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Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Buck W. - SC

" Easy installation! Sleek! Incognito! Saving on gas trash and a$$! AWESOME! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Kent K. - KY

" I had a very good experience with ACI and I love my roll up cover!!! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Ken G. - MA

" Very easy install. Look is fantastic. Highly recommend product. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Steve E. - MN

" Very easy to install. I like the low profile of the vanish cover. Quality is excellent "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy John F. - TN

" Fast shipping. Installed easily. Rails are only 1/2 inch above bed, so fits well under the 5th wheel. Looks good! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Guy H. - NE

" The cover was easy to install and it looks great. This is the second cover I've purchased, the first one lasted 10 years. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Kevin B. - Manitoba

" I ordered this product from TDOT a few weeks ago. I was a bit disappointed when I found out that it would not ship immediately, but I didn't get too upset because they were $150 dollars cheaper than my local distributor. Once I had the product it was an easy installation and it looks fantastic on my truck. I can't speak for durability yet but I have no reason to believe it won't last a long time. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Brian H. - WI

" This is my 4th Agri-Cover. As always the quality is second to none. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Sen B. - ND

" This cover was perfect for my older Chevy! Happy with the quality and finish. Highly recommended! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Barrie G. - CO

" Excellent cover! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Mike P. - MN

" Fast service easy install "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Anthony S. - NE

" I like the way it is low profile, I don't care for the ones that stick up. The vanish are the only ones I will have, this one makes number 3 that I have bought. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Jonathan N. - CT

" Great looking, easy to install. Love this cover. Highly recommended. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Fernando D. - NJ

" Great product, well crafted. I am very happy with the cover looks really good on my pick-up. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Tom C. - KS

" Easy to install and does exactly what it is designed to do. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Bob M. - MD

" Best damn cover ever! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Craig G. - IA

" The Vanish cover on my 2006 Colorado is an excellent product. After 8 years there are no leaks and the cover is still water tight and makes no flapping noises going down the road. I recently purchased a bottle of the Cover Care Cleaner and after using other products for years the cleaner took my cover back to new condition. Very happy with ACI and their products. "

Access Vanish 4 star ratingBy Kevin C. - ND

" Installed this past fall (2018) on my '18 Colorado long box. Absolutely love it. It looks beautiful with the low profile and it has survived the ND record cold winter weather perfectly. Instructions could use more details, but install only took 1.5 hours longer than it should have! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Aron W. - OK

" Great produce and easy install. This is the second Vanish cover I have had on my trucks. "

Access Vanish 4 star ratingBy Terry H. - GA

" Replaced 12-year old Vanish Roll-Up Cover. I am hoping new one lasts as long as old one. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Kevin A. - MN

" Very nice and easy to install! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Ansley D. - GA

" So far looks and works great! I've only used it for about a week or so and I havenít had any issues with it yet! Very happy with my purchase. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Christopher W. - PA

" Easy to install and with the additional smart pack the bed stays dry. The look of the cover on the truck maintains the sleek and sporty look. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Brian M. - PA

" I love it! Itís not my first roll up cover from agricover so I knew what I was getting. Easy to install and it looks great! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Dennis B. - ME

" I love the cover fits perfect. Thank- you guys. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy John R. - IA

" Just installed my Vanish tonneau yesterday on my 2019 Ram. Took about 20 minutes to get it all installed. Looks great, love the low profile look. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy James P. - IN

" This is my second vanish cover. Love it "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Bill S. - ND

" Very nice looking cover. Easy install. The directions are great. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Todd W. - MN

" Super happy with this tonneau cover. Love the low profile on my 2019 Ram 1500 Midnight Edition. Looks tight and solid in appearance and matches the styling of the truck well. All parts of high quality, easy to assemble, and very easy to open and secure when needed for large loads. I highly recommend ACCESS as many friends and relatives have other cover brands and the quality is not as good as the ACCESS covers. I'm hoping the cover performs just as well when Winter arrives in the great white North! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Bob P. - SC

" This was the second cover from ACI. Greatest thing since sliced bread. Easy to install. Works extremely well. Does not leak in heavy rain storms and I increased fuel mileage. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Doug

" The install was easy and the tonneau cover looks great. It has performed flawlessly. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Craig C. - NE

" Easy installation and use. I like the locking tabs at the rear of the cover because my previous cover did not have these and over time the latch loosened and would unlatch while traveling. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Steve S. - LA

" I installed two Vanish covers on my 2008 and 2010 GMC trucks immediately after purchasing. These tonneau covers have performed great for 8+ years and still look great after washing and applying your favorite vinyl dressing. Due to my work, my cover has been exposed to the sun and very harsh environments, but has held up very well. However, the stitching has finally worn out and allowed the Velcro to come free. I would like to say thank you to Kurt in the ND plant for being so helpful in getting a replacement fabric for my Vanish cover. It was a very pleasant experience. I can't say enough good things about their product and their people. I plan to have an upholstery shop re-stitch my old cover and keep it for a spare. Thank you, SC Sonnier "

