The EZ-RETRIEVER® CARGO REACHING TOOLS has an average  cargotools 4.91 star average rating rating based on 46 customer reviews.

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cargotools 5 star ratingBy Daniel B. - OR

" I got my first EZ-Retriever combo'd with my Tonneau. I love the thing. I needed a second one for my other pickup. I went ahead and ordered an extra one for one of my employees as a gift. Every pickup owner should have one. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy John L. - UT

" Excellent products and quick customer service. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Mike P. - NM

" As a retired Occupational Health Nurse I highly recommend the cargo reaching tools to minimize the risk of overreach injuries and back strain. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Tom R. - TX

" The EZ-Retriever works as advertised. I have already used it several times and it stores nicely under the rear seat of my F-150. I also bought one for my son in law and he likes it too. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Margaret B. - ND

" They love their ez-retriever. Using it to put Christmas lights on their evergreen trees outside. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Roy H. - CA

" It's exactly what I was in need of: a pole with a hook on its end. Works great for reaching the far ends of the bed. Quality build, too - I'll be using this for the life of the truck. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Bill A. - FL

" Bought two as gifts. With the larger trucks nowadays these are great. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Richard L. - PA

" Just what this old man needed,works well. "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Scott N. - SD

" I have had an Access EZ-Retriever Cargo Reaching Tool for a number of years and couldn't survive without one. Two fellow employees have commented every time we are together and I use the Retriever that "they just have to get one of those" for their trucks. So without their knowledge I ordered 2 and sent 1 to each out of appreciation for many things they have done to help me out in the past. They were overwhelmed with appreciation and continue to try and pay me for the Retriever. That will never happen and by the way they both have commented that they use the Retriever multiple times a day. "It's the little thing that always count"... "

cargotools 5 star ratingBy Bryan M. - FL

" I received my EZ Retrivers in the mail promptly. I have used them before and wanted to have a new one for myself and one for a gift. Such a handy product for the back of my truck or to reach the dock in my boat. I would recommend this product. "

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