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cargotools 5 star ratingBy John W. - FL

" As usual EXCELLENT SERVICE. That's all I need right now!!! "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy MARK H. - MN

" Excellent tool and i love the mounting bracket. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Brian U. - MN

" Works well for getting items out of the front of the truck box without having to climb into the truck bed. Ordered this with the mounting kit to keep it in place in the box so it's always handy. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy FREDERICK E V. - TX

" Excellent Products, Excellent Prices, and Fast Shipping. Thanks Again "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Tommy C. - GA

" Great idea !! I used a fireplace poker for years but it always slide up to the cab and I couldn't reach it either. I like the retriever and holder .. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Patrick F. - IA

" This is perfect. Stop having to climb into your truck bed with this fabulous too. Great quality, light weight and compact. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Cheri K. - ND

" My grandkids were flying kites today and got two stuck in trees. My son-in-law went and got his EZ Retriever and was able to retrieve both kites from the trees! A whole new use for the cargo reaching tool. Haha "

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cargotools 5 star ratingBy Chris G. - PA

" I got a cargo reaching tool for my husband for Christmas. It got here fast, though he saw it because it was in a clear bag so it's best to box it during holidays. He said it works good so that's what matters. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Rodger W. - IN

" Purchased retriever tool storage brackets "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Mike R. - CA

" Works great like having 6 ft arms I love it and would recommend it to anyone that needs to reach the front of the bed on their pickup truck without having to climb into it. I can reach and pull most everything to within easy reach. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Brad S. - MN

" It is what I was hoping. "

cargotools 4 star ratingBy Charles Z. - CT

" Nice works great. Easy stored "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy David M. - MN

" Great product, arrived quickly. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Kirk D. - BC

" I purchased the cargo reaching tool and have used it regularly. Excellent product! Great price and fast delivery! Thank you. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy John J. - MI

" this is my third purchase of this item myself and brother in law ( who uses it daily and loves it ), myself and son , arrived early and well packed with all items ordered , will order from them again "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Donald M. - TX

" I bought three of these reachers, one for each truck bed and one for the passthrough storage in my travel trailer. Absolute winners in each case. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Cynthia B. - TX

" I am a Real Estate Broker and this makes a great gift for my clients. Everyone loves them. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Todd A. - MN

" I have several of the reaching tools. I cannot begin to describe how happy i have been with these. I have bought an extra one, has i don't know what i would do if the one that i use were to fail for any reason. I also purchased the bracket for these, always keeping the reaching tool handy and stored where it is needed. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Rudolf S. - SC

" Excellent "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Thomas P. - MI

" Very satisfied. Thanks "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Nick C. - TX

" Works Just Fine for Me .... :) "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Patricia P. - ID

" Great tool to use when you don't feel like climbing in the bed of the truck. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy James C. - MI

" I like it . 5 stars "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Dj B. - PA

" The ez retriever works as well as to be expected. I'm glad I found this one before I ordered another brand because this one is more stout making it ideal to push heavy objects to the front of the bed for easy loading as well as pulling stuff out. And even though the bed rail holders are made for a different tonneau than I have I was able to mount them upside down on the underside of my bed rail And it works just fine. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Michael M. - IA

" Very handy. Get the hangers also "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Richard R. - CT

" I had one when I bought my bed cover and the end was metal. The picture still showed a metal hook but when I received the 2 I bought they were plastic and cant see it holding up long. Disappointed with my purchase "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Patricia P. - ID

" Great tool and I would buy it again. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Jerry T. - IN

" Works great and is easy in and out of the holders. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Joy B. - WA

" I bought this retriever for my grandson's truck. He is delighted. He said this will help him immensely in his work and for camping. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Joyce B. - MI

" It is a compliment to my Lomax bed cover and it has been very useful. Everything about your products are first class. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Jeff H. - NJ

" This item works as it should and saves me a lot of getting up and down from the truck. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Lance W. - KS

" Product works great and was priced right! Thanks! "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Bryan M. - FL

" I received my EZ Retrivers in the mail promptly. I have used them before and wanted to have a new one for myself and one for a gift. Such a handy product for the back of my truck or to reach the dock in my boat. I would recommend this product. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Dave P. - CA

" Love it, now I don't have to crawl into the bed to get things. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Rob C. - ND

" Love mine. This one was a Christmas present. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Sarah W.

