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Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Dan W. - NY

" This low profile tonneau cover looks great on my 2013 Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab. I have bed rails on the sides of my bed and this truck cover fits in between. Looks great too. Could not be happier. "

Access Vanish 4 star ratingBy Daric M.

" Overall I really like the cover. The look of the low profile is really nice. I had the Limited before and I really liked it too but did not care for the look of the higher capacity. My only complaint of the Vanish is that it does not have as nice of a latch as the Limited and the loop tie downs are not as nice as the quick release tie downs on the Limited. Other than that, great product! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Dick L. - FL

" great looking, easy to mount. lots of great compliments. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy John K. - MA

" Agri Cover, I want to say thank you for providing such a pleasant experience. I made a simple mistake in ordering the wrong cover and the process I went through to get the right cover was painless and very easy. I first talked to Sherri. She was kind, a fantastic help, and she routed me to Travis who was also friendly and easy to work with. Very understanding and they made it a speedy process to get the right cover out ASAP. Not to mention how fast the replacement arrived to my door! I am very very grateful for such customer service and I will recommend this company to friends, as well as being a returning customer Thank you again and enjoy the weekend! John Kane "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Jim V. - MO

" First accessory I installed on my new truck when I got it. Have had it for a year. A must have, keeps everything dry and protected. Rolls open out of the way if you have something large to haul. Will have one on every truck I own from now one. I also purchased the bed mat and tailgate protector and they are fantastic. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Charles A. - IL

" I have purchased three of these covers and have had very good luck and lots of compliments with these. I would recommend your products to anyone. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy David C. - LA

" 2014. I had this type of cover on all the trucks I had . It's a great cover. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Paul B. - CT

" Excellent product. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Matt - TX

" There aren't many things that I've bought that I brag about, but this is one of them. I think my friends are sick of hearing how much I love this bed cover. I've had my Access Vanish cover now for 3 years and it still works great. I remember a few weeks after I got it, I was moving some camping equipment in the pouring rain. I was fully expecting it to get somewhat wet either through the sides of the cover of water seeping through the fabric. I left it in my truck bed overnight and woke up the next morning to find everything bone dry. I installed it in about 30 minutes by myself with simple tools. I like the roll up cover, because it is not as bulky as the hard covers so it doesn't limit what I can carry. It also provides rain protection, a sense of security from theft and just covering gear while driving down the highway, and I seem to get better gas mileage when it's on. The Vanish cover also sits almost flush with the top of the bed, so it looks really clean with the truck. I HIGHLY recommend these covers. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Mike J.

" Happy with product. "

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