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Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Stephen B. - NY

" Love the assessability to the truck bed and ease of installation fourth cover I've gotten from you "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Patrick H. - MN

" This is my 4th Access Cover. Easy installation, just over an hour to get it installed. Looks great and fits great. "

Access Limited 4 star ratingBy Mark H. - MT

" Simple install. Consider use of filler/shim instead of (if necessary) cutting/notching plastic rail cover. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Matt H. - MN

" Fantastic replacement for my factory GMC tonneau cover. The Access cover had an easy installation process and was more solid than the factory clamps. The adjustment knobs are an amazing innovation, making it simple to tune the tension of the cover. Great value, great product, great company. Keep it up. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Jim B. - IN

" This is the third Access cover that I have owned. All have been perfect. I wouldn't own any other roll up cover. The cover was packaged very well and arrived in excellent condition. Installation was a breeze, instructions were precise and easy to follow. The fit and finish couldn't have been any better. I expect to have many trouble free years with this cover. I would "HIGHLY" recommend this cover to anyone. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Todd B. - TN

" Bought the Limited cover and it is my second cover from Agri-Cover. Very good quality and simple to install. Looks great and fits great on my 14 standard bed Silverado. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Tim V. - MN

" Love the new roll-up cover. My wife and I were able to iinstall it ourselves, and we're still married. Also love the grabber bar. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Joe M. - GA

" Your product is outstanding! I was initially looking for a hardtop roll-away for my 2006 F-150 Supercrew Flareside but found the prices to be too expensive for my needs. When I discovered the Access Limited Edition, I knew it was what I wanted. For the price charged and design, I stopped looking and purchased the cover. After delivery I immediately installed the cover and found that it was not only simple to understand instructions but the ease of installation made my first real custom work on my truck that much easier. Installed, after drilling, within 45 minutes (with drilling about 1 hour) I took it for a drive with out tightening which caused the drumbeat to continue. Rolling up the cover took seconds and tightening the cover to the bed was simple and quick. Unrolling it and locking it back in place sold me even more because it started to rain and allowed me to test the cover and the additional weather stripping added at no charge. Everything worked great. Minor leakage on the sides showed me I needed to fix the rails which took a few minutes and now the bed is airtight and looks great. The slight raise of the rails actually adds to the look of the truck and allows for more room for my dog to move around in when the rain comes and she's in the bed. Agri-cover, you've got a great product here and the customer support was again outstanding! "

Access Limited 4 star ratingBy Brian O. - NE

" Cover is very nice and I'm completely satisfied with its look and performance. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Delwyn K.

" Received our tonneau in Australia 5 days from order (ordered Friday, arrived Wednesday) by Fed-Ex incredible. We love it, and installed it today, was able to keep his Ford sports bars on the truck, this made him very happy. Just changed bolts to countersunk ones and cut side rail cover around bracket, no adjustment required to tonneau. Great product. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Timothy H. - MO

" Installation was pretty straightforward. I was a bit concerned when I ordered it that I would have to drill holes in the brand new carbon fiber bed, turns that it wasn't he case, only the plastic cap, then using nut plates to secure. the nut plates are a better method in my opinion than traditional clamps. The supplied Gaskets were a good addition too. Took at a trip to Michigan last week, hit some rain, luggage was dry. Mako-2 is looking good. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Chuck P. - WY

" Installed on a 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 with General Motors factory box side toolboxes. The supplied special clamps would not fit with the clearance available between the side bed rails and the toolbox. I ended up drilling through the cover brackets and the side bed rails and bolting them together. It took a little more time but turned out fine. I like the cover. Thanks for a great product. "

Access Limited 4 star ratingBy Fred P. - MI

" Easy installation, easy operation and looks great! Minor water infiltration at the front box corners where the cover flap seal meets the rubber seal, that area is wide open and relys on the cover to shelter that opening. The same it true at the rear 2 corners, this is the sealing from the cover to your frame. The General Motors design interface between the box to tailgate doesn't allow for a good seal at the upper corners of the box, or to the cover. Any suggestion you can give me to create a better selling interface in these areas would be much appreciated. Overall, I'm happy with you product, it keeps bed items covered (out of sight, out of mind), and known reliability. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Charles M. - PA

" 3rd tonneau cover I got from you guys, always high quality never disappoints. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Steven M. - MN

" Easy to install and yet very well built. Couldn't have asked for more. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Donald H.

" Great cover!!! Easy to install. Would recommend it. Looks great. Well made. Get one and don't look back. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Daryl U. - SD

" Absolutely love this roll-up cover. I traded in a pickup which had an access brand cover and had zero issues with it in over 5 years so there was no question that I was going to install the same one on my new pickup, Install was a breeze. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Richard T. - MN

" This is a great quality cover. Installed in about 30 minutes. I have had several people ask where I got it from and everyone has commented on the nice tapered look in the back and the fact that it does not bunch up on the corners like cheaper models. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Robert S. - IN

" Very Satisfied. High Quality and great looks! "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Mark K. - OH

" I purchased a Access Limited Roll-Up Cover for my first truck back in 2004. I am currently on my third truck and have purchased this line of covers for all three. That in itself says how pleased I am in this product, Great cover and easy to install. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Lester S. - WI

" Perfect fit, easy install and I'm 65,this is my 2nd access roll-up. The other one sold with the truck,18 years old and still looked good, just not as tightly stretched as new one. Great product, my brother-in law bought one after seeing mine. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Gary N. - IL

" The cover was received on time and in good condition. The installation is pretty much straight forward and took about one hour. The installation was made easier due to the fact that this is the second Access cover I have owned and installed. I previously had the same cover on a 2010 Nissan Frontier and after six years it still looked and work like new so there was no question about which cover to install on my 2019 Honda Ridgeline. I'm very pleased with the cover and it looks great on the truck. "

Access Limited 5 star ratingBy Ralf P. - TX

" This is only my second roll-up cover from Agri-Cover. My first one lasted over seven years; two years on my 2010 Silverado, and then five more on my 2013 Silverado! So, needless to say I stayed with Agri-Cover and just installed the Access Limited. I am very satisfied with this product; they have made improvements in helping keep out the dust and elements, and it is easier now to open. Installing was not that tough - I did find using both the written and online tutorials made the install easier. Excellent product! "

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