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Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Robert K. - FL

" Only natural that I put another Vanish Roll-Up Cover on the new Denali as the previous one looked nearly new after 9 years & no issues. "

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Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Kenny N. - NC

" Great looking. If hardware holds up and cover does not stretch should be good "

Access Vanish 4 star ratingBy Andrew B. - FL

" This is my third cover from ACI. My first cover I purchased in 2004 and it lasted until 2013, at that point I only had to purchase new material. That cover lasted until I sold the vehicle in 2022. This new cover does not seem to be as resilient as those two covers, but time will tell. The only thing that I dislike on this new cover is the closure latch - it's useless because it does not hold down the cover - thankfully they left the two slider latches to hold down the top. Other than that minor annoyance, the top looks and performs great. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Marc D. - OH

" Great, I love it!!! "

Access Vanish 4 star ratingBy Chad K. - WI

" To have a low profile the angle for the velcro was adjusted, which makes sense, but makes it difficult to keep tight with my ladder rack. Great product, my struggles are due to my configuration. I had the Lorado on my last truck and will most likely have an Access Roll-Up cover on my next truck. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Jim B. - TN

" Purchased my 1st cover in 2006. Great weatherability and when it was time for replacement parts it was inexpensive and easy - unlike many others I hjave worked on. It was an easy purchase for my new truck, and simple instructions. Great product for the price! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Alvin W. - VA

" Very happy with the product, and very easy to install. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Bryan W. - OK

" Awesome cover, easy to install and use. Thank you for a great product! "

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Access Vanish 4 star ratingBy Andrew M. - MD

" I was disappointed to find 2 piece side rails as my old model has singles and would not have purchased knowing this, one of the plastic pieces connecting the two pieces was over tight from the factory and cracked. However the end product is close to what I wanted and seems to be ok. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Ray S. - IA

" I had my original access cover for 11 years (installed it on 3 different trucks),and even though it was still in good condition I decided to buy a new one for my new truck this time. "

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