Access Vanish  star ratingBy Lon F. - IA

" I purchased the Vanish in March for 2016 chevy and am somewhat disappointed in it. I was driving on interstate yesterday with wind gusts of 40 to 50 mph and Velcro sides came loose twice within 1/2 hour. I have had the Original model Access covers for over ten years and never had any trouble. This Vanish model is made with thinner top material and Velcro side strips are not as heavy, Wish I would have spent another 100 dollars and got the better one again. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Dan W. - NY

" This low profile tonneau cover looks great on my 2013 Ram 1500 Sport Crew Cab. I have bed rails on the sides of my bed and this truck cover fits in between. Looks great too. Could not be happier. "

Access Vanish 4 star ratingBy Daric M.

" Overall I really like the cover. The look of the low profile is really nice. I had the Limited before and I really liked it too but did not care for the look of the higher capacity. My only complaint of the Vanish is that it does not have as nice of a latch as the Limited and the loop tie downs are not as nice as the quick release tie downs on the Limited. Other than that, great product! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Dick L. - FL

" great looking, easy to mount. lots of great compliments. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy John K. - MA

" Agri Cover, I want to say thank you for providing such a pleasant experience. I made a simple mistake in ordering the wrong cover and the process I went through to get the right cover was painless and very easy. I first talked to Sherri. She was kind, a fantastic help, and she routed me to Travis who was also friendly and easy to work with. Very understanding and they made it a speedy process to get the right cover out ASAP. Not to mention how fast the replacement arrived to my door! I am very very grateful for such customer service and I will recommend this company to friends, as well as being a returning customer Thank you again and enjoy the weekend! John Kane "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Jim V. - MO

" First accessory I installed on my new truck when I got it. Have had it for a year. A must have, keeps everything dry and protected. Rolls open out of the way if you have something large to haul. Will have one on every truck I own from now one. I also purchased the bed mat and tailgate protector and they are fantastic. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Charles A. - IL

" I have purchased three of these covers and have had very good luck and lots of compliments with these. I would recommend your products to anyone. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy David C. - LA

" 2014. I had this type of cover on all the trucks I had . It's a great cover. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Paul B. - CT

" Excellent product. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Matt - TX

" There aren't many things that I've bought that I brag about, but this is one of them. I think my friends are sick of hearing how much I love this bed cover. I've had my Access Vanish cover now for 3 years and it still works great. I remember a few weeks after I got it, I was moving some camping equipment in the pouring rain. I was fully expecting it to get somewhat wet either through the sides of the cover of water seeping through the fabric. I left it in my truck bed overnight and woke up the next morning to find everything bone dry. I installed it in about 30 minutes by myself with simple tools. I like the roll up cover, because it is not as bulky as the hard covers so it doesn't limit what I can carry. It also provides rain protection, a sense of security from theft and just covering gear while driving down the highway, and I seem to get better gas mileage when it's on. The Vanish cover also sits almost flush with the top of the bed, so it looks really clean with the truck. I HIGHLY recommend these covers. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Mike J.

" Happy with product. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy June R. - TN

" Got bed cover, came very fast and was easy to install. Love the look "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Christopher S. - NE

" I have ordered my bed cover as well as replacement velcro strips for the rails. Both products where exactly what I wanted, fast and easy shipping. I will be ordering from them again. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Lonny S. - CA

" I Love my New Tonneau Cover. It installed in less than 10 minutes and with much ease. Looks Great and is EZ to use. Just what I needed. Great to buy a product that works as advertised! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy David L. - OH

" Well made, well thought out product. I would recommend the vanish cover if you like the sleek low profile look. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Herb C. - KY

" Just put the Access Vanish tonneau cover on my 2011 Tundra double cab truck and it looks awesome. Easy install, no drilling and no problems. Debated between the fiberglass ones and this roll up one, (I have used both in the past), decided this was easier to use and to roll up rather than remove a heavy fiberglass one when I needed the use of the entire bed. "

Access Vanish 4 star ratingBy Scott Q.

