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Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Michael J. - NY

" Looks good easy to install "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Jim B. - WI

" This product is EXCELLENT! Exactly what I needed to provide a cover for my truck bed, with tool box. It fits perfectly, and installation was pretty easy (even for me). I highly recommend this cover! Agri-cover is great to work with, easy ordering, rapid delivery. Thanks! "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Robert D. - NY

" This is my second tonneau cover. Great product. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Tom D.

" Top was easy for my wife and I to install in about an hour. Rolls easily, latches securely and is quite good looking. My toolbox was a little bowed, but some black silicon seal sealed the gap and have had no water into the bed since. Had the same top on my 1500 Silverado and loved that one too. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy John H. - MA

" Purchased directly from ACI via their website. Fast and easy. Fast shipping. Solid, heavy duty, quality construction. Only 'complaint' if you will, is that the included instructions could have been a bit more clearly written/presented, but after taking some time to figure it out, it actually was a very quick and easy install. About a month later and it looks great and works exactly as advertised! I had to leave out some of the weather striping because it wouldn't work with my specific installation situation, but that is because of the backrack and nothing to do with the ACI product! The Access Roll up Cover is exactly what I expected and wanted. I am completely happy with their product and highly recommend it! "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Steve N. - IL

" Awesome product! A little tricky to install but once i located my vise grips in my garage.... It rolled out perfectly first try. fit tight. Drove 300 highway miles in a hard rain with all our gear below. Nothing wet at all! I would recommend your product highly! "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Paul A. - MN

" I really liked how easy it was to install. I had to make a couple modifications to it, but that is because I had allready installed bed rail guards that wrapped over the edge of the box. I really think it is the "Best" tool box tonneau cover on the market. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Robert S. - TN

" I wanted the best bed cover for my truck. The man at Ziebarts said Access is the best and I had it installed. I get nothing but compliments at cruises and car and truck shows. Thank yall, Bob. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Mike W. - TN

" The toolbox cover is an excellent product! Very versitile. It is so nice to be able to have a cover that works with the tool box and still able use the truck bed to its full extent with the cover rolled up. With the truck bed cover closed it is tight and clean. This was easy to install. Kit and directions were complete and very through. I really like it and am completely satisfied. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy M.D. L. - MI

" Product works great. Installation was a snap and the tonneau cover works real well combined with a tool box. Durable, this one sees a lot of activity with my general contracting business. Keeps cargo protected from the West Michigan elements when closed and is easily rolled out of the way when hauling larger cargo. "

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