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Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Jeffrey S. - TX

" I ordered a new Limited cover for my 2000 Ford F-150 last Thursday night & it arrived today(Monday)! I installed it this afternoon & it looks great...materials & workmanship is outstanding. BTW, this new cover replaced the old Access Roll-up cover I installed on this truck back in '03. After 18 years in the Texas sun & weather the old cover was still holding up, but it was pretty stiff. The only part of the old cover that eventually failed was the velcro after 10 years. I had to install snaps along the side rails. All the other hardware was still working like new when I removed it today. The Limited cover went on just like the old one...very easy, but has several upgrades. Extra weather seals up at the front & tailgate, a cargo hook with mounting brackets, & a cargo box light. Looking forward to another 20 years! "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Ken H. - MT

" two years ago we had an Access Roll-Up Cover installed by the local Chevy Dealership and have been very happy with it. We were advised by the salesperson to let the dealership install it as installation can be confusing. We decided to purchase a second Access Roll-Up Cover this one for our Ram. We received the product in under 48 hours and was kept informed of the shipping status the entire way. My wife and I installed the cover in under 2 hours and its fir is perfect. I would/will definitely buy again. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Tasso K. - NY

" easy to install---this is my 2nd cover on a new truck "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Kurt F. - NE

" This is my 6th Access cover. Absolutely 5 star covers that simply last and are rugged. Will never use anything but an Access! "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Mark D. - MT

" As was the previous 2 covers I've purchased, this one was ever bit as good. Perfect fit, no water leaks, and very good looking product. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy G S. - OK

" Excellent product. 4th cover on 4th truck. One lasted 14 years. The others are still good. I've tried others, and these are by far the best. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Leonard C. - WA

" Great tonneau cover. "

Access Limited 4 star ratingBy Mark H. - MT

" Simple install. Consider use of filler/shim instead of (if necessary) cutting/notching plastic rail cover. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Joseph R. - CT

" If you own a truck, ACCESS line products are your go-to. When I found testimonials of the ACCESS roll up tonneau covers, it led me to believe that my money would be best spent on Agri-Cover's product. Easily installed, the latch system and the tension adjusters were a huge selling point to me. My only complaint would be the clamps provided seemed small during installation, but after installation they work exactly as they should and secure the side rails to your vehicle. I am very happy with my purchase and hope that you will too become part of the ACI family! Looking forward to many years with this product and will definitely continue my support of ACI with my next truck. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy John D. - GA

" Installation was fairly simple. Be sure and actually use a calibrated torque wrench to tighten the bolts to manufacturers specs - I saw a review complaining of slipping clamps - using a torque wrench will prevent slipping. It feels like you are over-torqueing but you're not. Glad I bought the Limited Edition - the easy retriever tool is an absolute necessity with an 8' bed. The light comes in handy too because my LED's in the bed of my 2019 Ram turn off in about 30 seconds leaving me in the dark. Drove the truck 2500 miles from ATL to OKC last week and the cover stayed tight and quiet and the cargo stayed dry. Very pleased so far. "

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