" I am very satisfied with this product. Cover installed quickly and has performed great. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Jeff M. - OK

" After what felt like weeks of research, I finally decided on an Access Vanish bed cover. Online ordering went smoothly, the transaction was promptly processed, and the shipping time was as expected. Since everything went very well, I didn't have any excuse to call and personally talk with the staff, but I expect their customer service skills will be top notch. I fully recommend Agri-cover Inc for all your truck cover needs. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy David K. - GA

" I have a suggestion for your instructions. If you completely tighten the bolts (step 3. E) and then have to adjust tension, the front plate is so tight against the bed that it is VERY difficult to adjust. I recommend you suggest only firming them up and then after adjusting tension (if required) go back and do final tightening. About wore out my thumbs before I realized the issue. Looks great. Seems to be a good product. Thanks, Dave Kummer "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Chris L. - CA

" Great product easy to fit and install. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Richard K. - CT

" Straight forward installation. Nice product. Made of quality fabric. Bed rails and clamps are also made of quality materials. I had to purchase the extend-a-bed conversion kit which was also a straight forward installation. Documentation for both products was very good. I believe a novice or a general homeowner with basic hand tools could install this as well as a professional installation shop. The only item not provided was a Torx drive to use with the extend-a-bed conversion. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Kenneth S. - TX

" Fast Shipping, ease of installation, great looks, and best of all "MADE IN AMERICA" what more could you want! Makes my 2011 Chevy look even better! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Dennis R. - OH

" Very pleased with the product. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Trevor D. - CA

" This is the second cover I have purchased in the last ten years. Easy to install and very durable. Quality of product is excellent. Highly recommend. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Larry R. - MO

" I am well pleased with the Vanish Cover went on easy and looks GREAT compared to the fiberglass cover I did have. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Danny M. - MN

" Great cover! I like the lower profile and fit. I had it installed in 25 minutes, no problems. It arrived on my doorstep the next day! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy MATTHEW S. - KY

" Me and my wife decided to get a bed cover for travel purposes. I went with the vanish cover because of its low profile. It sits even with the bed rails making it almost invisible. The cover seals well and locks. It does not bow in the middle like most covers you see on the road. I highly recommend this product for any one looking for a soft cover. It is easy to use and install. Great Product.... "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy RONALD W.


Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Elizabeth V. - TX

" The product was sent promptly and efficient. Fit perfect on the truck. Ordering was easy and customer service given was definitely A+++++ "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy David S. - British Columbia

" I was very pleased on arrival of my Tonneau cover. It fit my small box perfectly and installed quickly, and stayed that way. PS. I have since sold that truck and will purchase the same cover from you again for my new Nissan. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Bradley D. - CT

" I am very pleased with the cover. It mounted the way it is suppose to and fits excellently. I would recommend this cover to any one who needs one. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Thomas S. - NY

" The cover looks excellent and i like the low profile the Vanish offers. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Robert B. - SD

" I am favorably impressed with the Access Vanish low-profile cover. Installation was relatively simple. I am anxious to see if my mileage improves. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy David H. - MS

" I have owned the Vanish cover for about 3 years. I have been really pleased with its quality durability. Last weekend the latch got broken while getting building supplies loaded. I thought it was going to be a lot of trouble to get a replacement. I called the number on your web site Monday and was directed to Randy (I didn't get a last name) in parts. To my amazement, Randy found my part and got in the mail to me right away. I received it today (Thursday). Thanks for your quick response and great customer service. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Theodore S. - MO

" This is my third Agri-cover for 3 different trucks, Quality of the product made it easy to return to your company. "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Eugene B. - MA

" Great product, easy to install. Looks great on my new Toyota Tacoma! "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Melissa B.

" I have just received my Tonneau Cover, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with this product. I bought the Vanish Cover from your web page last week. It only took me about 20min to get it all set up and ready to go. It was so easy. I have been shopping around and you guys have the best prices on these types of tonneau covers. I wasn't sure how to comment on your web page, but If you would like to use this as a comment on your "What customers are saying" thread you may. I was very happy with this item. I even washed my truck after, and found that almost no water made it through the cover. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much, I will be telling my other truck driving friends to check out your site "

Access Vanish 5 star ratingBy Rick G.

" I don't often write to a company about a product but I am so pleased with the Vanish cover I thought I would drop you a line. I drive an '05 Silverado Z-71 Crew Cab Short Bed with a sprayed-in bed liner and the factory installed bed rail protectors and tailgate protector. I use this truck as my primary transportation and for hauling things for my business. I had a fiberglass tonneau cover installed on my previous truck and wasn't really that pleased with it due to the limitations it placed on what I could carry easily. When I saw this cover advertised by Stylin Trucks with free shipping I checked it out in detail and ordered it. I will admit that I was dreading the installation. When it arrived and I looked through the installation instructions and thought to myself "it can't be that easy". Much to my surprise it was "that easy" - my wife and I installed it in about 30 minutes. I was really impressed with the quality of everything.

I am very pleased with the Vanish cover. It gives me everything I was looking for - reasonable cost, it doesn't sit too far above the bed, it works with my bed rails, it allows me full access to the bed for hauling (even though some accommodation has to be made for the rails), it provides good protection from the elements and it is extremely easy for one person to operate. Since I have only had it for about a month, I can't attest to the long term durability but I expect it will exceed my expectations. It is an attractive, quality built product. "

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