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Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Paul H. - TX

" I have had mine for 12 years and they still have parts for why they sell. An awesome company "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Bradd K. - IL

" I really do not have any input yet, as the truck it goes on is ordered and will not arrive for a couple weeks yet, but this is my fifth access cover I have owned over the years and they have all been superior to other brands that I have been around... "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy ERIC C. - MT

" This is my third access roll-up cover over the years. You provide a quantity product at a reasonable price. And you have been around and you stand by your products! Thanks "

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Access Limited 5 star ratingBy John A. - FL

" I am very pleased with the 8' bed rollup cover that I purchased in 2018. it is still in excellent condition except for some accidental damage. I purchased a new one but have not yet installed it. There is one thing that was major league aggravation on the clamps for the rails. The nuts used for tightening the clamps bind on the soft aluminum and don't allow for proper tightening and so continuous loose and falling off clamps. I finally used washers on the nut side and solved the problem. I would think ACI woold have changed that by now. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Greg C. - GA

" Great product and price. Perfect fit for my 2022 Tacoma. Easy to follow instructions. I really like the ez-retriever tool and LED light that came in the package. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Eric C. - MT

" I bought this for my 2022 Tundra 6'6" with deck rails, after watching the installation video it took 35 minutes to install. Would highly recommend ACI products, they are made in the USA and fast to ship! This is my third Access cover! this is a quality item! "

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Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Eric A. - SD

" What an excellent product. The instructions were perfect. All the parts were nice. It installed with ease "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Steven M. - MT

" I could not believe how fast it shipped compared to ETA of other companies. Easy to install, Quality material and it looks fantastic on my 2019 Silverado. Do your self a favor and as directed in the instructions, READ the instructions in their entirety BEFORE you start the install. It will save you time. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Mike R. - MT

" Great product "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Wade S. - MN

" I am loving it. This is the first cover I have had for one of my trucks. Installation went well. Fit was good. Has a very finished look. The only negative was that the tailgate had ridges in the center so I had to adjust the cover up to clear. So the space on the sides of the tailgate is a little more. "

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