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Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Paul J. - UT

" I purchased and installed several roll up pick up bed covers. Love the recent tool box roll up cover purchased from agri cover. I especially like the way the hook and loop system is more vertical making it less likely for wind to get underneath the tarp. Hoping to get one soon for my colorado pickup "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Michael A. - VA

" I've purchased 3 of the bed covers for 3 different trucks. They are easy to install, stay tight and look great! I've never had any problems with them! Great product! "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Brad T. - NC

" I've always wanted a cover that I could use in conjunction with my toolbox. Didn't even know there was such a product! Did a quick Google and of my options the Agri-Cover looked like my best bet. Cover is solidly made, looks clean and works like a charm! Installing could have been easier as they had several inserts for my model vehicle but wasn't too bad. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Sharon M. - NJ

" Original purchase was 2007....very satisfied with purchase. Easy of use, function, and longevity. After 13 years it started to show signs of wear so decided to replace as winter was fast approaching. Replaced cover only, not hardware...which is an awesome option! The cover and truck were passed down to our son & are still on the road 435,000 miles. I purchased a new truck and purchased same cover for my tool box and yes this is also performing as expected. I have recommended this cover to many truck owners with tool boxes on their trucks. Awesome product made in the USA! "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Rory H. - ND

" Cover fit good easy to install "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Michael F. - OH

" I haven't put it on yet My truck has not yet been shipped from the manufacturer I guess due to parts shortage "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Joshua S. - MO

" Tremendous product. High quality materials. Easy to install. I installed this cover by myself in an hour and a half, and I wasn't hurrying by any means. I highly recommend this cover!! "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy John M. - SC

" This is my second purchased cover. Liked it so much for my 97 f150. Bought another for my 2019 f 150. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Bryan S. - NY

" Easy to install, high quality, heavy duty cover, very adjustable. Extremely happy with purchase. "

Access Toolbox 5 star ratingBy Bob H. - WA

" Product arrives quickly. Reasonably easy to install. Would recommend the company update its YouTube install video to the current product and include installation of the rubber seals (instructions were a bit confusing to the non-mechanically inclined). Once installed, it looks and functions great. Very happy with my purchase. "

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