" EZ-retriever is very handy. No more trying to crawl under or roll up the tonneau cover to reach items that slid to the front of the truckbed. Great Product. Fast delivery. It will be my christmas gift exchange present. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Scott N. - SD

" I have had an Access EZ-Retriever Cargo Reaching Tool for a number of years and couldn't survive without one. Two fellow employees have commented every time we are together and I use the Retriever that "they just have to get one of those" for their trucks. So without their knowledge I ordered 2 and sent 1 to each out of appreciation for many things they have done to help me out in the past. They were overwhelmed with appreciation and continue to try and pay me for the Retriever. That will never happen and by the way they both have commented that they use the Retriever multiple times a day. "It's the little thing that always count"... "

cargotools 4 star ratingBy Tom M. - NB

" Works as expected "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Bob K.

" works good. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Larry M. - CA

" Works great and arrived in a timely fashion. Thank you. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Graeme B. - MA

" Bought it for my brother in-laws birthday and it arrived on time and he loved it. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Joe Z.

" Works great for items that have slid forward or are in the front of the Truck Bed. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Byron B. - GA

" great product. it does the job. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Ryane B. - MT

" I have kept the Retriever in my pickup since the day purchased....I use it to get all kinds of things from the bed of not only my truck but my husbands too! I am amazed at how sturdy this pole is. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Scott B. - MI

" Works great, keeps the pole up and out of the way for easy access. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Bill A. - FL

" Bought two as gifts. With the larger trucks nowadays these are great. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy J P. - MN

" I have purchased several of these now. One for myself and the others for gifts. They are very well received and liked by family and friends I have given them to. I have also purchased 4-5 of the tonneau covers over the years and have been very happy with all of them. The rapid shipping is awesome! "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy George D. - MO

" works very well "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Father Les S. - FL

" Works well! "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy David S. - NC

" Makes getting stuff in the front of your bed to the rear of your bed a lot easier. Definitely a great tool. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Paula R. - MI

" Great tool!! We also ordered the hook side for the cover. It was great, also. Very happy with our purchase and the speed of delivery. Thank you. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Thomas O. - VA

" Definitely a 5 star product. Easy to install, ez to stow and quality made. Ez to use . "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Larry B. - CT

" The truck bed grabber is a very handy tool. The telescoping length adjustment holds up great, and the cargo hook is just the perfect size for grabbing most items. I have had this extendable grabber tool for a few years now and it use still works great. All in all a sturdy tool that does the job. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Dana D. - ND

" Having the EZ Retriever with a Lorado cover allows me to place bags or bins in the back end of the truck and pull them out without ever opening the cover or climbing into the truck bed. A great product. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Margaret B. - ND

" They love their ez-retriever. Using it to put Christmas lights on their evergreen trees outside. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Nancy P. - NE

" I love the idea of the EZ Retriever II, best idea for reaching items that have slid to the front of the truck bed w/o actually have to crawl up into it. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Lillian J. - WA

" One came with our bed rug when we installed it. It has been so handy, we ordered ones for our son, our daughter and a good friend. Our son raved about it the first day saying it saved his back many times over in one day. A very practical, handy product. Thank you. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Andy D. - MI

" This has come in handy all the time. When something rolls to the front of the bed while traveling. And you can you use the til to reach it without getting into the bed of truck. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Roy H. - CA

" It's exactly what I was in need of: a pole with a hook on its end. Works great for reaching the far ends of the bed. Quality build, too - I'll be using this for the life of the truck. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Michael H. - UT

" This is a simple but effective tool. I keep it in the back of my truck all the time. It prevents me from having to roll back my tonneau cover most of the time to pack or retrieve items from the back of the truck. I'm glad I purchased it. "

cargotools 4 star ratingBy Curtis H.

