The EZ-RETRIEVER® CARGO REACHING TOOLS has an average  cargotools 4.92 star average rating rating based on 80 customer reviews.

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cargotools 5 star ratingBy FREDERICK E V. - TX

" Excellent Products, Excellent Prices, and Fast Shipping. Thanks Again "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Tommy C. - GA

" Great idea !! I used a fireplace poker for years but it always slide up to the cab and I couldn't reach it either. I like the retriever and holder .. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Patrick F. - IA

" This is perfect. Stop having to climb into your truck bed with this fabulous too. Great quality, light weight and compact. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Cheri K. - ND

" My grandkids were flying kites today and got two stuck in trees. My son-in-law went and got his EZ Retriever and was able to retrieve both kites from the trees! A whole new use for the cargo reaching tool. Haha "

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cargotools 5 star ratingBy Chris G. - PA

" I got a cargo reaching tool for my husband for Christmas. It got here fast, though he saw it because it was in a clear bag so it's best to box it during holidays. He said it works good so that's what matters. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Rodger W. - IN

" Purchased retriever tool storage brackets "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Mike R. - CA

" Works great like having 6 ft arms I love it and would recommend it to anyone that needs to reach the front of the bed on their pickup truck without having to climb into it. I can reach and pull most everything to within easy reach. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Brad S. - MN

" It is what I was hoping. "

cargotools 4 star ratingBy Charles Z. - CT

" Nice works great. Easy stored "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy David M. - MN

" Great product, arrived quickly. "


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