results with this bed cover now that it is installed. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy John P. - MA

" So far, so good. I'm happy they came out with a cover for trucks with toolboxes. After figuring out the three different sets of instructions it was pretty easy to install. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Chris P. - SD

" I've been wantin' one for a long time. This cover has pretty awesome. I really like the high profile rails so the cover don't get whipped around like the low profile rails during a cross wind. Now I can haul things and not have to worry if its gonna rain or snow and get things all wet. Thank ya much. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Chad K. S. - ND

" The Access cover has proven itself over and over. After 97,000 miles and 4 years worth of use, I transferred my Access cover from the 2003 pickup to the 2007 pickup that I just got. The tonneau cover still works and looks like new and it keeps everything dry and out of the elements. We store a lot of equipment in the back so it is important to us that it be protected. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Hubert A. - GA

" I had no problem installing by myself, another set of hands would have been good but doable alone. I have a '04 GMC Sierra 1500 w/8 foot bed & UWS toolbox. Fit is right on after a couple of tweaks. I would and will recommend your bed covers. Read the install instructions twice then have at it. Thanks. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy M.D. L. - MI

" Product works great. Installation was a snap and the tonneau cover works real well combined with a tool box. Durable, this one sees a lot of activity with my general contracting business. Keeps cargo protected from the West Michigan elements when closed and is easily rolled out of the way when hauling larger cargo. "

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