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Access Limited 4 star ratingBy Lamont G. - MN

" Everything fits well but it's a bit tricky to get the bulkhead to seal properly. I didn't need the led strip because my bed has built in lights but it's good to have for something else. The long reach tool is a great add on. I just couldn't get the tailgate to seal up to keep out all the water when it rains. It's coming in from the top where the tracks end. Instructions weren't clear enough to me on how to keep it water tight at the top. I just ran the tailgate seal straight up to the top and it didn't seal all the gaps I guess. Any help would be appreciated if I did the top part wrong pertaining to the seal that is. It looks fantastic. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy David D. - WI

" totally awesome "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy John B. - MI

" tight as a drum! "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Sean E. - MN

" You have great products, they hold up really well. This in my third cove from you and this cover seems a little loser side to side than my previous covers. It also doesn't feel as thick. My last cover was from 2014 and still looks like new. Something I've noticed on this new cover is the velcro on the sides comes loose at speeds over 90 MPH. **I thought this limited edition was supposed to come with a tailgate seal which i didn't see include. The bed light works great. Thanks ACI!! "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Joseph S. - MA

" Great product, simple to install and looks great. I like the extra room it provides since it is taller than my truck bed. Very pleased with the purchase. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Carolyn B. - IA

" Beautiful! Easy install! "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Ron B. - MI

" Had a Access roll-up cover on my last pickup when I bought it. Never once did I have any problems with it so I had to have one when I bought my new truck !!! "

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Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Ron S. - WY

" My second one, I have been happy with both. Thank You "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Kevin R. - WY

" We love your products, the lifetime warranties, North Dakota. "

Access Limited 4 star ratingBy Steven M. - AZ

" In large, the company was satisfactory in this purchase. Shipping was delayed but company did everything possible to resolve with FedEx. Installation was straight forward and easily facilitated. There was a minor problem with product that wasn't satisfactorily resolved, which was quite surprising considering how dedicated to efficiency the company had been throughout the purchasing process. "

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