" I bought the EZ Retriever II to use with my Access Rollup cover. This is a really handy item. It makes life so much easier than trying to do the low crawl under the cover or having to roll it up to retrieve items that slide up to the cab. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Ryan B. - IN

" This is a well made tool with large, flat, plastic covered hook at the end. The tool is lightweight but still sturdy enough to hook onto heavier items w/ fear of bending. I am using with a ford f250 w/ 6.9' bed and easily able to reach contents w/ the tool w/o having to climb up into the bed. I wish I had bought one sooner! "

cargotools 4 star ratingBy Dale B. - CA

" Great device and a good design. Very useful, light but strong enough to pull around most anything that is too far to the front of the bed. The padded hook at the end is smart, so luggage or other painted finishes on cargo, don't get scratched. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Daniel B. - PA

" The 5' easy reach tool was a gift for a friend because mine is a lifesaver. If you have a pickup truck-get one. "

cargotools 4 star ratingBy Ancilla W. - CA

" This is great tool, one that we have needed without knowing that we needed it! "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Jocelyn W. - PA

" Very Sturdy reaching tool and storage clips. I am quite happy with the tool, very little flex, and the clips securely hold the tool to the bed cover rails. I have already recommended the tool to a friend. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Joe G. - FL

" Great item. It is handy and stows easily. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Austin H. - MN

" I don't know if I could explain how many times I have shimmied my way under the cover to grab that bag or tub that slid all the way to the front. NEVER AGAIN! I just got this before my last vacation and I can't figure out how you could have a cover without this. Another amazing ACI invention!!! "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Delano H. - TX

" Just what I needed to reach the items that go to the front of the bed. I have a tonneau cover and this makes it real easy. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Richard L. - PA

" Just what this old man needed,works well. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Buzzy L.

" We have a Ford F150 with a 6' 6" bed. The retriever makes the recovery of items that have slid to the front of the bed easy. In its collapsed form the retriever can be easily stored in the cab. A sturdy tool that does the job. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Mike P. - NM

" As a retired Occupational Health Nurse I highly recommend the cargo reaching tools to minimize the risk of overreach injuries and back strain. "

cargotools 4 star ratingBy Glenn C. - NY

" As advertised. Works well with the access truck bed pockets previously installed. nice product. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Larry J. - SC

" Excellent product - heavy duty enough to do the job without being a beast to lift "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Daniel B. - OR

" I got my first EZ-Retriever combo'd with my Tonneau. I love the thing. I needed a second one for my other pickup. I went ahead and ordered an extra one for one of my employees as a gift. Every pickup owner should have one. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Gary H. - OH

" I purchased the EZ-Retriever when I bought the Lorado cover for my truck. This item comes in very handy when items roll to the front of the bed. This is especially handy when you have a roll-up cover like the Lorado. You don't have to unroll the cover just to retrieve an item that rolled to the back. The retriever is lightweight and very easy to use. I utilize it almost every day. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Charles B. - NY

" Well built tool. Much better than my old stick with a hook on the end! "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy John L. - UT

" Excellent products and quick customer service. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Gary S. - NY

" The EZ-Retriever has been a terrific addition to our truck! We use a number of storage bins with our camping gear & supplies. I like being able to get to them quickly without removing the tonneau and climbing up into the bed. Saves time and wear & tear on my knees! Collapses to save space. Great idea, well engineered. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Tom R. - TX

" The EZ-Retriever works as advertised. I have already used it several times and it stores nicely under the rear seat of my F-150. I also bought one for my son in law and he likes it too. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy CLIFF C. - IA

" The EZ-Retriver is strong but yet light, and works real well for my needs.The price was reasonable, and the shipping was fast. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Paul S.

" Excellent service. EZ retriever arrived much sooner than expected. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Richard Murdy M. - HI

" Excellent top quality product "


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