This tonneau cover has an average  Access Limited 4.96 star average rating rating based on 116 customer reviews.

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Access Limited 5 star ratingBy John B. - ND

" High quality; easy to install. Well satisfied. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Tim V. - MN

" Love the new roll-up cover. My wife and I were able to iinstall it ourselves, and we're still married. Also love the grabber bar. "

Access Limited 4 star ratingBy Michael G. - NC

" The cover looks great on my Ridgeline and enhances its overall appearance. The instructions were just okay, but sufficient. I recommend a better video specifically for the Honda Ridgeline with emphasis on the seals, as well as a better set of instructions. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Alyn D. - WI

" Fits great, and looks awesome. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Joseph V. - CT

" Great cover. I showed it to someone who had another type and wished he seen mine first. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Daniel S. - GA

" Simple install, great fit and finish. I've had other covers on other trucks but my last two have been the Access Roll-Up and have yet to see anything better. Other cheap ones vibrate under speed but this is drum tight! "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Steven M. - MN

" Easy to install and yet very well built. Couldn't have asked for more. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Matt H. - MN

" Fantastic replacement for my factory GMC tonneau cover. The Access cover had an easy installation process and was more solid than the factory clamps. The adjustment knobs are an amazing innovation, making it simple to tune the tension of the cover. Great value, great product, great company. Keep it up. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Patrick P. - NC

" This is my third cover from Agri Cover. The quality of the components and material are top notch. It's head and shoulders above anything else on the market. They also provide phenomenal customer support - the reason why I continue to buy from these guys. They stock parts and are happy to speak with you and replace whatever you need. Good luck doing that with your chinese Amazon cover. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Brandon W. - MN

" I bought my access cover 6 years ago and it has held up very well. The cover and latch system are still in as good of shape as the day I bought them. I was surprised that the cover still did not have any holes or tears after surviving a couple of hail storms. This spring I just had to replace the velcro on the rails because it would no longer hold the sides of the cover down. It was a 5 minute job that was very easy. There are a couple of screws to undo, you slide the old velcro out and slide the new velcro in and screw it back down with the 2 new screws per side. I think the velcro got brittle from sitting in the sun over the past few years and the hooks started to break off until enough were gone that it wouldn't hold the cover down anymore. I wasn't sure if it was still under warranty so I just ordered them for $37. "

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