The EZ-RETRIEVER® CARGO REACHING TOOLS has an average  cargotools 4.93 star average rating rating based on 83 customer reviews.

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cargotools 5 star ratingBy John W. - FL

" As usual EXCELLENT SERVICE. That's all I need right now!!! "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy MARK H. - MN

" Excellent tool and i love the mounting bracket. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Brian U. - MN

" Works well for getting items out of the front of the truck box without having to climb into the truck bed. Ordered this with the mounting kit to keep it in place in the box so it's always handy. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy FREDERICK E V. - TX

" Excellent Products, Excellent Prices, and Fast Shipping. Thanks Again "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Tommy C. - GA

" Great idea !! I used a fireplace poker for years but it always slide up to the cab and I couldn't reach it either. I like the retriever and holder .. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Patrick F. - IA

" This is perfect. Stop having to climb into your truck bed with this fabulous too. Great quality, light weight and compact. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Cheri K. - ND

" My grandkids were flying kites today and got two stuck in trees. My son-in-law went and got his EZ Retriever and was able to retrieve both kites from the trees! A whole new use for the cargo reaching tool. Haha "

cargotools Review Image

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Chris G. - PA

" I got a cargo reaching tool for my husband for Christmas. It got here fast, though he saw it because it was in a clear bag so it's best to box it during holidays. He said it works good so that's what matters. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Rodger W. - IN

" Purchased retriever tool storage brackets "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Mike R. - CA

" Works great like having 6 ft arms I love it and would recommend it to anyone that needs to reach the front of the bed on their pickup truck without having to climb into it. I can reach and pull most everything to within easy reach. "


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